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Boss Tweed Society* – Aberdeen , Maryland Mayor Patrick McGrady Wins The 2017 Boss Tweed Award For Most Undemocratic Mayor In Maryland (MUM-IM)

August 29, 2017


Congratulations  Aberdeen, Maryland Mayor Patrick McGrady  for wining the 2017 Boss Tweed Award for the Most Undemocratic Mayor In Maryland Award. You earned it!

First, you earned it for introducing legislation in the Aberdeen City Council to fine homeless citizens of Aberdeen $50 per day for living in a tent within the city limits of Aberdeen.

When the Aberdeen and Harford community learned of your cruel and inhuman response to homelessness in Aberdeen they rallied in a outburst of democratic rage at  a City Council meeting with reason and compassion that overflowed the City chambers.

The Mayor had to stop the citizen testimony against the Mayor’s despotic proposal  after an hour and a half of negative  comments and call for a vote to” kill” the measure.

Democracy prevailed but the Mayor came out looking like the  corrupt heartless undemocratic  bastard that he is.

Second, you earned it for opposing democratic reform of the Aberdeen charter.

When the City Council voted democraticly for the Charter Reform you then  tried to overide the Council  vote by attempting  to get citizens to  put the democratic reform to referendum.

Then when you lost the the referendum petition drive you complained that  the referendum process was unfair.

Wow! You are the most undemocratic mayor in Maryland. Once again , congratulations!. You earned it! It is hoped that the voters of Aberdeen will remember your despotic undemocratic nature at the next election.

*Boss Tweed Society is a political satire, political humor, political joke

Aberdeen Mayor Finds Way To Get Homeless Out Of Aberdeen! Make It A Crime To Be Homeless In Aberdeen!

March 31, 2017

Aberdeen (Md) Councilwoman Sandra Landbeck joined the Aberdeen Tea Party (Mayor Pat  McGrady and Steven Goodin) to co-sponsor a town ordinance to make living in a homeless tent  in Aberdeen a crime.  The ordinance will impose a $50 fine on anyone living in a tent for more than 24 hours within the town borders.

The “Handcuff the Homeless” Bill is meant to create an incentive for the homeless to get out of Aberdeen. Dwelling in a tent outside of Aberdeen allows the Aberdeen homeless problem to become a Harford Couty problem.

Ciuncilwoman Landbeck is quoted in the Republican Aegis/Sun ; “Now we’re unable lawfully to go in and say ‘You need to move’.This ordinance will give us that. We can say , ‘You can find someplace else, you just cant stay here.”

Landbeck went on to say :“It gives us authority to TREAT THE PROBLEM rather than ENABLE THE PROBLEM.”

Criminalizing the homeless is Landbeck and McGrady’s idea of “treating the problem”.

Ironicly the Police Chief Henry Trabert says  “We dont expect to get any real fines out of these people. We know they don’t have money. And we don’t to see them incarcerated, that’s not the idea”

What the hell is  the idea then. McGrady and Landbeck want to criminalize the problem and kick the problem out of town limits. Trabert, the Sociologist-Cop,  wants to solve it as a community social economic problem. “Its our duty to make sure we take care of the people who cant take care of themselves.”

If the illegitimately  appointed Councilman Steve Goodin joins McGrady-Landbeck in supporting the ordinance then the measure becomes law  unless the State or ACLU declares it unconstitutional. Goodin , a McGrady  crony,was chosen by McGrady for this mission . McGrady  solved the election tie-vote last year  by ignoring  the 699 votes that Stephen Smith recieved and instead appointed Goodin to the council  having recieved no votes. If Smith had been rightly  allowed in the tie-vote runoff McGrady would not have enough  corrupt votes to push such an ignorant inhumane measure.

If you don’t stop corruption when it starts it just spreads like cancer..

April 10th Rally at City Hall! Throw the Political Bums Out, Not the Homeless!


RepubAegis / Homeless Watch: – Cruel Bastard Aberdeen City Manager Says ” Dont Bring Them A Tent Because You’re Perpetuating the Problem”- ( Most of The Tents Homeless Have Were Given To Them By Social Services In Order To Survive Winter!!!!)

March 8, 2017

MEMO TO CITY MANAGER ROBERTSON : Establish a permanent shelter   as the Police Chief suggests or get them survival tents at $269 a clip!!! Giving homeless tents is not perpetuating the problem, it is perpetuating the lives of the homeless. You and the heartless Mayor are dealing with homeless problem  as if it is a public  relations problem not a human rights problem. Moving Tent City behind Target or near Wal-Mart doesnt solve the problem but is an attempt to hide the problem. (Even the normally reasonable Councilman Lindecamp is upset that a church fed the homeless in the  city park . Its not a crime to eat in the City park.)


Survival tent cost $269.00  USD

Republican Aegis/Ellen Cutler – Homelessness Harms More Than The Homeless…Encampments Give The Impression That Aberdeen Is An Undesirable Community In Which To Live And This Drives Home Values Down

January 26, 2017



Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady : Put Your “Not On My Watch”Shovel Where Your Mouth Is!

