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Maryland Consumer Rights -End Gender /Racial Discrimination In Maryland Auto Insurance. Support HB 657 And HB 656

February 12, 2018

Progressive Man to Woman


Is Harford Right-Wing/ Know Nothing Republican Delegate Glen Glass A Moron?

October 17, 2017



The Glass Is Still Half Empty: Who Created And Controls Harfords Dumbest Know-Nothing Republican Politician : Glenn Glass? And Is Glen Glass A Moron Or Just A Joke?

March 9, 2017


SeventhState – Maryland Juniciary Committee Vote To Decriminalize Illegal Smiles (13 To 8) , Harford Republicans Reactionaries McComas And Glenn Glass Vote Against Reform

April 6, 2014




Incumbent Running Scared: South Harford Republican Know-Nothing Del. Glenn Glass Opens His 2014 Campaign With Early Residential Lawn Sign In Aberdeen on W. Bel Air Avenue, Signs May Violate Aberdeen Residential Political Sign Laws

December 1, 2013

019Republican Reactionary/KnowNothing Del Glenn Glass is running scared as an incumbent. Glass is usually found wandering Route 40 in his new truck waving at traffick years before an election. But Glass’s three years in Annapolis displayed  only incompetence as he linked up his legislative voting habits with the Tea Party RightWing extremists McDonough-Impallliaria from  Baltimore County. His unusually early residential lawn sign  here on W.Bel Air Ave adds a McDonough sign opposing stormwater runoff fee .  Glass has tried for three years to exploit the  emotional bigotry of voters  in order to remain in office by opposing marriage equality and immigrant college tuition (the Dream Act). Now he will try to win reelection by opposing environmental reform to save the Chesapeaake Bay.  This is Glass’s last hurrah. The Glass is empty. There’s no there, there. South Harford  voters wont make the same mistake again.

Maryland League of Conservation Voters 2013 Legislative Scorecard: South Harford’s Know-Nothing Republicans Sen. Jacobs And Del.Glass Vote Against All Major Environmental Protections With Zero Score , Harfords Only Democrat In Annapolis Del. Mary-Dulany James* Sadly Only Votes 50% Of Time For Environmental Reforms* , North Harfords Del.Norman, Stifler, McComas and Senator Glassman Vote Against Protecting Environment Most of the Time

August 11, 2013

glass10-e13094001207451198-1-1238b1198-1-3193b009008010 The average score for Democrat delegates was 81%. The average for Republican delegates was 26%. That makes James-Dulany a Mugwump. *

Monoblogue/TheAegis – South Harford State Sen.Nancy Jacobs Quits, Republican Pundit Says “Delegate Glenn Glass Would Be The Natural Successor…” Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

June 20, 2013


Maryland Bussiness For Right-Wing Government (MBRG) Gives South Harford Republican Del. Glenn Glass (R-Dist 34) 100% Rating For His Anti-Consumer, Anti-Worker, And Anti-Environmental Legislative Voting Habits In 2012. Congratulations For Voting Against The Public Interest Two Years In A Row As A Corprate Toady

March 3, 2013


Aberdeen Mayor Bennett Urges Residents To Support The Harford Hotel Tax House Bill 1395, Sponsored By Delegate Mary-Dulaney James And Delegate Glenn Glass

March 2, 2013

Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2012 – # 10C. KnowNothing/DoNothing Republican Del. Glenn Glass Intoduces Legislation In Maryland Legislature To Regulate Federal TSAs (It Is Unconstitutional For Any State To Regulate Federal Government Responsibilities)

December 30, 2012

Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2012 – #10B – RTWg Know-Nothing Do-Nothing Republican Del. Glenn Glass Decides Not To Introduce Hotel Tax Bill Because : “..Many In The Delegation Were Getting Mad At Me. I Was Told That All My Bills Might Be Killed.”

