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Hollywood Reporter/WashPo – Sacha Baron Cohen Proves Alabama Judge Roy Moore Is Child Predator

July 30, 2018


Hollywood Reporter – The Opposition Confronts Alex Jones , Accuses Him Being A “Crisis Actor”!

April 15, 2018

Hollywood Reporter – Jordan Klepper Launches “#Blame Klepper” Campaign In Response To Attack From Alex Jones

March 9, 2018



TheHollywoodReporter – Late Night Comedy Weigh In On Bannon Leaving Breitbart

January 10, 2018



Hollywood Reporter – Michael Wolffs Insane Year Inside Trumps White House

January 4, 2018


Hollywood Reporter – Rich Republican Conservative Pays For Street Artist Attack on Meryl Streep – Payback For Her Anti-Trump Action – Same Attack Was Done On Jimmy Kimmel

December 26, 2017


Hollywood Reporter – A Closer Look At Jordan Klepper And The Opposition

September 27, 2017


Hollywood Reporter – Kellyanne Conway Interview: I’m The Face Of Trumps Movement

January 27, 2017

HollyWoodReporter – Great Late Night Poll Hosts – Fallon Is King of Ratings But Is The Least Funny

March 2, 2016


Hollywood Reporter – Bill Maher Puts His Money Where His (Big) Mouth Is

March 9, 2012

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