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Munchies -Police Investigation Of Mushroom Mishap Did Not Take Place in Darlington , Maryland – Instead Took Place At Frostburg State University By University Police – Harford County Police And Sheriff Gahler Refused To Clear Matter Up By Referring Questions To Frostbrg Police Dept. Instead Prefered To Game The Situation By Answering Questions Or Inquiries With Obfuscating Information! Confuse Rather Than Clarify! !

July 17, 2018

The morale of the story is dont  expect the Harford County Police to give you a straight answer. There job is to confuse and obfuscate.






Oppose the 287g Program in Harford County – A Racist Program That Harasses All Hispanics To Assist ICE Gestapo!

July 13, 2018

11/28/17 – Pen And the Sword – Four Harford County Police Officers Impede Traffic To Harass Homeless Man In Edgewood, MD

January 1, 2018


RepublicaAegis – Harford County Police Panic Bel Air Area With False Alarm “Active Shooter” Report – No Shooting, No Shooter, Could Have Been The Guy With “A Dark Thing In His Hand”

June 19, 2017


BlueDawn666/DrugCheckpoints – Dodgy Police Departments Sometimes Use Deceptive Methods To Work Around And Exploit Fourth Amendment Restrictions

December 3, 2015

“Drug Checkpoints (its a trap).

The Supreme Court has ruled that random checkpoints for the purpose of finding drugs are unconstitutional. However SOME POLICE DEPARTMENTS have devised a DECEPTIVE METHOD to work around and exploit this restriction. Here’s how it works.

Police departments sometimes put up signs warning drivers of upcoming drug checkpoints. (This alone is not illegal)

But they will not pull over people who go through a checkpoint–because there  TECHNICALLY IS NO CHECKPOINT. Instead officers  will watch for vehicles approaching the NON-EXISTENT CHECKPOINT and pull over the  vehicles who make illegal u-turns or discard  contraband in order to avoid fictitious  “Drug Checkpoints Ahead”.

So ,if you see signs , keep driving and don’t panic. If there is a rest area following the sign, do not pull into it.If you do, you might be surrounded by drug-sniffing dogs.”




Official Harford County Police Song For the Next Four Years Under Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler

December 8, 2014

The NRA Gun Song.

Guns are neat, Guns are sweet
Guns are things, what makes you cool
Guns are fine, Guns are mine
Guns are things,that Jesus brings!
Guns for loonies, Guns for cons
Guns for Moonies, Guns for moms!

Guns are fun for everyone
Buy them up by the ton
Guns for me,Guns for ypu
Guns for nuts and childrens too!
Guns at home,Guns at work
Guns at play, Guns beserk!

Tons and tons of great big guns
Are tons and tons of great big fun!
I’ve got guns up my nose
Between my ears and by my toes!
I’m no fool,I’m so cool
I take guns to my school!
I take guns to my car
To the store and to the bar!
I got guns in a drawer
In my pockets and on the floor!
I got guns on the wall
Behind the toilet and in the hall!
I got guns in my bed
One is growing from my head!
Get a gun and get it fast
Gun-Gun Shoot-Shoot is a blast

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