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RepublicanAegis – Republican Md Gov. Hogan Wants Aberdeen To Move Its B&O Railroad Station To Festival Park – SayWhat? City Council Should Tell The Gov To Stop Wasting Tax Payer Money On Stupid Impracticle “Political Gifts” To Alt-Right Republican Aberdeen Mayor McGrady!

September 25, 2016

Why doesnt the Guv send some money into Balto City for some needed housing and community developement??? Your not just the Governor  of the counties you won in the election! We dont need to move the B&O Station—-it belongs where it is . Are you guys just sitting around thinking up ignorant ways to pay off your suburban voters? The roads in Aberdeen are terrible and you see some great need to move the B&O Shack. It would probably fall apart before it got to Law Street! Stop the political boondoggles and MYOB!


Political Maryland/Barry Rascovar – Larry Hogan’s Third Bay Bridge: The O.C. Agenda

September 15, 2016

A Third Bay Crossing?


Political Maryland/Barry Rascovar -Larry Hogan: The O.C. Agenda And The One Term Governor!

September 15, 2016

Popular Larry Hogan


HoganWatch: Rascovar/MdPolitics – Hogans Trump Tendencies – Is Hogan Marylands Trump?

August 30, 2016

Hogan’s Trump Tendencies








ThinkProgress – Maryland Governor Shocks Solar Industry With Clean Energy Veto

June 10, 2016


HoganWatch/Maryland Reporter – Hogan Has A Holt Problem

September 1, 2015



HoganWatch/MarylandReporter /BarryRascovar – Hogan To Baltimore: “Drop Dead”

July 17, 2015



PhillyVoice/HouseofHogan – Veep To Leave Maryland Over Tax Breaks, House of Cards ProbablyTo Follow. Thanks Gov. Hogan!

June 4, 2015



HoganWatch/SeventhState – Hogans Unforced Error: Hogan Claims Not Enough Money For Schools($11 Million), But Plenty For New Youth Jail ($30 Million) WTF??

May 21, 2015




HoganWatch – DailyShow/JohnStewart – Is The Governor A Little Passive-Aggressive? So The Mayor Was A Little Late With Her Statement of Declaring! They Could Have Decided A Statement of Emergency On Saturday Or Sunday Or Maybe in the 1970’s!

April 29, 2015


HoganWatch – Budget Rally Monday April 13, 2015 – Stop Hogans Tea Party Priorities!!! Stop Irresponsible Tax Cuts, Wreckless Charter School Deregulation, Shortchanging Education, Cutting Resources For Vulnerable Citizens And Attacking State Employees – Democrats And Republicans Voted 175 to 10 For The Fair Bi-Partisan Budget

April 11, 2015

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HoganWatch/Goucher Political Poll/WBALTV – Md. Gov. Larry Hogan Unpopular After One Month As Governor – 39 % Approval Rating

February 26, 2015



HoganWatch/CityPaper/WanderingEye – Gov. Hogan Ignores Science That Air Pollution Causes Death

February 14, 2015




HoganWatch/MarylandReporter – Gov Hogan State of State Speech Trashes Maryland And Offers Campaign Slogans, Speaker of House Busch : “You Campaign With Slogans, You Govern With Facts”

February 6, 2015



HoganWatch/DodgyDagger – Hogan SHA Overturns Plum Tree Wal-Mart Regulation – Hogan Chooses Corprate Interests Over Community Interests

February 5, 2015


The Nose/City Paper – Larry Hogan’s Inaugural Nosepicking And Cringeworthy Skynyrd Tunes – Hogan Likely One Term Guv If He Continues His Anti-Environment And Social Conservative Ways

February 3, 2015


HoganWatch/WYPR/FrasierSmith – Hogan First Bi-Partisan Action Kills Chicken Shit Regs And Balto City Air Regs

January 29, 2015


HoganWatch – MdReporter – Hogans House of Cards :

January 6, 2015


HoganWatch/Abuse of Power – WashPost/Hernandaz – Aty Gen-Elect Brian Frosh And Gov-Elect Larry Hogan To Work Together Accept On More Gun Access – Hogan Will Try To Select A State Police Superintendent Who Will ‘WinkNudge” A Looser Definition On Concealed Weapon Permits

December 29, 2014


HoganWatch/Political Bull Shit – WashingtonPost/Jenna Johnson – Hogan Offers Partisan Political Bull Shit On Chicken Shit Environmental Problem In Maryland

December 15, 2014


Newly elected Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan made a partisan attack on  new regulations of chicken manure fertilizer falsely calling it ” a last minute fullfillment of a political promise to a special interest group”. The regulations have been under consideration for three  years. And the special interest is cleaning up “dead zone”  pollution in the Chesapeak Bay caused by phosphorus and nitrogen in chicken manure.-+

LarryHogan Watch : The RightWing Republican Blog Suggests Maryland Taxpayers Are Being Decieved By the Cunning Political Trickery of ‘Houes of Cards’ Producers

November 24, 2014


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