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WashPost – Stephen Miller – White Nationalist In Charge of Trump Immigration Policy

August 18, 2019


Colbert – Troller In Chief / Jim Jefferies – How NRA Went Nuts / Meyers Cruel Immigration Policy /j Kimmel – Trump Lies

August 15, 2019




Seth Myers – Trump Lashe sOut Over Immigration / Colbert – Kristjens Caging Kids Not Tough Enough / Our Country Is Full

April 9, 2019



































Colbert: Executive Failure – Klapper – Political Discourse – Maddow: Tender Age Shelters (Baby Jails) Seth Myers Immigration Lies & Family Seperation – Jim Jefferies – Jordan Peterson & Free Speech

June 21, 2018

Stephen Colbert : Commemorative Coin – Set Myers:Trump Cancels Summit, Pushes Spygate Conspiracy – Colbert: Profiles In Discourage – Jordan Klepper: Imigration Policy

May 25, 2018


Mother Jones – Why Trump Should Fear Norwegian Immigrants

February 4, 2018

Up Helly Aa Viking Festival 2018

Stephen Colbert – Colbert Gives Trumps RAISE Act A Better Acronym

August 4, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel – Trumps Immigration Plan

August 3, 2017

SethMyers/A Closer Look – Is Donald Trump Flip-Flopping (Pivoting) On Immigration?

August 31, 2016

SethMyers/LateNight -Is Donald Trump Flip-Flopping On Immagration?

August 26, 2016

MarylandReporter – Rascovar Column- Immigration Quandary For the GOP – Crazy Know Nothing Anti-Immigrant Seniment Rises In Maryland GOP From Bel Air Congressman Rep. Andy Harrris, to Balto County Del. Pat McDonough, to Sheriff Chuck In Frederick County

August 1, 2014



NYMag/JonChait – GOP Tells Their Base To Pound Sand On Immigration Reform

February 1, 2013


TheNation/David Cole – Anti-immigrant Forces Lose Big In Supreme Court

June 26, 2012

AnswerCoalition – Group Plans To Protest Racist Delegate Pat McDonough – June 23, 2012 – 730PM – WCBM Radio – Pikesville, Md

June 22, 2012

RockCenter/NBC – Immigrant Workers And Farmers Fearful In Wake of New Alabama Immigration Law

November 15, 2011


RackJite – Colbert Says Alabama Immigration Laws Kill The BLT

October 28, 2011


Mediaite – The Washington Post Turned Down Jose Vargas’s Illegal Immigrant Story

June 23, 2011

DefineAmerican    Mediaite

HuffPost – Howard Dean – Far Right “Hate-Wing” of GOP Hates Muslims, Gays And Immigrants

May 25, 2011


HuffPost – SNL Cold Open – The “Situation Room” Watches Obamas Stand-Up

May 16, 2011


GazetteNet – Maryland House Passes ‘Dream Act’ To Grant In-State Tuition To “Illegal” Immigrants, Vote was 74-60

April 9, 2011


Nativism Watch – Christine O’Donnell Wont Be ‘Dancing With The Stars’ But She Will Be ‘Dancing With The Political Clowns’ In Maryland (Rosedale Fundraiser For Anti-Immigrant Extremist Republican Pat McDonough)

March 7, 2011

OldLineElephant/ McDonoughs First Mistake for 2012   RollCall/ODonnell Funraising For House Challenger

Aegis/Sun – NativismWatch – Harford Republican Anti-Immigrant Fanatic Del. Pat McDonough Turns Harford County Delegation Into Laughing Stock With New Package of 15 Anti-Immigrant Laws (Citizen Protection And Rights Act, CPR Act)Including The Silliest Idea Ever – The Foreign Language Cost Analysis Transparencey Act (FL-CAT)

January 12, 2011

]Aegis/Sun    Aegis/Sun 

Quote: “Its the most pieces of legislation introduced in the  history of the state on one issue”- Del. Pat McDonough (Dist 7, R)

Think Progress – Sunday Show Guests Assail GOP Opposition To Dream Act

December 20, 2010


SouthernMdOnline – 7th Dist Republican Impallaria Endorsed ‘Blatantly Racist’ Wanted Poster Flier Targeting Dem Del. Vallario in 2008

December 17, 2010


Bill Maher/Real Time – New Rules – 10:15:10 – “2010 Was the First Year More Minority Babies Were Born in USA Than White Babies—This Is What Conservatives Are Really Concerned About—The President Is Black, The Secretary of State Is A Woman, Every Short Stop Is Latino—Suddenly The Country Is ‘Way Off Track’—And We Need Some Serious ‘Restoring'”

October 16, 2010

Jon Stewart – The Threat of Anchor Babies

August 15, 2010


ThinkProgress – Arizona Governor Brewer Falsely Claims Undocumented Immigrants Come to U.S. to Bring Drugs, Extort and Terrorize

June 27, 2010


Think Progress – Palin Urges Other States to Follow Arizona’s Example on Immigration

May 17, 2010


Show Us Your Papers – 51% of Americans Support the Arizona Law – Does The Majority Rule Over Minority Rights?

May 16, 2010

Think Progress – Face the Nation – Arizona Republican Senate Candidate J.D. Hayworth Dismisses Arizona Boycott

May 3, 2010

Think Progress

Bill Maher on ABCs ‘This Week’

May 3, 2010

Politico – GOP Worries Arizona Law Could Hurt Republicans

May 2, 2010


GazetteNet -Maryland Lawmakers Might Sponsor Airzona-Inspired Bill, Casa of Md Calls Bill ‘Racist’, ACLU Says Bill Violates Civil Liberties

May 1, 2010


WashPost – Robert McCartney -Boycott Arizona

April 29, 2010

Washington Post

The Aegis – Harford Delegates Vote For McDonough’s English As Official Language of Harford – Del. James Claims It’s “Reasonable for Budgetary Purpose”

March 14, 2010

The Aegis

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