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RepublicanAegis/GonzalesResearch – Harford County Republican County Exec Glassman 10 Months Into Term, Considering Running For U.S. Senate Because Gozales Poll Shows Him Republican Front Runner At 19.2% (61.% Undecided)

November 11, 2015


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Progressive Maryland 2011 Legislative Scorecard: North Harford County Legislators Among The Worst In State (District 35,) Sen. Barry Glassman (20%) Del H.Wayne Norman (11%) , Donna Stiffler (11%) ,and Susan McComas (11%)

October 30, 2011

StopWatch/SB14/HB130 – Race Based Traffic Stops – In Harford County, Only Sen. Glassman (R-35) ,Del. James (D-34A) And Del.Szeliga (R-7) Vote For A Bill To Prevent Racial Profiling, [Confused Del.Glass (R-34A) Votes For It In March And Against It In April]

June 13, 2011

StopWatch    LegislativeVote A   LegislativeVoteB

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