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Suzanne Oshinsky For Harford County Council District B

October 25, 2018

Jean Salvatore For Harford County Council District D

October 25, 2018

Republican Aegis -Harford County Council Campaign – District A – Democrat Andre Johnson vs Republican Donna Blasdell

August 31, 2018

Citizens For Suzanne Oshinsky – County Council District B

March 12, 2018






Bridgette Johnson Democrat For Harford County Council District E

February 27, 2018



Uncle Jerry Is Running For County Council : The Donald Trump Of Harford County

January 5, 2018

Bel Air Mayor Burdette To Run Against Capt Jim For Council District C!!!!!

September 20, 2017


Repub/Aegis – Harford Citizen Uses “N-Word” At County Public Council Meeting – Council Immediately Reacts Week Later – Declares ‘N-Word’ “totally inappropriate -( We Only Use That Word In Harford At Closed Meetings)

March 15, 2017


Jim Thornton For Harford County Council President

November 3, 2014

Twelve Years Ago “Dodgy Dick” * Slutzky Knew His First Election Wasn’t About Experience Or The Issues, It Was About Who Had The Developer Money

October 27, 2014


* (See Video) Slutzky was not a history teacher ,he was a wrestling coach. Slutzky forgot that Abe Lincoln was a Congressman  (1846) before he was President (1860) and he ran for the Senate (1858) where he  became famous during the Lincoln-Douglas debates  and the Copper Union Speech concerning the institutuion of slavery. Unfortunately Slutzky did not turn out to be another Lincoln. He was just another typical Republican who lacked both vision and political courage. And Slutzky was” bought and paid,” for from day one,  with campaign contributions from developers. ($27.100 since 2005 according to Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development ) CAP-EMD




Twelve Years Ago Barbara Kreamer Warned Voters And The Republican Aegis About Slutzkys Developer Ties, Now Shes Warning Voters About Vincenti’s Developer Ties

October 27, 2014








Democrat Jim Thornton – This Is All About Leadership…Does This Current Council Value People Or Capital Projects?

September 29, 2014

LWVCandForum – Democrat Jim Thornton – Enough Of The Finger Pointing…We Can Do Better… The County Council Has Not Exercised Their Legislative Powers…They Have Not Used Their Leverage To Deal With Teacher Salaries

September 27, 2014

LWVCandForum – Jim Thornton Questions Zoning Decisions

September 26, 2014

LWVCandidatesForum – Democrat Barbara Kreamer – Do Elections Matter Or Does Big Money Control Elections

September 26, 2014

LWVCandidatesForum – Democrat Gina Kazimir Wants Salary Raises To Begin With Teachers And Other County Employees Not Elected Politicians

September 26, 2014

Pragmatic Political Prognosis Crystal Ball Election Forecast – County Council Dist E Democratic Primary – Duvowel Peaker Wins 60% of Vote

June 19, 2014


Pragmatic Political Prognosis Crystal Ball Election Forecast – County Council Republican Primary Distict E – Tea Party Libertarian Dan Lambros Wins With 39% of Vote (Five Way Race) – Affable Factor Wins The Day

June 19, 2014


DodgyDagger – Democratic Candidate For County Council Dist E, Duvowel Peaker Opposes Eva Mar CCRC And Believes the Council Has “Misused Its Power With Regard To Zoning Codes”

June 9, 2014


DodgyDagger -Gina Kazimir Testimony Against County Council Bill 14-21 To Remove County Council From Zoning Board of Appeals

June 5, 2014


RepublicanAegis – Two Old Council Hands Vie For GOP Nod, Two Potential Newcomers Aspire To Dems Nomination

June 2, 2014

DodgyDagger – Harford County Council President Race – Democratic Candidates Boardman vs Thornton Q&A: (1). Experience/Skills (2).Decision Review (3).Important Issuesa

June 2, 2014

HarfordTeaParty’s Dog Whistle Political Smear ? : Does Bel Air Democrat Gina Kazimir’s Skill At Dancing Make Her A Worthy Candidate For County Council District C ???

