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DaggerPress/HC4L – Local Republican Red Necks Organize Against Culture Center For Harford County: Dont Tread On My Enlightenment

June 4, 2015



Dodgy Dagger/Gahler Watch – New Harford County Tea Party Republican Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler And Harford Repub Legislators Proposes Police State Confiscation Of Tax Refunds of Citizens With Active Arrest Warrants, Demoract Christopher Boardman Suggests You Cant Punish People Before They Go On Trial….Something About Liberty And Innocent Til Proven Guilty (Arent There Any Libetrarians In Harford? Err.. CIVIL Libertarians?)

January 24, 2015




Tea Party/Campaign For Liberty Does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 31, 2014

HarfordTeaParty’s Dog Whistle Political Smear ? : Does Bel Air Democrat Gina Kazimir’s Skill At Dancing Make Her A Worthy Candidate For County Council District C ???

May 25, 2014





Tea Party Rewrites Aegis Crowd Estimate At Bel Air Gun Rally …Reporters Original Estimate of Maybe 60 Turns Into Definite 95 Based On What “Organizers Believe”…. Harford Republican Candidate For Sheriff Promises To Arbitrarily Enforce Federal Gun Laws…County Councilman Joe “I’m Packin” Woods To Raffle Off AR-15

May 2, 2013



Aegis/Sun – Democrats vs. Tea Party Republicans In District 34A

August 21, 2010


The Dodgy Dagger – Sneaky Harford Repub Tea Party Clubs Endorse Rob Wagner for County Executive and David Tritt and Jason Gallion For District 35A House of Delegates

August 20, 2010


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