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Intercept – Middle East Dictators Buy Spy Tech From Company Linked To IBM And Google And Aegis Security

July 12, 2019 Buy Spy Tech From Companiesinke


Google Drone (Maven) Work For Pentagon Not Available Under Freedom Of Info Act —Top Secret

March 25, 2019



Elizabeth Warrens Big Tech Beatdown Will Spark A Vital And Unprecedented Debate

March 9, 2019

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren listens to workers tell their stories about erratic workplace schedules at the Equal Exchange Cafe in Boston, Massachusetts July 20, 2015. Senator Warren held a roundtable discussion with workers from various businesses to discuss her Schedules at Work Act bill at the Equal Exchange Cafe. REUTERS/Brian Snyder – GF10000165001

Google Assists DOD/ CIA Illegal Drone Wars

June 13, 2018


Google Leaked E-Mail Says Google Expected Drone AI DOD Contract To Grow Into Lucrative Resource

June 2, 2018


TheObserver* – Jesse Colvin , Neo-Conservative Democrat Running For Congress In Marylands First District, Refuses To Use Google After Social Media Corporation Droped Its DOD Drone Contract

June 2, 2018



Jessie Colvin, a neo-conservative Democrat and ex-military drone intel officer, was angered and upset when he read The Intercept  story that Google planned to stop its  Project Maven drone contract next year with the DOD .

Colvin was so upset that he promised to stop using Google in protest of their decision. He firmly stated  that he was considering using Yahoo in the future.


Mr. Colvin also stated that the Google matter although disconcerting would in no way effect his campaign for Congress in Marylands  first district.

Colvin said he would still fight his uphill battle to convince Democratic voters to support his carpet bagging campaign to put a Baltimore born and raised citizen into  Congress representing the citizens of the Upper Bay and Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Colvin pointed out that he has raised half a  million dollars from NY, DC and Baltimore to convince the voters that he is the best outsider candidate in the Democratic primary.

He also wants to remind voters that he is the only candidate running in the primary that did four tours of duty in Afghanistan even though he had no idea why we are in Afghanistan.

Colvin  explained in his boring nasal-drone voice that he always had the First Congressional district in his heart and mind ever since he went to Ocean City in 1998 for Summer vacation.


*The Observer was the name of Russell Bakers political humor column in the NYTimes in the 1960’s

Intercept – Google To End Its Pentagon Maven Contract To Assist DODs Drone/Assassination Wars ! – Jesse Colvin, Democratic Neo-Con Ex-Drone Warrior Upset!

June 2, 2018





Click to access establishment_of_the_awcft_project_maven.pdf



RackJite – Bill Maher Monologue – The FoxNews-Google Debate Is A Good Idea, Because Google Is Where You Go To Fact Check The Bullshit On FoxNews! I’m Begining To Think The “Texas Miracle” Was Rick Perry Graduating From High School! Will Sarah Palin Do Anything To Suck Money Out of Hillbillies? 09:23:11

September 24, 2011


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