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Intercept – Single Payer Meets All-Payer: Maryland Is Quietly Revolutionizing Healthcare

July 24, 2017


What If The Republican Aegis Wasn’t Such A Dodgy Newspaper!

May 27, 2017


Hometown Girl Makes Good!  Runs For U.S. Congress In First District!   Attacks Republican   Incumbent Andy Harris  For His Support of  Heartless TrumpCare! Releases Devastating Attack Ad On Harris’s Political Chicanery!


Rachelo Maddow – America Faces Impact Of New GOP Healthcare Plan

May 5, 2017

Seth Myers – Closer : Comey Testifies Again And Health Care

May 4, 2017

Repub/Aegis – Rep. Andy Harris Meets His Constiuents On Healthcare In Brief Individual Meetings / Harris Apparently Afraid Of Town Hall Meetings….Democracy

March 15, 2017

TheIntercept – Hillary Clinton Was For Single Payer Health Insurance In 1993

January 17, 2016






Republican Weekly Standard Obsessed With Destroying Healthcare Reform: If “ObamaCare” Is Failing How Can It Also Be A Frankestein Moster

February 10, 2014


ThinkProgress – Romney B.S.’s About Fantasy Health Plan On NBC

September 10, 2012

NYMag/Jonathan Chait – Republicans Are “Social Darwinists” – They Think Health Care Is An Earned Privilege Rather Than A Human Right – Survival of the Richest

April 9, 2012

O’Donnells’s The Last Word – Michael Moore Comments On Health Care

May 25, 2011

WashMonthly – Far Right Republican Andy Harris – A Liberal Is A Conservative Who Lost His Healthcare

November 22, 2010


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