December 30, 2012


Will The Real Glenn Glass Please Stand Up: (1) Know-Nothing, Christian-RightWinger., (2) Racist, Anti-Immigrant, Teabagger, (3) Cowboy, or (4) Paranoid Libertarian

August 29, 2012

ComcastNewsmakersInterview – Know-Nothing /Religious Right Harford Republican Glenn Glass Opposes Dream Act, Marriage Equality, Congressional Redistricting And Smart Meters

August 29, 2012

AberdeenPatch – Know Nothing/Religious Right Wing Republican Del. Glen Glass (R-Dist34A) Gets Serious: Votes For Amendment To The Gambling Bill That Gives All Vets Slots, But Then Votes Against Entire Gambling Bill., Originally Glass Was Going To Boycott The Special Session, But After Puiblic Ridicule He Decided To Go

August 17, 2012

Photo by Brian P.Sears/AberdeenPatch

MCLV 2012 Environmental Legialative Scorecard – District 34A (South Harford): Jacobs Remains Senator Zero with Zero% (Zero in 2011), Glenn Glass 14% (Up From Zero) And Dem Mary-Dulany James 40% (Down from 75%)

July 15, 2012

Tom Bartlett “The Way You Gain People’s Trust Is To Earn It Over Time By Repeatedly Proving That You Deserve It. That, Or Grow A Beard”

March 11, 2012

Harford Tea Party/Religious Right Republican Del. Glenn Glass Introduces Legislation In Maryland Legislature To Regulate Federal TSA’s ( It Is Unconstitutional For Any State To Regulate The Federal Government,Extreme Right-Wing Republicans Believe You Can Under “Nullification”, The Last Group Of Individuals To Believe In “Nullification” Were Called “Confederates”)

March 11, 2012

AberdeenPatch – Del. Mary-Dulany James, Harford Blue Dog Democrat Joins Fat Cat Reactionary Republicans To Oppose Maryland Marriage Equality Act

February 19, 2012

AberdeenPatch – Profiles In Bull Shit : Harford County Know-Nothing/Religious-Right Republican Del. Glenn Glass – “The Reason I Did Not Put This (Hotel Tax) Bill In Today Was That Many In the Delegation Were Getting Angry At Me. I Was Told That All My Bills May Be Killed.”

February 8, 2012

GazetteNet – Gonazales Poll Proves That Harford Tea-Party Republican Del. Glenn Glass Is A Liar, Maryland Split On “Dream Act” 49% To 48%,

January 19, 2012

Is Glenn Glass The Real Albert Nobbs?

January 17, 2012

AberdeenPatch : Harford Know-Nothing Religious-Right Republican Del.Glenn Glass Says People Think He Is Conan O’Brien, DodgyDagger: People Say They Think Glass Acts Like A “Goof” or Like Forrest Gump (see “Rumor Mill”)

January 12, 2012

ProgressiveMaryland Legislative Scorecard Rates Sen. Nancy Jacobs (9%Score) And Del.Glen Glass (Zero Score) As Two of The Worst State Legislators In Maryland, They Are Both Listed on the Champions of the Special Interests For 2011

October 26, 2011


BTX3 – Jim Crow Politics – Black Caucus Declares War Against Racist Tea Party (aka the Neo-Confederates)

September 1, 2011


Runnin Scared: Republican Tea Bagger Del. Glenn Glass Campaigning For Re-Election In 2014 On Aug 12th, 2011, (Aberdeen, Route 40)

August 22, 2011

Fact-Checking the Tea Baggers: Four Pinocchios And A Pants On Fire Citation For Republican Del. Glenn Glass’s Claim That “More Than 80% Of The People Are Against The Dream Act…”

August 22, 2011

GallupPoll/DreamActThere are no available facts to support the claim that Tea Party Republican Del. Glen Glass (Dist.34A) made in the Dodgy Dagger On August 10th, 2011 that  “More than 80% of the people are against the Dream Act…”. Ryan Burbey asked Mr.Glass  twice  in the  Dagger where he got his numbers from. Del. Glass has not responded . Apparently he made them up. All national polls suggest that a slight majority support such a bill  or something like it (Rassmussen 52% and Gallup 54%). Mr Burbey suggests  Del. Glass’s claim is “balderdash” and suggest Del. Glass’s words can not be trusted if he confuses facts with his opinion.  We suggest he is  lying and award him four pinocchios and a pants on fire citation.

