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Republican Gun Nuts Harford Sheriff Jeff Gahler / Aaron Penman Raffle For AR-15 Right After Mass Shooting In Florida! Was It Celebrating Guns Or Was It Celebrating Gun Violence?

March 23, 2018


MotherJones – Two Russian Gun Nuts, The NRA And Donald Trump

March 8, 2018


WBAL/Radio – Harford’s Wacko Tea Party/ Gun Nut Sheriff Jeff Gahler Goes Nuts On Baltimore Ravens Protest Of Trump “SOB” Speech! Gahler To Boycott Ravens! Opposes Free Speech And Protest While Wearing Uniform??????? Say What?

September 26, 2017

NYDaily News: Trump Losing Election Resorts To Veiled Threats On Hillary! Secret Service Investigating Matter. People Are Saying “Trump Is A Joke!”*

August 10, 2016



CSMonitor -Untrained Gun Users Are Ineffective At Self Defense…But Harford County ‘Tea Party’ Sheriff Opposes Live Fire Training Requirement

July 29, 2015



DodgyDagger – Harford County Sheriff Jeff “More Guns, Not Less” Gahler To Explain to Harford Tea Party (H4CL) Why He Doesnt Like Helicopters, Immigrants, Gun Safety, And School Bus Safety

July 28, 2015



Jim Jefferies, Austrailian Comedian, Savages NRA Bullshit Arguments Against Gun Control, – NRA Arguments Are Same Arguments Confederates Used To Oppose End of Slavery – Most Gun Owners Oppose Gun Control Not Because They Want Home/Personal Protection But Because They Just Love Guns (Gun Nuts)

March 26, 2015 c0218-AUguns-250x175 In Australia we had guns right up until 1996. In 1996 Australia had the biggest massacre on Earth. Still hasn’t been beaten. Now after that the government banned guns. In the ten years before Port Arthur there were ten massacres.  Since the gun ban in 1996 there hasn’t been a single massacre . I don’t know how or why this happen. Maybe it was a coincidence. Right. In Australia we had the biggest massacre on Earth. The Australian government said “That’s it. No more guns!” And we all went “Yeah that seems fair enough.” Now in America you had the Sandy Hook massacre, where little children died and your government went “Maybe we’ll get rid of the Big Guns??? And 50% of you went “FUCK YOU! DON’T TAKE MY GUNS!”   You have guns because you like guns. That’s why you go to gun conventions. You read gun magazines. You dont give a shit about home security. None of  you go to home security conventions. None of you read Padlock Monthly. None of you have a Facebook picture of you behind a secure door sayin “Fuckin’, yeah!”

WJZ/TV – Ludicrious Political Quote of the Week -Harford TeaParty/Republican Sen. Wayne ( I Like Guns) Norman: “And To Me The Fact That Money Is More Important Than Family Is Ludicrous”

March 13, 2015



DesMoinesRegister – The Gun Nuts Go A Bridge Too Far

September 15, 2013


RollingStone – Rogue State- How Far Right Fanatics Hijacked Kansas : Gun Nuts, Anti-Abortion Zealots And Free Market Cultists Are Leading The State To The Brink of Disasater

June 13, 2013


Republican Harford County Councilman Dick Slutzky Is A Stooge For The NRA, He Claims “We Are Actually ArguablyThe Second Safest Country In The Western Hemisphere” When In Fact America Has More Gun-Related Killings Than Any Other Developed Country

May 20, 2013

gunlawsanddeathrates41198-1-4023btsGDP_PPP_Per_Capita_IMF_2008_svgCouncilman Dick Slutzky lies. He lies about the Johns Hopkins Center For Gun Policy because he and the NRA dont believe fact-based reality.  And his central remark at the Council meeting was a perfect example of lieing and decieving with statistics.  He says ., “We are actually  argulably the second safest country in the Western Hemisphere for crimes with firearms”. Western Hemisphere? False comparisons is a tactic of the dishonest.”   This is  bullshit  right out of the NRA handbook.   The Western Hemisphere includes only four developed countries. U.S., Canada, Mexico and Chile. Mexico stats are not available. Among developed countries in the West Hemisphere we are number one in gun violence. And more importantly, we are number one in gun violence  among all developed countries. The gun homicide rate is 20 times the combined rate of other western nations. Gun violence in U.S. compares to the deadliest nations in the world. Mr. Slutzky is a political stooge for the NRA.

firearm-OECD-UN-data3 MotherJones: More Guns, More Mass Shootings

Harford Tea Party Leader (MdLibertyPAC) Patrick McGrady Directing His “Gun Nuts” Rally In Aberdeen After Being Thrown-Off McDonalds Parking Lot For Obstructing Business

March 18, 2013

NYMag – Random CPAC Poll Suggests That 36% Of Conservative Republicans Think Second Amendment Gives You The Right To Own A Bazooka! WTF? Another 32% Arent Sure! WTF?

March 16, 2013

RollingStone/Tim Dickinson – The NRA Vs. America: How the Countrys Biggest Gun-Rights Group Thwarts Regulation And Helps Put Military-Grade Weapons In The Hands Of Killers

February 3, 2013


TheEconomist/Kal – The Gun Worshipers In The American Church of the Firearm

January 6, 2013


Head Of NRA On Tucson Shooting Opposes Banning ‘High Capacity Magazines’: “Government Policies Are Getting Us Killed”

February 11, 2011


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