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Gordon Koerner – Letter To Aegis -Dem House of Delegates Candidate Responds to Tea Party Libertarian Tony Lambros Criticism

June 22, 2019

Republican Aegis Refuses To Report : Gordon Koerner Fights Off Republican Goons Taking Down His Yard Signs in District 7 – Reports the Crime To Sheriff s Office

October 25, 2018



Dodgy Dagger Censors: Ryan Burbey And HCEA Misevaluated Suzanne Oshinsky And Gordon Koerner! Burbey Must Apologize! r

October 12, 2018


Re: Ryan Burbey

Just say you are sorry!  You made a mistake  in not endorsing  Gordon Koerner  for State delegate in the7th Dist and Suzanne Oshinsky for County Council Dist B! The HCEA screwed up big time  endorsing Joe Woods!  You overlooked that Joe Woods is  a Far Right  Gun Nut Republican who voted for “nullification” of Maryland.s new common sense gun reform. Nullification is “white nationalist nonsense.

You and the HCEA also overlooked Woods’s attempt to push a “back door land deal” through the Council for a prominent land owner just to get a “quid pro quo” campaign contribution. That is just plain corruption. Honesty doesn’t count in your evaluation?

And to top’ it off you besmirched Gordon Koerner’s experience and common sense! You even trashed Gordon’s yeoman efforts to stop the pyrolysis plant in Joppa by ridiculing  environmental and public health concerns. What kind of educator are you? You surely are not an environmental progressive!


Your endorsements don’t take a look at the whole candidate. They only pretend to measure one aspect of a candidates character.

There for , I urge voters to ignore the shallow informed HCEA endorsements and instead vote for Suzanne Oshinsky  for County Council District B and for Gordon Koerner  for Maryland State delegate in the 7th  District!


Aegis Letter – Gordon Koerner, Candidate For House of Delegates, District 7

July 6, 2018



Harford Democrats Misled By Helton Political Machines With Corrupt Fake “Team Harford” Ballot Where They Urge A Vote Against Gordon Koerner , Galbraith Lieutenant, For Harford Democratic Central Committee! Same Corrupt Flyer Urged Voting Against Harford County’s Allison Galbraith For Congress!

June 28, 2018

The NHDC   members never took  a vote on who they endorsed in the primary. Afraid NHDC members might vote”wrong” way Helton/Johnson picked their personal favorites and endorsed them on corrupt phony ” Team Harford” sample  ballot leaflet.

The majority of NHDC would necer have voted  down Gordon Koerner. That was one sick dirt bag stab in the back to  all NHDC members.

It was not clear  who the  voting NHDC members would   have  supported for the Congressional primary in First District, so Arty Helton shoved his personal opinion on the entire NHDC.

The NHDC does not fuction as a democratic organization with the right to authorize their own majority decisions. The NHDC serves one purpose, to bolster the ego of an authoritarian political boss , not serve as the voice of  a majority of its members

Its SAD that a Demcratic political club  aint democratic!!!



Gordon Koerner For Maryland House of Delegates District 7 (Harf/Balto County), Gordon Reveals His New Campaign Card!

March 2, 2018






Is Allison Galbraith the Carrie Mathison of Maryland? Is Gordon Koerner Her Peter Quinn?

January 3, 2018


12376710_714717958665857_4225338617581650535_nEpisode 301

NHDC Member Gordon Koerner Facebook Comments On Lower Shore Progressives UnDemocratic Attack On Allison Galbraith Campaign

January 2, 2018






The Republican Aegis Mentions In Print For The First Time The Name of the Harford County Democratic Candidate For Congress In Maryland’s First District—Allison Galbraith— In Letter To Open Forum by Gordon Koerner (Chief of Staff) ! Its A Xmas Miracle!

December 21, 2017



Whats Eating Dutch Ruppersberger? Two Months Ago Gordon Koerner, of Joppa, Asked Dutch To Support H.R. – 676! He Hasn’t Got A Response Yet! Whats Up With That? C. Jones Called, E-Mailed And Facebooked Dutch And He Got The Same Runaround! Whats Up?

April 27, 2017


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