January 24, 2017

In a humble twiter-tweet, the modest Mayor of Aberdeen Pat McGrady said :

“This is what you get with me as Mayor. Somebody calls and tells me there is a dead racoon on W. Bel Air Ave and its been there for a week. Its making Aberdeen look bad .

NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!!”” Dec 12, 2016) (The  Mayor removes the racoon with his own shovel!)

On the Other Hand: We have an encampment of homeless citizens in tents off Roger Street near the city library. The public cries out . How can this be. It makes Aberdeen look like a heartless place to live. A community that does not care about the poor. A town that cares more about a dead racoon then creating a shelter from the storm for the unfortunate.  Where is the Mayor with his “Can Do” shovel.  The homeless have’nt been out on the street for a mere week. They’ve been  there since at least last Spring, I’ve been told.  Where is the sense of urgency from the Mayor and the City Council. Where is  the ” we all have to do our part” spirit  when it comes to the homeless. The Mayor and City Council have passed the buck to the do-little County govt and have forgotten about there own elected responsibility. Aberdeen needs  a  year round homeless shelter . But it defintely needs an emergency homeless shelter in the Winter.  Mr. Mayor , spare me the gross details about scooping up the dead racoon and  stop TALKING  about doing something  about the homeless. Put your “not on my watch” shovel where your mouth is.


Republican Aegis Talks To Everyone But The Aberdeen Tent City Homeless In Front Page Story! Backwater Newspaper Treats Homeless As If They Are Dangerous Criminals That Cant Be Approached

January 14, 2017

Why didnt the Republican  Aegis reporter try to communicate with Aberdeens Tent City homeless? Why does the local press  and the County govt treat the homeless as if they are dangerous refugees? Why didnt the Aegis reporter  ask the “heart-broken” Mayor why he doesnt use his “empty” rehabed Church on Bel Air Ave  for a “wet house” for the homeless in Aberdeen?  The Mayor has passed the buck to the County on the homeless. He hasnt done a damn thing  in Aberdeen to resolve the problems except call the homeless  ignorant names like “stubborn” and “hardheaded”. That really sounds like a “broken-heart”   ( The Aegis/ Record headline was a quote from  Mayor: “It breaks my heart”)






Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Says “There Is Nothing We Can Do About (the Poor)…” And He Does Nothing! – Councilman Taylor Says We Need A Homeless Commission To Focus On A Strategy To Do Something! – The Rest of The Council Is Asleep At The Wheel Again!

December 16, 2016

taylorSUGGESTION: If the City owns the empty Moose Lodge and you cant find any Moose this winter to put in the lodge then  open up part of the Moose Lodge as a night shelter for the homeless in Tent City. Usually this time of the year the churches take the homeless in for the winter nights. If they are not being contacted or they are not interested then common sense says the City government should seize responsibility for the winter-protection of the homeless on the streets. Then the Mayor/Council should seriously consider Councilman Taylor’s suggestion! Make a plan for the future  homeless problem! The Mayor can get away with stalling a crooked  rigged run-off election but he cant get away with stalling on the winter sheltering of the homeless. Human lives are in jeopardy while the  Mayor  hesitates and the Council procrastinates. “Don’t do something, just stand there” is not an acceptable policy. Merry Christmas!

P.S.  Taylor,Landbeck and Lindecamp all received more votes then the Mayor. Melvin Taylor is actually the President of the Council . His direction should  deserve some council respect.


Aberdeen Mayor/ Council Do-Nothing Policy For Homeless Gets Inspiration From Poland On How To Help Aberdeen Tent City Dwellers

December 14, 2016


Republican Aegis Endorses Current Bull Shit Plan For Helping The Homeless – Encourage Everybody To Do More And As A Backup Plan Give The Cops Utility Knives To Cut Up Homeless Tents

December 10, 2016

Here’s what happens at the Harford County Dept of Community Services when a person voluteer’s to help the homeless in Harford County. You get a phone call two days later asking for $20.00 for homeless veterans. That’s it. That’s Harford County’s DSC  outreach program.They give your phone number to another organization to beg money from you.

What is Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady’s solution for the homeless ? Last December an angry citizen suggested the govt throw the homeless out of their tent city near the library because it was too close to a school. The Mayors response was to  reword Christian doctrine by saying ” We will always have the poor..but .there is nothing we can do about it…” Then the Mayor urged the angry citizen to join him in trying to find  a  better solution.  Soon after the local police raided the tent city and cut their tents up making them uninhabitable.

A year later the same angry citizen makes the same complaint. And now the Aberdeen Police Chief is in charge of social service outreach  for the homeless. This year the police chief says “Homelessness  is not a crime” and he dedicates his job to protect the homeless. After police harassment didn’t work last year the Mayor & council have  delegated the  whole matter to the Police Social Service Out-Reach Dept.

The Harford County and Aberdeen bullshit solution to homelessness is to keep delegating the responsibility to somebody else. And the  Republican Aegis’s  job is to  endorse this bullshit policy.

