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DodgyDagger – Campaign Urges All-Male. All-White Incumbent Havre De Grace Elected Officials To Step Aside, And Encourage Women And Minorities To Run

March 3, 2015





HDG/Patch – Glen, Martin, Smith Win Havre De Grace City Council Seats, “Bahoukas” And Aegis Endorsements Help Joseph Smith Win

May 9, 2012

HDG Patch – Republican Aegis/Record Endorses West-End Challengers Over East-End Incumbents In Havre De Grace City Council Elections – Throw The Bums Out And A Cry For “New Blood” – Bulle Rock Pays Full Taxes Without Full Services

May 7, 2012

MarylandReporter – Md Transportation Secretary Swaim-Staley Retires In July – Comptroller Says She Was “Always Looking For A Way To Save Tax Payer Dollar” And Had “Unassaliable Integrity”, But HavreDeGrace City Councilman Up For Re-Election Jim Miller Doesn’t Trust Her Because She Has A “Hyphenated Last Name”

May 7, 2012

Jim Miller, HDGPatch/June 2011: “Never trust a person with a hyphenated last name”

HavreDeGrace/Patch – Bahoukas Endorses Fred Cullum , Jim Miller* And Joseph Smith For River City Council Election

May 6, 2012

*Havre de Grace City Councilman Jim Miller suggested last June (2011) that we get rid of the Maryland Transit Authority Police and  the Maryland Transit Authority. He stated : “Never trust a person with a hyphenated last name” referring to the Maryland Transit Authority’s chairwoman Beverly K. Swaim-Staley.

Aegis/Sun – Dougherty Wins Landslide Re-election As Mayor of Havre De Grace, Barbara ‘Bahoukos’ Wagner Wins Seat On City Council

May 5, 2011


Dodgy Dagger – River City Election – Only The Challengers (Shank, Maslin,and Wagner) Answer Dagger Questionaire, The Incumbent Status Quo “Old Guard” (Dougherty, Craig, Correri) Dodge-the-Dagger

May 1, 2011


HDGPatch – Forum Recap – Candidates Debate At Bulle Rock – 04:27:11

April 29, 2011


HDGPatch – Candidate for Mayor Clip – Mitch Shank -“We Need A New Direction…We Need A New Vision… New Leadership Can Make Things Happen in HDG In A Positive Manner.”

April 29, 2011


Aegis/Record Endorses Barbara Wagner For HDG City Council…But Unfortunately They Also Endorse The Staus Quo “Old Guard”

April 27, 2011


HDGPatch – Candidate Video Clip of Barbara Wagner – Candidate for HDG City Council

April 27, 2011


HDGPatch – Candidate Video Clip – Lori Maslin ,Candidate For City Council – “We Need A Little Differant Perspective…And We Need Someone With Business Experience”

April 27, 2011


HDGPatch – HDG Candidates Come Out Swinging In First Forum 04/15/11, Shank Attacks Doughertys “Confidential” Budget, Lauer Still MIA, And Wagner And Maslin Emphasize Their Civic Involvement And Business Experience

April 24, 2011


MarylandPolitics – Harford Populuation Growth May Return One More Full Delegate To District 34, Dan Riley Can Come Back , Lori Maslin or Marla Posey-Moss Can Knock Off “Know-Nothing” Glenn Glass And Mayor Mike Bennett or Barbara Wagner Can Retire Mary Dulaney James

April 24, 2011


Aegis – Barbara Wagner For HdG City Council – “I Don’t Have All The Answers, Actually I Don’t Have Any Answers, But I Know We Have A Great Community of Educated And Experienced Individuals.”

April 23, 2011

HDGPatch  WagnerForCouncil

TheAegis/What The HDG Candidates Stand For/04/22/1

Barbara Wagner, co-owner of Bahoukas Antique Mall with her husband, is one of the new candidates for city council. She recieved her bachelors degree from the University of Deleware in nutrition and first came to HDG in pharmaceutical sales.

Since then, she has become a member of the HDG Main Street Board of Directors, formed the Green Committee and raises funds for Upper Chesapeakes cardiovasculor program…

For Wagner, the biggest need in Havre de Grace is economic development , especially along the Route 40 corridor..

Aegis – Lori Maslin, Candidate for HDG City Council – “My Legal Background Gives Me The Ability To Help Craft Legislation That Is Beneficial To the Citizens And Taxpayers of The City.”

April 23, 2011

TheAegis/What the HDG Candidates Stand For/04/22/11- Lori Maslin…is well known in Havre de Grace for her work with the Seafood Festival and her business, Laughing Crab Catering. She has also been an attorney for more than 20 years and is a member of the Main Street Board of Directors.

Maslin also served on the HDG tourism commission, in addition to the HDG zoning review committee.

Aegis – Mitch Shank, Candidate for HDG Mayor – Shank Wants To Work With Delegates And Aberdeen Mayor Bennett To Build Bridges For The City – “Havre de Grace, the Last Four Years, Has Not Been Building Any Bridges…When You Burn Bridges Or Don’t Build Bridges It’s Dangerous”

April 23, 2011

DodgyDagger/Shank  MitchShank

TheAegis/What The HDG Candidates Stand For/04/22/11 – …Shank believes there should be a seperate, countywide water and sewer authority that would remove liabilities from the city.

He also said economic development is another problem in Havre de Grace and he wants to focus on developing the Route 40 corridor…

The third issue, Shank says, is communication and transparencey. . The e-mail alert system should be used to send out information on council meetings as well as explanations of ordinances and potentially “confidential” information.

“I believe the citizens have a right to know”, he said. “Just because the mayor says  its confidential doesnt mean its confidential.”

HDGPatch – Harford County Police Union Endorses Diane Lawder, Conservative Republican State Police Forensic Scientist (CSI) For HDG City Council : “I [Can] Listen To the Citizen’s Position And Make An Ethically Sound Decision That Would Benefit Everyone.”

April 22, 2011

FaceBook  HDGPatch

TheAegis/What the HDG Candidates Stand For/04/22/11 – Although her background does not include any political work, Lawder said that’s just what the city needs.

“I think that, as Americans, people are tired of politicians,” she said. “They’re tired of half-truths.”

The background that she does have in police work ensures that she will approach the city council with the same methodology and unbiased perespective

HDGPatch – Amber Woods – Who Is James Lauer? (Havre De Grace’s Unknown Candidate for City Council) “My Finance And Accounting Will Help With The Budget And Reducing Costs.”

April 22, 2011


TheAegis/What the HDG Candidates StandFor/04/22/11: James Lauer moved to Havre de Grace fairly recently in 2008 and is a finance manager for Burroughs Payment System of Plymouth, Michigan.

Lauer said in early March that he moved to Havre de Grace because its a great place to live and he wants to help make it better by promoting tourism and bringing in money to level taxes.

…Lauer was not immediately available to comment for this story.