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Trevor Noah/ Daily Show – Hillary Issues A Non Apology For Shielding a Harrasser

January 30, 2018

Stephen Colbert – Clinton Trolls Trump

January 30, 2018

NYTimes – Maureen Down – Hillary Effect

November 19, 2017

Hillary On Colbert

September 20, 2017

NPR/Fresh Air/ Terry Gross Interview With Hillary Clinton – Hillary Says She Might Contest Outcome of A “Crooked” Election!

September 19, 2017


C-Span – Hillary Clinton Book Tour – What Happen

September 19, 2017


Intercept – Clinton Book Ignores What Role “Endless War” Had in 2016 Election Outcome

September 16, 2017


Rachael Maddow – Hillary Clinton Interview

September 15, 2017

Jimmmy Kimmel – Stephen Colbert And Hillarys Book

September 15, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel – Monologue

September 7, 2017

Late Show/ Steve Colbert – Hills Memoir Attack On Bernie / Liev Schreibers “Fart Face”

September 7, 2017

Seth Myers – Hillary Memoir Attacks Sanders

September 7, 2017

Newsweek – Political Sour Grapes : 12% Of Bernie Sanders Primary Voters Voted For Donald Trump (the Margin of Victory) – Another 8% Voted For Other Candidtes Or Didnt Vote!

August 24, 2017


GQMag – The Least Influential People Of The Year

December 24, 2016



SNL – Hilliary Actually

December 19, 2016

SNL – The Hunt For Hil

December 6, 2016

CNN/ Sam Wang ,Princeton Neuro-Scientist, Talks About Wrong Poll Data And As Promised He Eats A Gourmet Cricket With Honey

November 13, 2016

Daily Show/ Trevor Noah – The Final Days

November 8, 2016

SethMyers/LateNite -A Closer Look: End of Campaign

November 8, 2016

SamBee – Full Frontal – Let Hill Be Hill

November 8, 2016

Election Day 2016/Republican Aegis: – Hold Your Nose And Vote For the Witch …err….the Woman Or The Orange Hitler!

November 8, 2016

The Republican Aegis can not in good conscience  endorse either  Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for President. The journalistic apocalypse is here. (If they endorse Hillary there will be mass subscription cancellations.from North  Harford. If they endorse Trump there will also be numerous cancellations in South Harford)  The Aegis CANT support Trump because he is “unfit to be President” only because of “PussyGate”. Being a racist bigot and know-nothing ignoramus is not a problem. On the  other hand the Aegis WONT support Hillary because of too many boring E-Mails  and because of numerous paranoid conspiracy theories surrounding  Benghazi.The Aegis thus leaves the matter of who to vote for , up to each individual delicate voter.Your on your own voters.  There will be no cliche drenched wisdom to guide you. Can you handle it? You have to vote, or you cant complain. That’s what the first amendment says. Isn’t it? So the Aegis suggests like the crazy tabloid NY Post suggests: Hold your nose and VOTE, goddamit! And please subscribe to the Aegis!




Liberal Redneck – An Appeal To Sanity

November 7, 2016

Roar -Hillary Clinton

November 6, 2016

SethMyersLive! -GOP Threatens To Paralyze A Hillary Clinton Administration

November 4, 2016

Larry Sabato / Center For Politics Crystal Ball / Univ of Va- Hillary Will Win Presidency With At Least 293 Electoral Votes to Trumps 214 With Still 31 Toss-Ups

November 4, 2016


Conan O’Brien – Louis C.K. Supports Hillary! If You Support Trump Your A Sucker!

November 2, 2016

SethMyers/LateNite A Closer Look: Hillary Clinton’s E-Mails Are Back!

November 1, 2016

C-SPAN – Washington Journal – Stephen Vladeck , Law Professor – FBI Probe of Hillary Clinton E-Mails

October 31, 2016


Bill Maher / Real Time – 10/28/16 – Nightmare of E-Mail Street

October 29, 2016

RT – Desperate Losing AltRight/Trumpheads Try Internet Dirty Tricks : Fake #Clinton Ads Supporting Military Draft For Women (#DraftOurDaughters)

October 29, 2016


Is Harford County Really Republican This Year? The Republican Aegis Thinks So, As It Timidly Refuses To Endorse! But What Are Insulted And Embarrassed White Republican Women Thinking With A Qualified,Experienced and Talented Democratic Woman On The Ballot ?

October 27, 2016

Democratic Central Committee: Harford Democrats Urge Support for Clinton in Presidential Election


Republican Aegis Punts On Clinton/Trump Presidential Endorsement!! Chooses Not To Endorse Trump Because His Attitude Towards Women Makes Him Unfit. Refuses To Endorse Clinton Because She Is A Female Politician (Nasty Woman) And A Democrat! (“Harford County Is Republican”)

October 27, 2016


“If you don’t vote, you cant complain!” (old b.s. adage)

“Two bad choices!” (Undecided)




Samantha Bee/Full Frontal -Presidential Debate 3 – The Good, The Bad, The Nasty

October 25, 2016

SNL – Third Presidential Debate – Clinton vs Trump

October 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton : “And Then He Said ‘No One Has More Respect For Women Than I Do’ “.

October 21, 2016


StephenColbert – One Diagram That Explains Conspiracy Against Donald Trump

October 18, 2016

VillageVoice / Robert Christagu- Confessions of A Hillary Supporter

October 15, 2016


Seth Myers/Late Nite – Closer Look: Hillarys Leaked Wall Street Speeches

October 14, 2016

The Atlantic – In Over 160 years The Atlantic Has Only Endorsed Two Presidents: Abraham Lincoln (1860) And Lyndon Johnson (1964). They Have Now Endorsed Hillary Clinton! (2016)

October 6, 2016


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NYMag – Marijuana Can Fix Hillarys Biggest Problem In Colorado

September 29, 2016


Full Frontal/Samantha Bee – America Democracy Plays Russian Roulette – (A) Fear And Loathing At Hofstra Univ -Act 1, Pt. 1 – (B) Go Ahead, Make Her Day – Act 1, Pt 2

September 29, 2016




Seth Myers Hosts The 2nd Presidential Debate With Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump – Closer Look : First Presidential Debate

September 29, 2016

Intercept -Beyond Fact Checking The Debate: Content Checking

September 28, 2016



Frontline/PBS – The Choice -2016 – Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump (2hr Documentary)

September 28, 2016




Between Two Ferns – Zack Galifanakas Interviews Hillary Clinton

September 22, 2016

The Nation – The Bernie Sanders Interview – Hillary, Trump, the Democratic Revolution

September 20, 2016


JimmyFallon – Hillary Shades Fallons Softball Interview With Trump , But NBC Censors Negative Bag of Softballs Segment

September 20, 2016

NYMag – What Happens When Clinton Campaign Calls Your Cartoon Frog Racist -A Chat With Pepe The Frogs Creator

September 15, 2016



TheAtlantic – Fear of Female President

September 11, 2016


SethMyers/LateNight – CloserLook – Hillarys “Scandals” vs Trumps Pay-To-Play

September 8, 2016

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