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Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2012 – #5. Thin-Skinned TeaParty Republican Patrick McGrady Goes Paranoid Over Criticism of His Criticism of Aberdeen Government (Republican Aegis Also Goes A Little “Nuts” Exaggerating Council Criticism As “Blasting” And “Slam(ing)”)

December 29, 2012


South Harford (Dist 34) Democratic Ticket For Maryland State Legislature In 2014 – Art Helton – Tammy Lowry – Steve Johnson

December 28, 2012


Top 10 Dumbest Harford County Political Moments In 2012 – #4.Political Censorship: The Director of the Harford County Library Will Not Allow Any Copies of “The Republican Brain” By Chris Mooney In Any Harford Library Under The Guise of “Selective Materials Policy”

December 26, 2012


Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2012 – # 3. Del. Mary-Dulany James ,Harford Bluedog-Democrat, Joins Fat Cat Reactionary Republicans To Oppose Maryland Marriage Equalty Act

December 26, 2012


Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2012 – #2. Gonzales Poll Reveals S.Harf Know-Nothing Republican Delegate Glenn Glass Was Lying When He Claims 80% Of Marylanders Were Against Dream Act, Poll Shows Maryland Was Split On Dream Act 49% For And 48% Againstt

December 25, 2012


South Harfords Know-Nothing Republican Delegate Glenn Glass Gets A Shiny New Red Truck For Xmas, Here South Harfords Doofus Delegate Thanks Harford Voters For the $43,500 Salary He Gets For Having Done Nothing For The His First Two Years Of Public Service (Two 90-Day Sessions)

December 25, 2012


Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2012 – #1 Know-Nothing Religious-Right Republican Del. Glen Glass Attends Special Legislative Session Looking Like A Cross Between Conan Obrien And Dennis Hopper

December 25, 2012


CrossPurposes – Maryland GOP Due For Crack-Up With “Enthusiasm” Riding High For Blaine Youngs TeaParty Crazies

December 9, 2012


Obama/Dutch/Cardin Sign By B&O Tracks In Aberdeen Was Attacked Last Night (Thursday) By Harford GOP Goons */ They Broke The Obama/Cardin Sign In Half, But It Was Quickly Repaired Before Midday

October 27, 2012

* Republican goons in Aberdeen are also called McGrady goons, the same goons that probably stole Del. Dan Riley signs during the 2010 primaries

TheDailyTimes – CD1 – Republican Andy Harris Refuses To Debate Democrat Opponent John Laferla! Spokesperson For Campaign Lies, Claims Theyre Not Trying To Avoid LeFerla But “…the Democrats Pulled Out Of The Race And The Debate” Why Is Harris Lying? And Why Is Harris Hiding? .The Democrat LeFerla Is In The Race Ready To Debate, But Harris Is Afraid To Debate

September 20, 2012

MarylandJuice – CD1-Dem Runner-Up John LaFerla May Be Back In The Race As Write-In Candidate Against Tea Party/Republican Congressman Andy Harris After Dem Nominee Wendy Rosen Discovered To Have Voted Early And Too Often

September 11, 2012

Political Censorship Disguised As ‘Selective Materials Policy’ – Who’s Afraid of The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science And Reality by Chris Mooney? The Director of the Harford County Library (HCPL) Will Not Allow Copies of The Republican Brain In Any Library in Harford County ,While There Is At Least One Copy In EVERY Library In Baltimore County. The Library Director Is Denying Free Inquiry For Political Reasons

September 4, 2012

Will The Real Glenn Glass Please Stand Up: (1) Know-Nothing, Christian-RightWinger., (2) Racist, Anti-Immigrant, Teabagger, (3) Cowboy, or (4) Paranoid Libertarian

August 29, 2012

ComcastNewsmakersInterview – Know-Nothing /Religious Right Harford Republican Glenn Glass Opposes Dream Act, Marriage Equality, Congressional Redistricting And Smart Meters

August 29, 2012

Aegis Headline Tomorrow (8:17:12) – Harford Sheriffs Deputy Kills Pit Bull After Dog Bites Child/ – Aegis Editorial: Leash Your Pit Bull

