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WashJournal – Democratic Presidential Debate- Who Won?

January 18, 2016


NYMag – Key Moments Of the Second Democratic Debate

November 17, 2015


RollingStone – Is Martin O’Malley The Future of The Democratic Party?

November 8, 2015

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Chuck Todd Has To Be Schooled By Martin O’Malley On How To Read A Newspaper

May 5, 2015 to-be-schooled-again-this-time-by-




ABCNews/Sunday – Could Martin O’Malley Beat Hillary ???

March 30, 2015

WYPR/MidDay – Mikulski Retires- Barry Rascovar,Farser Smith, Will O’Malley Run For Senate?

March 4, 2015


Md Sen. Barbara Mikulski To Retire – U.S. Senate Seat Up For Grabs In 2016 : Ex-Gov. Martin O’Malley , Heather Mizeur, Labor Sec. Tom Perez, Mayor Rawlings Blake, Congressman Andy “(Winky) Harris and ex-Gov.Bob Ehrilich May Run

March 2, 2015




SeventhState/CityPaper – Big Chicken Wants Taxpayers To Clean Up Chicken Shit In The Bay – Republicans And Gov. Martin O’Malley Agree

April 10, 2014


MarylandReporter/Rascovar – Is O’Malley Bid For President For Real Or Is He Running For Veep or Homeland Security?

February 24, 2014


Charlie Rose Interviews Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley – DNC – 09/03/12

September 6, 2012

Mediaite – Jon Stewart Gives Democrats New Slogan “Yes We Can, But” As Gov. Martin O’Malley And Others Fumble Their Message With Nuianced Answers ( or Dems Forget KISS Principle; i.e Biden, “GM Is Alive, Bin Laden Isnt”))

September 5, 2012

NYObserver – After Obama Wins Reelection Whose Ahead For 2016? Cuomo or Clinton ?

May 17, 2012


Drawing by Fred Harper

WAMU/TheKojoShow – Gov. Martin O’Malley And Sen. Richard Madaleno (D-Mont) Explain Maryland Budget Debt

April 14, 2012

MarylandJuice – Maryland Budget Stalemate, Doomsday Cuts Unless Extended Session/ O’Malley/Busch Blame Miller

April 10, 2012

Democratic Maryland Gov.Martin O’Malley Makes Republican Virginia Gov. Bob O’Donnell Squirm

February 26, 2012

NY Observer – Is Md. Governor Martin O’Malley The Only Thing Standing Between Andrew Cuomo And The White House?

December 1, 2011

WashPost – O’Malley Gears Up To Push Ambitious Agenda

November 27, 2011

FacetheNation – Gov. O’Malley Calls Perry’s “Zero-Based” Foreign Aid Proposal Pandering To The “Tea Party Extremists”

November 13, 2011


WashPost – Maryland Senate Approves Gov O’Malleys Redistricting Map With Vote 33 to 13

October 19, 2011


Maryland Gov. Martin OMalley – Dems Must “Fight Like Hell” For Obamas Jobs Bill, GOP Fights Jobs Bill For Political Advantage

September 16, 2011

BelAirPatch – After Booing, Bel Air 4th of July Parade Watcher Asks O’Malley About Toll Hikes, O’Malley Responds

July 11, 2011

BelAirPatch – O’Malley Has Bel Air Friends, Defends Dream Act (Video)

July 11, 2011


Cross Purposes/Political Crystal Ball – O’Malley 54% to Ehrlich 45%

October 31, 2010


TheSun- O’Malley Widens Lead Over Ehrlich in Sun Poll (52% to 38%)

October 24, 2010


CityPaper – The Pie-Slicers – How O’Malley and Ehrlich Sliced Up the State Budget

October 23, 2010


WJZ – O’Malley/Ehrlich First Debate – 10/11/10

October 19, 2010

CityPaper – Political Animal – Groundhog Day Polls – 2010 Neck And Neck (Sun) or 11 Points Up (WashPo) /2006 Neck and Neck (Sun) or 10 Points Up (WashPo)

October 18, 2010


PoliticsDaily – Md Gov O’malley Says WashPost Surge Poll (O’Malley 52%, Ehrlich 41%) Is Just A ‘Snapshot’ Of The Race, Ehrlich Goes Berserk And Says ‘No’ It Can’t Be True, WasPost Polls Were The Most Accurate in 2006 Because They Did Not Underestimate Black Voter Turnout (25% of Dem Vote In 2006)

September 30, 2010


WashPost – Poll Shows O’Malley Surging Ahead in Md. Governors Race, (52% t0 41%)

September 29, 2010


Zach Fang, Russ Kovach & Joseph C. Smith – Candidates for Harford County Dem Cent Committee

September 13, 2010


WashingtonPost – Is Ehrlich’s Gamble In Montgomery County His ‘Little Big Horn’ ?

August 31, 2010


O’Malleys March

August 30, 2010

The Sun – Maryland Governor Candidates Battle For Votes – Can Ehrlich Tap Into ‘Tea Party’ Anger? Can O’Malley Energize Obama Voters?

August 29, 2010


GazetteNet – O’Malley And Ehrlich Debate Over Debates

August 13, 2010


Politico – O’Malley Posts Win In Radio Fight

June 27, 2010


WashPost – O’Malley Runs Ad Attacking Ehrlich As Big Oil Lobbyist

June 27, 2010

FantasyLand Radio AdWashPost

Big Oil For Bob Ehrlich

June 17, 2010

Maryland Politics Watch – Can Ehrlich Defeat O’Malley? Only In Campaign Fundraising

May 17, 2010

Md Political Watch

GazetteNet – Maryland Dems See Power In Numbers, GOP See Opportunity In Message

May 17, 2010


Del Maggie L. McIntosh(D-Dist 43-Baltimore): ” We have seen in the Obama race very robust increases in voter registration.Obama won in Districts that were historically very conservative Democratic or Republican strongholds.”

WashPost – O’Malley Holds 8 Point Poll Lead Over Ehrlich In Governors Race

May 13, 2010


The Sun/Aegis – O’Malley Campaign Marches Into Aberdeen

May 1, 2010

The Sun/Aegis

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