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Breakdown Gahler: Far Right Harford Republican Sheriff Jeff Gahler Goes Over The “Edge” To Support Con Man Donald Trump’s Fear Mongering Effort To Shut Down The Government Unless He Gets 5 Billion Dollars To Build His “Metaphoric Wall” That The Mexicans Wont Pay For!

January 11, 2019

1958 Trackdown TV Series episode predicts  con man Donald Trump fear mongering  effort to build a wall.

MediaMatters – CBS Glowing Report On Megyn Kelly Omits Her History Of Fearmongering And Race Baiting

April 10, 2016


NYMag – GOP Debate 5 – You Cant Out-Trump Trump

December 17, 2015


GOP Fear Mongering Ad Has Kids Counting Down To A Mushroom Cloud To Attack Colorado Democratic Senator Michael Bennetts Vote On Iran Nuke Deal

September 24, 2015

1964 LBJ  Daisy Ad attacking Sen Barry Goldwater’s suggestion to use nuke weapons in Vietnam

Bill Maher New Rules /Overtime – Is Christianity Under Attack? Or Are Republicans Fear Mongering Again?

June 6, 2015




GOP Fearmongering – A Study In Conservative Paranoia Meets The Twilght Zone By Rick Santorum

March 26, 2012

NYMag – Fear Mongering – Rick Santorum Tries To Scare The Shit Out Of North Dakota’s 40th Most Populous City – Tioga

February 16, 2012

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