August 17, 2012

AberdeenPatch – Know Nothing/Religious Right Wing Republican Del. Glen Glass (R-Dist34A) Gets Serious: Votes For Amendment To The Gambling Bill That Gives All Vets Slots, But Then Votes Against Entire Gambling Bill., Originally Glass Was Going To Boycott The Special Session, But After Puiblic Ridicule He Decided To Go

August 17, 2012

Photo by Brian P.Sears/AberdeenPatch

Comedian/Actor/Harford Young Democrat President Tom Myers Stars In Short-Film : “Schizofriendia”

July 7, 2012

DodgyDagger – Wal-Mart Schedules Community Meeting, Plan To Build Plum Tree Store In Bel Air. Meeting July 19th 6:30PM -8:30PM. Patterson Mill High School, Bel Air

July 7, 2012

“Selective Materials” Policy

June 7, 2012

RetiringGuysDigest : Sensible Professional Response To “50 Shades of Grey”

June 7, 2012

BaltoSun/ Censorship of “Fifty Shades of Grey” Is Supported By Republican County Executive David Craig

June 5, 2012 , Harford Librarian Comfortable With Decision Not To Carry Fifty Shades, Tuesday, June 5, 2012 ” County Spokesman Robert Thomas “The county executive (David R. Craig) has the highest regard for Mrs. Hastler and feels she has done an outstanding job as director of the Harford County Public Library.”

AberdeenPatch – County Executive David Craig Wants A Casino In Harford To Balance County Budget

June 5, 2012

MarylandJuice – Harford Executive David Craig Wins 25% Of Vote In Maryland YoungRepub Straw Vote, Lt.Gov. Michael Steele Wins 21%,

June 3, 2012

Baltimore Sun: Banned In Bel Air – “Public Libraries Absolutely Have No Business Banning Books Simply Because They Dont Approve Of Whats In Them”

June 3, 2012

DodgyDagger – Anne Baker – “Censorship Hurts Us All. It Denies Us The Personal Decision We Each Have, The Right To Gain Access To Information And Material…I Cringe To Think How Many Other Materials Have Not Passed HCPL’s Selection Approval…”

June 3, 2012

50 Shades of Stupidity – Harford County Public Library Censorship of Popular Erotica Novel Violates Its Own “Freedom To Read” Policy, The First Ammendment And The Library Bill of Rights

June 2, 2012

CrossPurposes – Pat McDonough’s “Race-Baiting” Stunt May Have Unintended Consequences ,Making This “Bewigged Demagogue” The “Poster Boy” For The Republican Anti-Immigrant Ballot Initiative

May 19, 2012

Salon/Chris Mooney – Why Tea Party Republican Rep. Andy Harris Doesn’t Trust Science? Why He Really Reduced Funds For The NOAA Climate Website?

May 19, 2012

Republican Aegis – David Craigs Bel Air Bypass

May 18, 2012

Fire Commision Shot Down,The Aegis, Friday,May 18, 2012 “Its clear that the county executive is trying to overide the legislative process…Of all the people in the world, he should know we gave up on a monarchy over 250 years ago.- Council President Billy Boniface

MarylandJuice – Bel Air Tea Party/Republican Rep. Andy Harris Strips Funding From Maryland-Based NOAA Climate Website

May 18, 2012

MarylandReporter – Md Transportation Secretary Swaim-Staley Retires In July – Comptroller Says She Was “Always Looking For A Way To Save Tax Payer Dollar” And Had “Unassaliable Integrity”, But HavreDeGrace City Councilman Up For Re-Election Jim Miller Doesn’t Trust Her Because She Has A “Hyphenated Last Name”

May 7, 2012

Jim Miller, HDGPatch/June 2011: “Never trust a person with a hyphenated last name”

The Tea Party/Republican Aegis’s “Scary” Political Humor – From Exploiting Racial Fears (Halloween 2009) To Demonizing Democats With Irrational Suspicions (April 20, 2012)

April 22, 2012

Progressive/Matthew Rothschild – Interview With Paul Street/ Crashing the Tea Party – The Tea Party Is Nothing But Super Republicans- Loud Obnoxious Republicans Dedicated To The Election of Right-Wing Republicans Otherwise Known As The Republican Base (i.e.Patrick McGrady,))

April 11, 2012

TeaParty Repub Patrick McGrady Cant Get Over His YouTube Moment: Responds To Criticism With Dishonesty (“I Was Threatened With Arrest…”) And Paranoia (“They Know They Can…Then Silence Me Through Force.”)