University of Washington Study – Tea Party Beliefs Far Beyond Mainstream Conservatism

July 4, 2011

RawStoryBrainStructure/LiberalsConservatives    UnivOfWashingtonStudy

MBRG – Libertarian Republicans On Steroids

July 3, 2011

MarylandConsumersCoalition    MediaBistro

The MBRG (Maryland  Business for Right-Wing Government) is often defined  as    “A State business advocacy group with a bipartisan mission.” That doesnt quite describe MBRG. They are actually a very Libertarian Republican business group that is essentially anti-worker protection , anti-consumer protection  and anti-environmental protection.  Every year they rate Maryland state legislators based on a dozen or more legislative bills, and every year  the far-right Republicans get 100% ratings and the progressive Democrats get zero or near zero ratings. Its a sophisticated political joke.

This year Harfords Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R-Dist34) even brags about her ridiculous annual MBRG rating of 100% by e-mailing it to the Dodgy Dagger . It’s as if she’s jumping up any down yelling “I voted against worker, consumer and environmental protection! Yahoo!.” Of course Sen. Jacobs doesn’t elaborate on how she voted to get her 100% score. And of course the Dodgy Dagger and the Aegis/Sun don’t elaborate  or examine the matter . Knowlege is dangerous. The Suzanne Collins public relations job  just tells us she got a 100%.  Wow! Sounds cool!  A good indication of how Jacobs got the high economic-libertarian score is the annual Maryland League of Conservation  Voters (MLCV) legislative scorecard where once again she has made the top ten worst enviornmental legislators  in Annapolis with a 20% score. [Religious right/Know Nothing Del. Glenn Glass (R-Dist34B)  and Right-Wing Tea Party Del. Rick Impalliria (R-Dist.7) also representing Harford joined her in the Top 10 Worst circle . ]

Another indication of what the MBRG score really means, is to compare her voting record with the  the legislation advocated by the Maryland Public Interest Group (MaryPIRG) ,which works for environmental, energy, consumer,tax, and open government reform. MaryPirg worked for one bill this year that seemed above suspicion by most observers, the Job Application Fairness Act,SB 132. The bill makes it illegal as of July 1, 2011 for most businesses to use credit  information as part of the job application procedure in Maryland. Sounds like a good idea for the average citizen. But  MBRG was against it.  And Jacobs along with all Harford County Republicans voted against it. The Republicans  and the MBRG seem to be saying,  to hell with the fairness rights of Maryland citizens seeking employment.Republicans making the hard times, even harder.

The MBRG’s  annual Roll-Call scorecard is a libertarian-Republican joke on the average  voter. Its used by Republicans to raise corporate money for re-election  while not bragging too much about the specifics that might offend even some Republicans.  And the annual lack of analysis  of MBRGs scorecard scam from the local and state media  keeps the average voter in the dark about what its really all about. So, it goes.

DodgyDagger/Common Cents – Question: How Could The Majority In District 34 Put (Glenn Glass) In Office? [06:24:11] Answer: Glass Won With A Plularity of 25.27%…He Got One Fourth Of The Vote!…Though, Every Time He Opens His Mouth He Loses Votes. In Four Years He Should Be The Most Unpopular “True Politician*”In Harford!

June 26, 2011

It doesn’t take  a majority to win in District 34. Mary-Dulany James won first place with 29.22% of the vote. Glenn Glass came in second with 25.27%. 40,000 votes and Glenn Glass won with 10,931 votes. It was a four-way race for two positions. Glass won with name recognition…he’s been standing on the side of road with his signs for five years begging for the job.  No media outlet defined any of the four candidates in any significant way. The Sun doesn’t care anymore  about local politics. (Five years ago The Sun did a superficial piece  of journalism on Glass that informed us that he had red hair,  owned a blue truck,  and drove a yellow bus.)  The Aegis never did care. And the Harford League of Women Voters for the first time in recent history held no public forum to expose the State office candidates  to public scrutiny .

Glenn Glass is a political anomally in Dist 34A. But essentially he is “political fungi”. He thrives in the political information darkness. And he will expire in the light of public scrutiny. His first campaign fizzled in 2006 after  his incompetence was exposed at the LWV Public Forum at HCC. And his incompetent voting habits in Annapolis and his uninformed public words will expose him everyday for the next three or four years. Glass is is a temporary deviation or discrepancy from the norm. An anomally.

