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Repub/Aegis – Rep. Andy Harris Meets His Constiuents On Healthcare In Brief Individual Meetings / Harris Apparently Afraid Of Town Hall Meetings….Democracy

March 15, 2017

TheIntercept – Hillary Clinton Was For Single Payer Health Insurance In 1993

January 17, 2016






Republican Weekly Standard Obsessed With Destroying Healthcare Reform: If “ObamaCare” Is Failing How Can It Also Be A Frankestein Moster

February 10, 2014


ThinkProgress – Romney B.S.’s About Fantasy Health Plan On NBC

September 10, 2012

NYMag/Jonathan Chait – Republicans Are “Social Darwinists” – They Think Health Care Is An Earned Privilege Rather Than A Human Right – Survival of the Richest

April 9, 2012

O’Donnells’s The Last Word – Michael Moore Comments On Health Care

May 25, 2011

WashMonthly – Far Right Republican Andy Harris – A Liberal Is A Conservative Who Lost His Healthcare

November 22, 2010


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