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Republican Aegis – Investigative Reporter Allan Vought Tells Us Where All The Harford Hotel Tax Revenue Goes And Why Aberdeen Which Produces Most Of It Gets So Little ! – Once Again The Award Winning Aegis Journalism Gets To The Bottom of Hotel Tax Political Shenanigans With A Press Release From Glassman Media Manager!

May 30, 2018


RepublicanAegis – Harford County Hotel Tax Authority Becomes Reality Because of “Secret” Campaign of Former Harford Democrat Delegate Mary Hatem Bonsack And Her Discussions Last December With Senate President Mike Miller – Harfords Frictional Fractious Delegation Droped the Ball, Again

May 6, 2014


Aberdeen Mayor Bennett Urges Residents To Support The Harford Hotel Tax House Bill 1395, Sponsored By Delegate Mary-Dulaney James And Delegate Glenn Glass

March 2, 2013

Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2012 – #10B – RTWg Know-Nothing Do-Nothing Republican Del. Glenn Glass Decides Not To Introduce Hotel Tax Bill Because : “..Many In The Delegation Were Getting Mad At Me. I Was Told That All My Bills Might Be Killed.”

December 30, 2012


Aegis/Sun – Aberdeen Residents Oppose ‘Jesse’ James Hotel Room Tax Deal

March 6, 2011


Pat Faircloth:  I don’t know if  (Delegate James) she is related to Senator (William) James or Jesse James. She’s tryin to rob my pocket.  And I don’t appreciate it… I talked to Del. Impallaria on the telephone. The first words out of his mouth were “Your Mayor is wrong!”. I said, “No he’s not.” He said ,”Have a nice day” and hung up. Now thats ‘limited government’ at its best.


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