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The 2016 And 2017 Testudo Award for The Laziest Mayor In Maryland: Mayor Patrick McGrady, Aberdeen

December 24, 2016



  1. Mayor Patrick McGrady spent over 5 months filling the fourth seat on the Aberdeen City Council  after a tied election last November (2015) when the process should only take ten days at most. He ended up rigging the the Council run-off vote by illegally nominating a  political crony who was not even in the election.
  2. Mayor Patrick   McGrady spent 13 months reforming the town charter in regards to resolving tie-vote elections in the future.  The new charter amendment requires a run-off election of voters rather than a rigged council vote.
  3.  Mayor Patrick McGrady spent 12 months since indicating he would work with others to find a  solution to the homeless problem in  Aberdeen.  He has so far  been all promise and no political progress. 12 months and counting…. Mayor McGrady finally decided the only solution to the homeless was to make them illegal. Mayor McGrady introduced legislation to fine a homeless person $50 per day for living in a tent. The idea was so absurdly cruel and stupid it was rejected by the entire council and community.
  4. Now Mayor McGrady has prolonged the Ripken Stadium Deal  for 22 months by intimidating the Ripken Brothers with the political threat of a “nuclear option” if the Ripkens   dont concede to all his ridiculous demands. McGrady’s solution appears to be he doesnt want the Ripken Stadium to be apart of Aberdeen City anymore.As a crazy Tea Party libertarian he doesnt believe in the City owning the stadium. His attitude is give it away or”blow it up”. The “nuclear option”

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