May 25, 2014





DodgyDagger – Friends of Harford Opposes Eliminating Zonimg Board

May 20, 2014


Bill No. 13-35 Vote – Councilwoman Lisanti: “A Common Sense Bill That Gives Flexibilty In Design And Consideration Of The Topography Of Any Property That A CCRC Would Be Built On”

May 12, 2014

Bill Onorato/EvaMar : Smoking Gun??? Joe Snee,Aegis/ Jan 2014 “We Cleaned Up The Code..And We Moved It Over To Bel Air”

May 9, 2014




Dan Lambros, Landlord And Libertarian Republican Candidate For County Council (DistE), Opposes Livabilty Code Reform

May 9, 2014

Citizens Against Plan for Eva Mar Development (CAP-EMP) – Eva Mar Project Is Case Study Of A Developer Run Government – County Council Meeting May 6th , 2014 – 7:30PM at 212 South Bond Street

May 6, 2014


Democratic Ticket For Harford County Council – Gina Kazimir/Dist C – Joe Smith/Dist. F – Duvowel Peaker, Sr/Dist. E

April 25, 2014


DodgyDebate – Dem Candidate For Harford Council President Suggests Light Rail For Bel Air/Falston / Racists Equate Light Rail With Crime/ BrianDodgyDagger Goes Bananas, Calls Candidate An” Idiot” And “Clueless Fool”

April 11, 2014


Political Decoy – RepubPrimary – Dist E County Council – Patrick Vincenti , Duck Decoy Carver From Churchville Uses Election To Advertise His Duck Decoy Shop In Havre De Grace

April 9, 2014

Harford County Council Disctrt E (Aberdeen-Churchville)- Are Republican Dan Lambros And Democrat Duvowel Peaker the Front Runners In This Political Free-For-All? Both Are Better Organized And Experienced Than Their Opponents. WHERE DO THEY STAND ON “EVA MAR DEVELOPMENT” ?

March 27, 2014


BelAir Patch – Gina Kazimir To Run For County Council District C Against Jim McMahon

February 26, 2014


ElectronicVillage – 546 Taser Related Deaths In U.S. Since 2001

February 25, 2014


WJZ-TV News – Harford County Council Proposes Resolution To Legalize Stun Guns Two Months After Illegal Stun Guns Were Seized By Bel Air Police at Harford Mall – County Gun Dealers Were So Stunned That They Cant Sell Stun Guns That They Got Gun Dealer County Councilman Joe Woods To Get Fellow Council Member Jim McMahon To Introduce Legalization Measure

February 24, 2014


On Dec 20, 2013 Bel Air Police seized 20 stun guns from a gun dealer kiosk at the Harford Mall. Harford County Code 260-3 prohibits the sale, possession, or use of stun guns or tasers. Code violations are punishable by a fine up to $500 or up to 60 days in jail according to Bel Air Police Dept (BAPD) spokesman Sgt Jim Lockard.

DodgyDagger – Jim Thornton, County School Board Member, Annouces Candidacy For County Council President: “This Is Not A Time To Stabalize the Council Or Maintain The Satus Quo… This Is A Time To Make Things Happen !”

January 18, 2014

011017    Jim Crow Harford County Politics/Liquor Board Appointment

HCN -Councilwoman Lisanti Asks Guthrie, Woods And Slutzky Whats The Anti-Gun Law Resolution All About

May 18, 2013

HCN – Harford County Council Meeting May 7, 2013 – Angry Residents Of Bel Air South And Their Supporters Attack Council For Killing Bill To Stop Bel Air Walmart

May 13, 2013


Aegis – Even Aegis ConservativeRepub “Political Expert” Allan Vought Can’t Understand the County Council Non-Vote On The WalMart Bill …But Allan, More Than “Several” Testified In Favor Of The Original Bill Before Lisanti-Slutzky Eviserated It

April 28, 2013


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