There is one Aberdeen  homeless veteran who’s tent is in the woods near Wal-Mart. This homeless vet works at Wal-Mart during the night.  He inhabits his tent during the warmer day hours.  He  is homeless because he is trying to raise money for a vehichle.  Wal-Mart doesn’t pay a living wage so he cant pay rent and raise car money at the same time.  Here might be the solution.  Get the town govt/ Harf DCS  to co-operate with Wal-Mart to build a tent city  near their facility to provide third shift workers for Wal-Mart. Or better yet immediately  pass a Aberdeen City  ordinance requiring Wal-Mart to pay all workers a starting living wage of $15.00 an hour. The homeless who are stuck in the woods are ready to work if given some real social service assistance and a living wage.

Save the homeless! Fight for 15!



Police Cutting Up Aberdeen Homeless Tents Is A Crime!

December 3, 2016


Did Aberdeen Police Last December Cut Up The Tents Of The Homeless in Tent City? And Did the Local Media Cover The Crime Up? “Being Homeless Is Not A Crime !” But Cops Destroying Homeless Tents Is A Crime!

November 27, 2016

Reliable social services sources say that  members of the Aberdeen Police Dept acted like lawless marauders last winter destroying the personal property of the homeless in Aberdeen’s Tent City. The sources say that Aberdeen police  cut the homeless tents up and destroyed them to scare them off. Scare them off as in creating terror. If this is true ,were the police involved  rogue cops or were they carrying out the orders of police or political leaders? If this is true, were the involved cops investigated and properly reprimanded or fired?

Being homeless is not a  crime . But destroying the personal property of the homeless is a crime .

The same criminal act occurred in St. Petersburg, Fla in 2012 (see Youtube clip) It was done with authority of police leaders.

The local press did not report this crime in Aberdeen because the only crime they report comes from the police handout. It appears the press knew about the crime but did not investigate it. It appears they cooperated in a cover up of police misbehavior.

In Florida the excuse for destroying homeless tents was that  they were a “fire and safety  hazard”. If they were a “hazard” that does not excuse police destroying personal property of the homeless. That’s not police procedure. Its a criminal misbehavior. If the homeless are “trespassing” the proper procedure is to notify with a citation and request they leave. Police do not have a right to evict someone by destroying there property. If the police do destroy homeless tents, it is  a form of domestic terrorism. The police are suppose to serve and protect.

“Being homeless is not a crime”. But destroying homeless tents is a crime.

“Being Homeless Is Not A Crime” Says Aberdeen Top Cop

November 26, 2016


Where Have All The Homeless Gone In Aberdeen Tent City? The Aberdeen Police Chief Said He Would Protect the Rights of the Homeless In Tent City. He Also Said He Had A Plan To Remove Them.

November 23, 2016

What happen to the homeless in Aberdeen’s Tent City? Tent City has no homeless dwellers and all the tents are knocked down.Have the Tent City Homeless been re-housed temporarily somewhere else?  Or have they been forcefully removed? Where is the concerned Aegis/BaltoSun media coverage?


Mayor Of Aberdeen Says “We’ve Got To Work Together”Even Though We Don’t Have Any Idea What We Are Doing. Essentially Mayor Decides To Do Nothing For Or Against Tent City Homeless. Maybe The Problem Will Just Blow Away Or Freeze Up!

November 23, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving Tent City – Aberdeen, Maryland – Outdoor Encampment of Aberdeen Homeless (Near Old Moose Lodge, Across From Library)

November 21, 2016


Photography by CJ

Some of Aberdeen’s homeless try to survive there situation behind the old empty Moose Lodge  in Tent City.   Tent City has no Mayor, but all dwellers are on the city council.  They get some support from the New Day Recovery And Wellness Center on Route 40. They are well protected by the Aberdeen Police. Most residents of Tent City are camera-shy. I wonder why? They are black and white, male and female, old and young.  The New Day Recovery Center gives them a place to gather, seek work by computer,receive counseling, food, clothes, tooth brushes etc.

Most residents of Aberdeen do not know they exist.  The Aegis and the Baltimore Sun dont care to report that they exist. I’m sure WJZ, WMAR, And WBAL will  take notice of them one day when one of them dies of exposure to the elements. The Aberdeen city government knows they exist but shuffles all social responsibility for the homeless problem  to underfunded faith-based organizations and the social workers over at the Police Department. The city government doesn’t really care . So you can complain about the existence of Tent City  to Aberdeen City  government every other Monday nite. Or you can donate money or stuff people need to survive  by visiting the New Day Center, 16 North Philadelphia Rd  or by calling 410-273-0400. Or you can visit Tent City yourself  any day of the week (9 to 5)  They are friendly and affable despite their situation.  They said they liked hot chocolate. this time of the year.

Photography by CJ

Mr. Hartman Asks City Council To Get Rid Of Homeless Hanging Around Old Moose Lodge – Mayor Says “The Poor Will Always Be With Us.” (Patrick 14-7)

December 28, 2015



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