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Unpopular Aberdeen Mayor Exploits Post Office Rally To Save His Political Job

May 5, 2017

The Aegis Friday,May5,2017 Aberdeen Mayor To Lead Post Office Rally Saturday


Is this any way to run a town government? When the Mayor cant get his way instantly as Mayor—— lets hold a citizen rally. Wait a minute? Your the Mayor and you hold public meeting once ever two weeks to deal with problems or solutions. Why don’t you invite representatives from the post office to your little town meeting to explain and argue over the matter. Maybe this will clarify the issue.Maybe you can demand  a new post office if its too  dangerous to put a new ramp in a small old building.

McGrady’s purpose for having a rally is to demonstrate to Postal officials  that  “…people in Aberdeen really need this,they really care about this, so we can fix it.” The Mayor  says he is hoping for a good turnout and believes 30 or 40 citizens showing up would be a success in his book. ( His face book counter says 6 are Going and 31 are interested.)  You can get more people to show up at an organized meeting to demonstrate  a thoughtful concern. But a rally Saturday morning in downtown ? Really? Is this why we hired you as Mayor? To hold street rallys? Are the city chambers with recording camera  not a good enough concept for democracy?

I dont think this rally is just about fixing the handicap access. I think an unpopular politician is trying to exploit a significant problem to gin up his favorability on Facebook.  Just sayin.


This is a video of  the last Saturday rally Patrick McGrady organized in Aberdeen—A Gun Rally that started on McDonald’s  Beards Hill Rd. parking lot. Management threw the gun nuts off their property when it disrupted Saturday morning business. The gang crossed the street and retreated to the APG Credit Union lawn.  The rallying cry that time was “Guns Save Lives!”

Here is another option. “Shady” McGrady as Mayor can get  the City Council   to buy the Merritt Building by Target off Middleton Road and sell or rent it to the Post Office to retrofit a new Post Office. It already has plenty of handicapped/van   parking on both sides of the building. No dangerous ramps in the winter at Merritt. You enter the first floor at ground level.  (This idea was on the Dagger blog site by a person called Mr. LOL – The photos are mine)


011.JPGI like the last McGrady quote in the Aegis article. “We want the US Postal Service to be GOOD NEIGHBORS to the citizens of Aberdeen and this is something they need to do to be good citizens.”

Wow! A couple of weeks ago Mayor McGrady’s idea of “good Neighbor” and “good citizen” was to create a city ordanance to fine the homeless $50 per day for living in a tent.


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