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QuintonReport – Republican Delegate Pat McDonough (D-7) Tells Blogger To Leave Maryland For Asking A Question About HB1513 .

March 17, 2014


 (A doofus – One who is stupid or foolish, from the German word “doof” for stupid.) 

The QuintonReport did not call  Del. Pat McDonough  a “doofus”. The Quinton Report  just reported RedMarylands Brian Griffths saying , “Face it, Pat McDonough is a doofus. You know it. I know it. He probably knows it. He’s a third rate elected official whose ego is not commiserate with the noticible lack of intellecual capacity.”  When asked about the curious HB 1513, McDonough suggested in an e-mail that Jeff Quinton should  go back to South Carolina. I misread the post and suggested that the Quinton Report called McDonough a “doofus”. 


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