*True Politician – A person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons. A scheemer, an intriguer who tries to gain advantage in an organization in sly or underhanded ways. A scheeming opportunist. A chancer.

MarylandPolitics – Harford Populuation Growth May Return One More Full Delegate To District 34, Dan Riley Can Come Back , Lori Maslin or Marla Posey-Moss Can Knock Off “Know-Nothing” Glenn Glass And Mayor Mike Bennett or Barbara Wagner Can Retire Mary Dulaney James

April 24, 2011


TheSun – Maryland House Ways And Means Committee Votes 14-7 In Favor Of In-State Tuition For Illegal Immigrants, Harford Delegate Glenn Glass (R- Dist34A) Votes Anti-Immigrant

April 7, 2011


Aegis/Sun – Are Three “Brains” Better Than One? Not Necessarily So, Delegate Glass!

January 6, 2011


    The Republican Aegis reports that newly elected State Delegate Glenn Glass says he has hired two aides to help him in Annapolis. Glass states “I know most legislators have one aide, but I decided to have two because three brains are better than one.”

The Dumbest Moment in Harford County Politics In 2010 – #1. The Election of The Know Nothing Religious-Right Republican Glenn Glass

December 27, 2010

  Right-Wing Watch

GennGlass, The Dagger, Dec 13,2010 -“Toward the end of the campaign, they (McDonough and Pallaria) DECIDED to help me raise some money and Rick gave me a lot of advice…I can call him (Impallaria) up and talk to him for whatever I need”

Adam Obest, The Dagger, Dec 13, 2010 (Glenn Glass assistant,”the military man who worked for Huckabee) – “To everybody else who just thinks we won’t make a difference in Annapolis and think we are not qualified; all great leaders and game changers always get criticized until history vindicates them.  FYI, I am the ‘military man who worked for Huckabee’ and I LOOK FORWARD TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN ANNAPOLIS and really showing how much we care about the people and their problems and truly just want to be the common mans voice”

The Top 10 Dumbest Moments in Harford County Politics In 2010 – #4. – Patrick”Shady” McGrady’s Desperate Last Minute Political Ad Blitz of Lies, Deceit and Fear Mongering

December 26, 2010


Patrick McGrady, the Right-Wing,Libertarian,Tea Party  Republican candidate for the House of Delegate in District 34A,was the “chosen one” for the Ehrlich/Jacobs Stalwarts. The Ehrlich simplistic slogan, “More Jobs, Less Taxes” became McGrady’s slogan. His “window of opportunity” opened with the primary election defeat of Democrat Dan Riley by challenger  Marla Posey-Moss  and it opened further when “Grisley” Dan agrreed with his “Republican friends” that Posey-Moss could not win. When McGrady’s late polls showed him coming up short he paniced and went negative with an unfocused  political ad blitz of  lies and fear mongering.

Aegis/Sun – Aberdeen Asks Annapolis Delegation Again For “Room Tax”… But Anti-Immigrant Bigot Del. Impallaria (Dist 7-Repub) Who May Become Harford Delegation Chairman Doesnt Like The Tax , Doesn’t Like Ripken Stadium And Now He “Owns” Aberdeen’s Rookie Doofus Delegate Glenn Glass

December 19, 2010


Glenn”Jethro” Glass Goes To Annapolis

December 17, 2010


W.T.F.: (The Dagger, Dec.16,2010,639pm, Getting Your Money’s Worth) : Adam Obest:Well…I find it interesting that the first word you use to describe Glenn Glass is “common”! (Maybe so)! Next is “middle class”. Have you seen where Glenn lives? Apparently the “bar” has been lowered for the “middle class” (enough said). And yes…”The Beverley Hillbillies” was a funny and successful SITCOM (but I wouldn’t want “Jethro” representing me at ANY level of government) Would you?





