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RollingStone – James Comey Disagrees With Mueller Report Preliminary Findings

March 28, 2019

Jimmy Kimmel- Sean Hannity Is Michael Cohens Mystery Client – Jordan Klepper: At War With James Comey

April 17, 2018

Stephen Colbert – James Comey Compares Trump To Mob Boss -Hannity Forgot To Mention Something

April 17, 2018

CNN – Toobin Responds To Comey ABC Interview

April 16, 2018

Mother Jones – Trump Lashed Out At Andrew Mccabe Again On Twitter – Comey Responded

March 17, 2018

Donald Trump

SethMyers/Closer Look – James Comey Testifies, Says Trump Lies

June 9, 2017

SethMyer- Trump Asks Comey To End Flynn Probe – Give Russians Intel

May 17, 2017

WaterGate 2 – Stephen Colbert – Trump Fires Comey

May 10, 2017

Seth Myers – Closer : Comey Testifies Again And Health Care

May 4, 2017

TheAtlantic – Dont Let FBI Decide The Election! FBI Director L. Patrick Gray Tried To Cover Up Watergate By Destroying Evidence!

November 2, 2016


TheNation – A Dirty Trick That Wont Change The Outcome -Katrina vander Heuvel

November 2, 2016



ReliableSource – How Media Botched Coverage of The FBI Letter

October 31, 2016


Intercept -InuendoGate – FBI Has Not Read Huma Abedin LapTop E-Mail – FBI Drops Political Bomb On Election Over Zero Evidence – Interfering In Federal Elections Violates The Hatch Act

October 30, 2016


NewYorker -FBI’s James Comey’s E-Mail Revelation Violates Dept of Justice Policy Prohibiting Interference In Elections – Comey Has Impugn the Integrity Of a Political Candidate With No Legitimate Evidence

October 29, 2016



FBI Director James Comey/ Avenue Q – Everybodys A Little Bit Racist

February 20, 2015




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