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2011 Aberdeen Planning Commission Approves Gilbert Road Annexation – Wet Lands Developers And Politicians Return To The Scene of the 2006 Crime Of Over Devlopment!!

August 30, 2019

AEGIS – Aberdeen City Council Approves 80 Acre Gilbert Road Annexation With 4 To 1 Vote. – Only Lindecamp Opposes Annexation – Mayor Patrick “Shady” McGrady , His Corrupt Handpicked Crony Steve Goodin, Sandy “Land Deal” Landbeck And Melvin “Misinformed By Landbeck” Taylor Vote For Annexation! Only a Petitioned Referendum Vote Can Stop Over Developement Land Grab Annexation!

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Most Aberdeen Council Members Who Support Gilbert Road Annexation Land Grab/Land Deal Dont Want To Run For Reelection , ButThey Want To Blow Up Over Developement,, Create Traffic Nightmare, And Stick Taxpayers With The Bill

August 17, 2019


1. Illegally Appointed Councilman Stephen Goodin told the Aegis by E-mail that he is not interested in running for re-election but supports over developement  annexation Land Deal.

2. Mayor Patrick McGrady told  the Aegis not sure he wants to seek re-election against most popular Councilman Taylor but supports Gilbert Road over developement annexation.

3. Councilwoman Sandra Landbeck says to the Aegis she wants to hang up her council seat after pushing through large over developement  land deal annexation.

Gilbert Road Annexation Overdevelopement Is Back Again With No Impact Study As Promised By The Dodgy Mayor McGrady!

May 10, 2019


Its also coincidentally election year in Aberdeen! Developer money will be financing Mayor Paddy McGrady and Councilwoman Sandra Landbecks re-election campaigns. Its time to clean up the dirty Developer money in Aberdeen, again

Stop Gilbert Road Annexation! Throw the dirty money politicians, McGrady and Landbeck, out of office! Stop corruption in Aberdeen elections!

2011 –





Republican Aegis – Mike Hiob, The “Devil” Of Aberdeen Overdevelopement , Now Supports the Gilbert Road Annexation With A Perceptive Observation : “The Devil Is In The Details”!

February 16, 2019















Mike Hiob , a former councilman and current planning commission member, appeared before the City Council on Monday Feb llth (2019) to demonstrate his support for the Gilbert Road Annexation resolution and tried to put a damper on any criticism about the possible costs of the development project by stating that  “the devil is in the details”. He told the City Council: “If you feel it is the right thing , please move forward with it either this evening or at your earliest convenience.”

What Mr. Hiob did not tell the Council and the public was that he has an overdeveloped enthusiasm for any kind of housing development in the Northern suburbs of Aberdeen. You see, Mike  Hiob is a Democrat who joined the Republican Mayor and Council members (Fred Simmons, David Yensen, and Ron Kupferman) in 2009 to successfully support the Wetlands (Golf Club) Annexation .

That annexation proposal was opposed by a large massive Aberdeen citizen revolt (Aberdeen Communities Together, ACT). The citizen outrage at the time resulted in a special election referendum that defeated the annexation by almost a two to one vote.

The cocky and arrogant Mr. Hiob  said he still supported the Wetlands  Annexation after the decisive referendum vote. Mr. Hiob was and still is a captive political stooge for the special  interests that wanted to overdevelope  the town of Aberdeen for some fast and furious profits despite massive public opposition.   When Mr Hiob and others  tried to support another effort to save the Wetlands project under a different proposal the voters threw Mr. Hiob out of office in the next election.

How in the hell did the “devil of development” get on the Planning Commission in the first place?  Well, to no ones surprise. the current Republican Mayor appointed two of his cronies to the Aberdeen Planning Commission just after getting elected. Crony number one was Mike Hiob, a former   Councilman and  a failed candidate for Mayor.  The voters rejected him for Mayor  for his efforts in support of the Wetlands Annexation political shenanigans. The new Republican Mayor Patrick McGrady  appointed a man  to  the Land Planning Commission who was rejected  by the public because they didn’t like his judgement in land planning  .

“The devil is in the details”. And Mayor McGrady put him there.


Mayor Patrick “Shady” McGrady appointing Mike Hiob to the Aberdeen Planing Commission.





STOP GILBERT ROAD ANNEXATION IN ABERDEEN , MD – Stop Overdevelopment – Sign Petition To Sto[ City Council Vote!

February 12, 2019

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