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Colbert – Trumps Immigration Claims Are From Movie Night At The White House Intel / Sweater Weather /- Raiding Roger -/ Bolton: Fooly Noted – Seth Myers: Roger Stone Pleads Guilty

January 30, 2019






BillMaher/ Real Time 11/14/14 – The Republicans Are A Coalition of Greedy Cynics And The Truly Stupid – The Republican Principle Is Make Rich People Richer On The Backs Of The Middle And Working Class

November 15, 2014



THePhoenix – The New Abolishionists: Global Warming Is The Great Moral Issue Of Our Time

February 24, 2013


Mediaite – Stephen Colbert Gets Al Gore To Sort A Endorse Rick Perry And Al Gore Accidentally “Outs” Colberts ” Character”

September 15, 2011


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