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Showtime – Loudest Voice In The Room: Fox News

June 10, 2019

MediaMatters – Dont Let Fox Gaslight You Over Laura Ingrahams Defense of White Suppremist

June 1, 2019

Colbert -Trump Calls Fox News “We”/ Leaks From Infamous Leaker/ Stephen Miller Extreme Immigration

April 18, 2019



Colbert – Fox News Bernie Sanders Townhall/ Trumps Bad Advice For Notre Dame Cathedral /Seth Myers: Dems Take On Corp Profits and CEO Pay

April 17, 2019




Fox News TownHall – Bernie Sanders Pt 1

April 16, 2019

Intercept – Power Transfere – Lachlan Murdoch Takes Over Exploiting White Nationalism Fox News

March 30, 2019


Village Voice – After Sante Fe Shooting Have Conservatives Shot Their Wad?

May 23, 2018


Jordan Klepper, Seth Myers, Trevor Noah – Happy Birthday FLOTUS -Ranting On Fox

April 27, 2018

Jordan Klepper/ Lara Grey – Mad Props:Jeanine Pirro

March 29, 2018

Comments By John Bolton As Fox News Commentator – Trump Wants This Guy To Be the Next National Security Advisor

March 27, 2018

MotherJones – Parkland Students Went On Fox News And Perfectly Explained Why The NRA Is Wrong!

March 26, 2018


Stephen Colbert – Fox Cover Up – State of Union – Lie Checking Trump Climate Change Claim

January 31, 2018

WashPo – Did Kellyanne Conway Ghost Write This Book by Fox Cables Media Reporter?

January 30, 2018

Field Negro – Fox News Sees Trump-Gate As A Coup Detat ?

December 22, 2017


NYTimes – Chief of Staff John Kelly Cant Stop Trump From Binge-Watching Fox News

September 2, 2017

NYMag/MotherJones – Fox And Prey: How The Fox News Women Took Down Roger Ailes

September 3, 2016


Salon -Fox News Wingnuts Slime Samantha Bee, Crazy Right Doesnt Understand Comedy

March 24, 2016


NYMag – Who Won Trump/FoxNews Debate Showndown

January 29, 2016


Alternet/Chris Mooney -Why Fox Viewers Are The Most Uninformed

January 14, 2016


FAIR – Fairness&AccuracyInReporting – Do Racists Like Fox Or Does Fox Make People Racist

December 22, 2015


NightlyShow/ LarryWilmore – Racism On Fox News And Attack On Planned Parenthood

December 3, 2015

Btx3 – Chicago Cops Caught Deleting Video Evidence of Laquan McDonald Murder

December 3, 2015

LarryWilmore/NightlyShow – Trickery Dickery Fox, The Phony War On Cops

September 16, 2015

NYMag/JonathanChait/GabrielSherman – Trump vs The Republican Party (i.e. Fox News)- Now It’s War

August 8, 2015


Salon – Fox News Wore Jon Stewart Down – How 16 Years Of Debunking Right Wing Lies Exhausted The Last Honest Man

August 6, 2015



Is David Zurawik, Sun TV Reporter, The Most Untrusted Man In Baltimore Journalism And A Political Hack For Fox News?

August 6, 2015

XPISXpzi_400x400083013-john-stewart-cover-thunb-624-1377794766David Zurawik, TV critic for the Baltimore Sun and Fox News TV critic on Media Buzz, recently wrote a critical column¬† on Jon Stewart ,”Entertaining, Yes; Cronkite, Definitely No”.¬† Mr. Zurawik¬† like Fox News has trouble with the facts. He sorta makes them up to match¬† his reactionary point of view.¬† Jon Stewart is the Cronkite of our time. Stewart was selected in a Times online poll as Americas most trusted newsmaker. Cronkite was the most trusted journalist of his time. Thats what the Cronkite comparison refers to. Stewart garnered 49% of the vote with Brian Williams coming in second with 29%.(K.Couric 19%,C.Gibson 7%)

Mr. Zurawik unfairly labels Stewarts political skepticism and irony as “attitude and snark” And he¬† unfairly¬† calls Stewart¬† a dishonest “broker of humor and information” because he’s not evenhanded. Mr.Zurawik like many reactionary conservatives either doesnt understand political humor or has no sense of humor. Political humor is never evenhanded when most of the political lies and bullshit comes from the political right.


MediaMatters – Stephen Colbert Lampoons Right-Wing Media For Asking If Hillary Clinton Is Too Old To Run For President

March 9, 2014


Rackjite – Chaos On Bullshit Mountian – Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News Over Romney Video

September 20, 2012

Mediaite – Jon Stewart Rips Fox News Hypocritical Outrage Over “Fast And Furious”

June 28, 2012

NewsCorpse – Extremist Regulars of GOP Advocate Hammering Obama With Four Year Old Wright Story

May 20, 2012

ThinkProgress – All Major News Outlets Cover Trayvon Martin Story Except Fox News

March 20, 2012

C-Span Political Panel – Rick Perlstein,Nixonland – Tom Zoellner, A Safeway in Arizona – Chris Mooney, The Republican Brain

March 11, 2012

RackJite – Bill Maher Monologue – The FoxNews-Google Debate Is A Good Idea, Because Google Is Where You Go To Fact Check The Bullshit On FoxNews! I’m Begining To Think The “Texas Miracle” Was Rick Perry Graduating From High School! Will Sarah Palin Do Anything To Suck Money Out of Hillbillies? 09:23:11

September 24, 2011


RackJite – Stephen Colbert -Fox News Hacks Play Down Murdochs “HackGate” Scandal

July 20, 2011


Mediaite – Stephen Colbert On News Corp Scandal Coverage, Fox News Motto Is “We Dont Touch It, You Decide’

July 17, 2011


Mediaite – Jon Stewart vs Fox Round 3 – Herman Cain Accent- Everyone Got the Memo At Fox

June 29, 2011


Mediatie – Jon Stewart Apoligizes To Politifact And Reads List Of Politifact-Fox News Corrections

June 23, 2011


Mediaite – Jon Stewart Makes Chris Wallace Say Fox News Is NOT Fair And Balanced

June 22, 2011


HuffPost – Jon Stewart On Fox News Sunday – “Bias In Main Stream Media Is Towards Sensationalism, Conflict And Lazziness”, Chris Wallace Analysis Gets “Lazy” When He Quotes BaltoSun’s Misinformed Lazy Right-Wing TV Critic

June 19, 2011


RollingStone – Video – The Ed Show – Tim Dickinson On Roger Ailes And The Fox News Party

June 2, 2011


NYMag – Gabe Sherman On ‘Morning Joe’ : The Circus Roger Ailes Created At Fox News Made His Network $900 Million Last Year, But It May Have Lost Him Something More Important: The Next Election

May 25, 2011


Stewart Calls Out Fox News Nazi Hypocrisy

January 26, 2011


THinkProgress – FoxNews Chris Wallace “You Dont Have To Call Everybody Socialist or Fascist”

January 17, 2011

HuffPost – SNL Mocks Fox News Civility

January 16, 2011

SNL   HuffPost

Daily Show – Stewart Mocks Fox News For Criticizing Ariz Shooting Memorial

January 16, 2011


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