The Glass Is Half Empty: Xenephobic ,Anti-Immigrant Fanatic Dist 7 Republican Rick Impallaria Controls New ‘Wacky’ Dist 34A Repub ‘Sign Boy’ Delegate Glenn Glass

December 14, 2010


 Glenn Glass,The Dagger, Dec. 13, 2010”  Toward the end of the campaign, they [ McDonough and Impallaria] DECIDED to help me raise some money and Rick gave me a lot of advice…I can call him (Rick Impallaria) up and talk to him for whatever I need”,


Bought And Paid For ,The Dagger, Dec.15,2010 6:47pm : “Glenn Glasss may not be a politician, but he has already sold out to Del. Impallaria. Check the campaign finance record. So he wont’t be making his own decisions. Mr Glass has specificly  stated on numerous occassions that the only issue he cares about is Pro-Life. The rest is being force fed to him by Impallaria.”

Chinese Professor (Real Translation)

November 8, 2010

HarfObama/ Political Crystal Ball – House of Delegates Dist 34A – Mary-Dulany James 33% – Marla Posey-Moss 27% – Partrick McGrady 23% – Glenn Glass 17%

October 31, 2010


General Election Results: *Mary-Dulany James (12,639) 29.22%; Marla Posey-Moss (9745) 22.5%; *Glen Glass (10,931) 25.27%; Pat McGrady (9188) 22.86%


Too Much,Too Little, Too Late – McGrady Internal Polls Force Desperate Last Minute UnFocused Political Ad Blitz of Lies, Deception And Fear Mongering

October 31, 2010

     Patrick McGrady, the  typical Right Wing, Libertarian ,Tea Party Republican. For six months he parrots Bob Ehrlichs simplistic  slogan ‘More Jobs,Less Taxes’. Then in the last week before the Election his internal polls don’t look good. So he desperately sends out eight or more different political mailers  in the last three days – an unfocused political blitz of lies, deception and fear mongering.

     One of the three mailers on Saturday attacks Democrats Mary-Dulany James,   Marla Posey-Moss and even  McGrady’s co-conspirator Republican Glenn Glass. The attack is basicly the lie that  Democrats equal higher taxes. No facts, just malarky. The second Saturday mailer just attacks the Democrats,  James and Posey-Moss. This one repeats the the ‘higher taxes’ fear-mongering lies, but this time its written in one inch letters on the back of the mailer. Not only does McGrady think Dist 34 voters are stupid, he thinks their blind.

     The third mailer McGrady attacks just Marla Posey-Moss.  The attack now changes. Posey-Moss is a “progressive”. Its written  in one inch letters again on the front and back.  McGrady is an extreme right-wing libertarian Tea-Party Republican and he thinks that Dist 34 voters are against “progress” and are very blind.

     So who is  McGrady  running against? Everyone? Any Democrat? Or just one “progressive” Democrat? And what is he running against? Taxes or Progress? If  McGrady wanted to run a successful lying Republican campaign he  should have patterned  himself after the disgraced Chuck Boutin campaign eight years ago.

  l.  Boutin didn’t run his campaign against everybody. He picked one target (Dan Riley) and made up lies just about him

 2. And Boutin didnt just lie with mailers. He lied with newspaper ads. He lied with radio ads. And he lied with tv ads.

 3. And finally, Boutin didn’t just lie for the last three or four days. He lied early and late. He lied for weeks on end. He lied during the whole campaign. He lied so much for so long  and in so many media outlets that he fooled enough voters to win.

     McGrady’s campaign  failed to focus, focus, focus. Too many targets, too little media, too little time. Too Much, Too little, Too late.

DemocracyNow – Tea Party Ties With Racist Hate Groups

October 22, 2010


Aegis/Sun – Moderate/Progressive Democrats Mary Dulany James And Marla Posey-Moss vs. Right-Wing Tea Party Republicans Patrick McGrady and Glenn Glass

October 21, 2010



Southern Harford Republicans Nominated Two Fringe Tea Party Candidates for House of Delegates – Right-Wing Libertarian Patrick McGrady and Christian Right Political Flake Glenn Glass

September 20, 2010


The Dagger – Del. Dan Riley Offers A Reward For Arrest and Conviction of Hooligans Destroying His Campaign Signs In Aberdeen – Patrick McGrady Doubles The Reward – Paff, Craig, And Glass Have No Comment

August 15, 2010

The Dagger

Political Irony – It’s Official: The Tea Party Is Racist

July 12, 2010


T-Shirt sold at July 4th Celebrations in Lexington , Kentucky

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