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NYMag – Does Biden Understand That Health Care Is A Big F*cking Deal????

May 16, 2019

NYMag – Republican Extremism Is Turning Democrats To Support Medicare For All

September 14, 2018

Mother Jones – American Dystopia: Go Fund Yourself Health Care Popularity Contest

January 30, 2018




Slate- Who is More Qualified On Health Care- Jimmy Kimmel or Donald Trump?

September 23, 2017


Stephen Colbert – Trump Needs Valadation Of Boy Scouts/ Senate Has No Idea Whats In New Health Care Plan

July 27, 2017

Crazy Republican Congressman Blake Farenthold Blames The Health Care Legislative Struggles On “Repugnat” Republican “Female Senators!

July 25, 2017

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WashMonthly – How Herman Cain Helped Kill Clinton Health Care Reform

November 3, 2011


Mediaite – Bill Maher – Lack of Govt Health Care Leads To Crazy People Buying Guns

January 23, 2011


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