April 6, 2012

Media Bias? – AberdeenPatch Describes Aberdeen Council Response To McGrady Criticism As “Responds” And “Refuted Remarks” – TeaParty /Aegis Describes Aberdeen Council Response As A “Slam” (Harsh Criticism?) And “Blasting” ( Criticize/Attack Vigorously?)

April 6, 2012

MarylandJuice – John LaFerla Attacks Andy Harris’s Extreme Agenda Against Women, The Environment And The Economy With New Direct Mailers

April 3, 2012

Circuit Court Candidate Andrews Political Ad Believes Best Defense Is An Offense – H. Edward Andrews “Brings To The Bench 30 Years Of Experience In The Circuit Court. He’s Handled Both Criminal And Civil Cases. More Than 400 Since 1999. His Opponent, Daughter of A Former Judge, Appointed By The Governor Has Handled Only 5 Cases…Make Andrews Your Choice…Experience Over Politics”

April 2, 2012

MarylandJuice – Republican Tea Party Candidate Krysztoforski Running In CD-6 Congressional Primary (North Harford) Releases Internal Poll Showing “Dead Heat” Race With Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, Also Claims Last Weekend Poll By Brinkley Campaign Was Phoney

April 2, 2012

MarylandJuice – Former Republican Congressman Wayne Gilcrest Endorses Democrat John LeFerla In Congressional District1 (Bel Air)

April 2, 2012

Harford County Circuit Court Nominating Committee Nominated Four Prosecutors And One District Judge, It Did Not Nominate Any Defense Lawyers, The Governor Picked The Best Prosecutor For The Court, Not The Best Experienced Lawyer

March 29, 2012

H.Edward Andrews For Harford County Circuit Court Judge – A Prosecutor Won’t Necessarily Make The Best Judge – Vote Tuesday April 3, 2012

March 26, 2012

Facebook – H.Edward Andrews For Harford County Circuit Court – A Prosecutor Won’t Necessarily Make The Best Judge – Vote April 3rd

March 23, 2012

AberdeenPatch – As Mitt Romney Becomes Inevitable Republican Nominee, Harford County Republican County Exec David Craig Summons The Political Courage To Endorse Him

March 22, 2012

H. Edward Andrews For Harford Circuit Court Judge : A Prosecutor Wont Necessarily Make The Best Judge: LWV/Vote 411 Voter Guide

March 15, 2012

Andrews For Judge – A Prosecutor Won’t Necessarily Make The Best Judge

March 11, 2012

Tom Bartlett “The Way You Gain People’s Trust Is To Earn It Over Time By Repeatedly Proving That You Deserve It. That, Or Grow A Beard”

March 11, 2012

Harford Tea Party/Religious Right Republican Del. Glenn Glass Introduces Legislation In Maryland Legislature To Regulate Federal TSA’s ( It Is Unconstitutional For Any State To Regulate The Federal Government,Extreme Right-Wing Republicans Believe You Can Under “Nullification”, The Last Group Of Individuals To Believe In “Nullification” Were Called “Confederates”)

March 11, 2012

StarDemocrat/MarylandJuice – Democrats Rosen, Letke And Leferla Talk Strategy To Beat Bel Airs Tea Party Republican Andy Harris

March 5, 2012

DodgyDagger/BelAirPatch – Harford County Tea Party/ Republican Party Oppose County Livability Rent Code Reform, Gives Aid And Comfort To Slum Land-Lords*

February 24, 2012

*Land Lord – Property Owners

AberdeenPatch – Profiles In Bull Shit : Harford County Know-Nothing/Religious-Right Republican Del. Glenn Glass – “The Reason I Did Not Put This (Hotel Tax) Bill In Today Was That Many In the Delegation Were Getting Angry At Me. I Was Told That All My Bills May Be Killed.”

February 8, 2012