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Colbert – Ignoring Hong Kong / Seth Myers – Trump Freaks Out Over Recession Fear/ Jake Tapper /TNoah – Fredo Blow Up /

August 16, 2019

Bll Maher/Overtime


Jimmy Kimmel – Jake Tapper Correspondents Dinner / Roy Woods Jr: Kanye West Ignites A Debate About Racism And Uncle Tomism

May 1, 2018

SNL – Jake Tapper And Kellyanne Conway

February 13, 2017

SNL – The Lead With Jake Tapper And Walter White, Trumps New Director of DEA

December 11, 2016

CNN – Trump Campaign Mg., Kelly Conway Offended When Jake Tapper Points Out Flagrant Racists At Trump Rallys – When Trump Rally Chants U-S-A Some Are Chanting Jew-S-A And Pointing At The Press Corps.

October 30, 2016

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