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Colbert – Raiders of the Last Tax Return / Mueller Team Punches Back At Barr Summary/ Return of Herman Cain/ Seth Myers – Mueller Team Responds To Barr

April 5, 2019





The Shady Bunch – GOP Presidential Candidate

March 25, 2012

HuffPost – Colbert Urges Vote For Herman Cain In South Carolina Primary

January 18, 2012

Mediaite – Jon Stewart Says Goodbye To The Herman Cain Campaign With His Own Pokemon Quote

December 7, 2011

BorowitzReport – As Cain Drops Out , Pro-Adultery Voters Shift To Gingrich

December 4, 2011

David Letter Interviews Herman Cain

December 3, 2011

David Letterman Interviews Herman Cain – 11:18:11

November 22, 2011

Mediaite – David Letterman Asks Cain If He’ll Drop Out If Harassment Charges Prove True

November 20, 2011

Mediaite – Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of Herman Cains Libya Gaffe

November 18, 2011

NYMag – Perry Has Another BrainFreeze At Ninth GOP Debate, Cain Disrepects Pelosi, Romney Seeks “Tribal” Allegiance

November 10, 2011


Bill Maher Monologue – 11:04:11 – Herman Cain Is Not Ready For Prime Time… Happy Hour Maybe…But Not Prime Time

November 6, 2011


New Rules – Bill Maher – Honestly, Doesnt A Lot of the Tea Party Philosophy Boil Down To ; “Who Needs Government, When You Have Jesus”., Tim Teabow For President,

November 6, 2011


Mediaite – While Ridiculing Cain Bill Maher Admits, “I Think Mitt Romney Could Totally Beat Obama”

November 5, 2011


NewYorker – Herman Cain – The Fringe Frontrunner

November 4, 2011


Mediaite – Jon Stewart Doesn’t Appear To Believe Herman Cains Version Of Harrassment Story

November 4, 2011


WashMonthly – How Herman Cain Helped Kill Clinton Health Care Reform

November 3, 2011


Stephen Colbert – Women Accusing Hernman Cain of Harrassment Are Guilty

November 3, 2011


Jon Stewart Is Not Entirely Buying Herman Cains Sexual Harrassment Defense

November 2, 2011


C-Span – Washington Journal – Herman Cain Sexual Misconduct Allegations

October 31, 2011


David Letterman Finds Second Strange Herman Cain Ad

October 27, 2011

NYDailyNews – Strange Herman Cain Ad Discovered Hidden On Youtube Features Mark Block Smoking

October 27, 2011


NewYorker – Herman Cain And The Koch Brothers

October 22, 2011


Mediaite – Stephen Colbert Agrees With Herman Cain: “Suck It Up Unemployed! Its Your Own Damn Fault!”

October 20, 2011


Keithb Olberman – Worst Persons In World : Herman Cain Wants To Electrocute Illegal Immigrants

October 20, 2011

Rackjite – Stephen Colbert – Herman Cains Electrocute Mexicans Is No Joke

October 20, 2011


Newsweek – Herman Cains Unlikely Republican Rise

October 18, 2011


Rackjite – Bill Maher New Rules – Maher Examines The Con Man Behind the Mormon Religion, Jokes About Herman Cain

October 16, 2011


Rackjite – Bill Maher Monologue, Ron Paul’s Eyebrow Toupee, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney

October 15, 2011


Letterman – Top Ten Little Known Facts About Herman Cain

October 14, 2011

Mediaite – Jon Stewart vs Fox Round 3 – Herman Cain Accent- Everyone Got the Memo At Fox

June 29, 2011


ThinkProgress – Wall Street Titan Ken Langone, GOP Pres Candidate Herman Cain At Koch Brothers Meeting

February 3, 2011


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