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CSPAN – House Judiciary Hearings On Gun Violence – 02/06/19

February 7, 2019



Hot Air – Canada Reduced Gun Violence With the Conjugal Spouse Waiver!

November 18, 2017



DodgyDagger – Harford Democratic Leader Chris Boardman (HDCC) Says Harford Sheriff Doesnt Think There Is A “Gun Problem” – Sheriff Gahler Ran For Office As A “Gun Nut” – His Slogan Was NRA Slogan “We Need More Guns, Not Less”!

July 9, 2016



Seth Myers – Closer Look: Trumps Response Tp OrlandoMass Shooting

June 17, 2016

Seth Myers – A Closer Look? Oregon Shooting And Gun Violence

October 27, 2015

DailyShow/Trevor Noah – Big Ben Bang Theory

October 9, 2015

MotherJones/ The Cost of Gun Violence In America

April 17, 2015







Republican Harford County Councilman Dick Slutzky Is A Stooge For The NRA, He Claims “We Are Actually ArguablyThe Second Safest Country In The Western Hemisphere” When In Fact America Has More Gun-Related Killings Than Any Other Developed Country

May 20, 2013

gunlawsanddeathrates41198-1-4023btsGDP_PPP_Per_Capita_IMF_2008_svgCouncilman Dick Slutzky lies. He lies about the Johns Hopkins Center For Gun Policy because he and the NRA dont believe fact-based reality.  And his central remark at the Council meeting was a perfect example of lieing and decieving with statistics.  He says ., “We are actually  argulably the second safest country in the Western Hemisphere for crimes with firearms”. Western Hemisphere? False comparisons is a tactic of the dishonest.”   This is  bullshit  right out of the NRA handbook.   The Western Hemisphere includes only four developed countries. U.S., Canada, Mexico and Chile. Mexico stats are not available. Among developed countries in the West Hemisphere we are number one in gun violence. And more importantly, we are number one in gun violence  among all developed countries. The gun homicide rate is 20 times the combined rate of other western nations. Gun violence in U.S. compares to the deadliest nations in the world. Mr. Slutzky is a political stooge for the NRA.

firearm-OECD-UN-data3 MotherJones: More Guns, More Mass Shootings

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