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RepublicanAegis -Mayor Pat McGrady Appoints Two Cronies To Aberdeen Planning Commission : Mike Hiob & Jason Kolligs

March 3, 2017


Mayor McGrady has appointed two cronies to the Aberdeen Planning Commission.  Crony number one is Mike Hiob, a former councilman and a failed candidate for mayor. Mr. Hiob was thrown off the Council by voters for his efforts in support of the Wetlands Annexation political shenanigans.

The second McGrady crony appointted to the Planning Commission is Jason Kolligs. He was defeated in the  last election for city council. The Mayor tried to appoint  crony Kolligs to  the city council to fill the  tied-vote empty seat but failed. The seat was later filled by another McGrady crony.



Aberdeen City Manager Search Commission Has One Member Who Is Not A Resident Of Aberdeen: Daniel Lambros – Mr. Lambros Lives In ChurchvilleBut Has Economic Business In Aberdeen

February 26, 2016

The Mayor of Aberdeen appointed two members* to the City Manager Search Commission (CMSC). He appointed Jason Kolligs  (TeaParty Republican), an unsuccessful candidate for the City Counsel, and Daniel Lambros  (TeaParty, Republican) , an Aberdeen residential housing landlord. Mr. Kolligs is an Aberdeen resident but Mr. Lambros resides in Churchville.

Mr.  Lambros can’t vote in Aberdeen but he is going to help choose the most important  person who manages  the Aberdeen government. Seems odd? Evey registered voter is more qualified but we can’t find one more for the commission. Isn’t  there some kind of vetting process for city commission members . The Mayor seems to bend and change the rules to meet his needs rather the needs of the community. Cronyism is no way to run a city government.

The other two announced members of the commission Peter Dacey and Steve Johnson are also residents of Aberdeen.


Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Wants To Steal Your Vote! Tell Him To Nominate Stephen Smith! Tell Him To Act Fairly And Democraticly!

February 5, 2016


Three months and still no decision to fill the fourth seat on the Aberdeen City Council. This is a political scandal. New Windsor, Md  resolved their election tie in 10 days. Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady has obstructed any proper and fair democratic resolution to the tie vote problem with his own partisan agenda.

The Mayor should nominate the other tie-vote candidate, Stephen Smith, and let the City Council do its democratic duty and resolve the tie-vote. Follow the law and the will of the voters.

Mayor/Council telephone 410-271-1600


The Mayor Of Aberdeen Should Nominate Stephen Smith For Council Seat Four. He Should StopThe Partisan Political Game He Is Playing With The Tie-Vote Resolution

January 25, 2016

    The Mayor of Aberdeen should stop his partisan political games and nominate Stephen Smith for the City Council seat four. The Council is suppose to be resolving the election tie-vote between Sean DeBonis and Stephen Smith. The voters chose these two candidates. Each received 655 votes.  The Mayor already nominated DeBonis and the Council rejected him.  The only other candidate the voters qualified for the tie-vote was Stephen Smith. He should thus be nominated by the Mayor and let the Council decide.. The resolution of the tie-vote is not suppose to be an opportunity for the Mayor to grab illegitimate power.

The resolution of the tie-vote is suppose to between DeBonis and Smith. They are the two  candidates that the voters qualified for the fourth seat. The Mayor’s second suggested nominee Jason Kolligs is not qualified for the fourth seat. He came in 8th place.. Not fourth. The Mayor should stop the political game playing with Aberdeen democracy. He should follow the law and the will of the voters.

Aberdeen voters count!




LSS – TeaParty Corruption – Jason Kolligs Celebrates Being Nominated To Aberdeen City Council: “To Hell With Elections And Voters! I Came In 8th In The Election But My Buddy McGrady Has Nominated Me To Fill The Fourth Council Seat”

January 13, 2016


DodgyDag/Aegis – Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Who Refused A Democratic RunOff Election To Solve Council Tie-Vote, Now Proposes An Undemocratic Random Popularity Poll To Approve His Second Nominee, A TeaParty Crony—Who Came In 8th In November Election

January 12, 2016




RepublicanAegis – Is Aberdeen TeaParty Republican Mayor McGrady A Partisan Political Hack???

January 3, 2016


On Dec 21, the Aberdeen City Council unanimously rejected Mayor McGradys first nomination to fill the counsel seat vacancy. His choice was his Tea Party Republican crony  Sean DeBonis (644 votes) who tied for the fourth seat with incumbent Stephen Smith (644 votes).  The next fair and democratic step should have been the nomination of the Democratic incumbent Stephen Smith. Instead , according to Councilman Tim Lindecamp, Mayor McGrady has told council members that his next nominee will be another Tea Party political crony Jason Kolligs ( 511 votes) who came in 8th in the recent election.

This is political bullshit. Mayor McGrady is corrupting the political election process and the integrity of the Aberdeen City government. He is nothing less than a political partisan hack.


Jason Kolligs, Tea Party Republican, Says He Is Running For Aberdeen City Council As A Disabled Veteran So He Can Propose Legislation For Property Tax Credits For Veterans And Especially For For Disabled Veterans

November 2, 2015


I believe that our taxes can and should be lower. The property taxes paid in Aberdeen do not reflect the level of services provided for our residents” Jason Kolligs – The Aegis, 10/23/15 – Byrna Zumer, Nine  Candidates Run For Aberdeen Council

The Aegis reports that : “Kolligs also said the city needs better businesses and could work to retain veterans by offering property tax credits, especially to disabled veterans.”


TeaParty WingNut Watch – Jason Kolligs, Aberdeen Tea Party Candidate For City Council Works For Mitre Corp— A High-Tech Military Contractor That Works On “Brave New World” Concepts Like Super Soldiers Who Never Sleep And Weaponized Cyborg Insects. Mr. Kolligs Is Also A Member Of Mensa . High IQ Government Geek Working For KnowNothing Anti-Government Tea Party????

October 3, 2015



Tea Party Republican Candidate for Mayor of Aberdeen , Patrick McGrady, Is Violating Campaign Laws Concerning His Treasurers Authority Line On All Campaign Material Including Electronic Material On His Computer Website. Follow The Rules .

September 25, 2015


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Libertarian Republican Patrick McGrady Attempts To Take Over Aberdeen City Government With A Four-Man Slate of Tea Party Candidates He Calls the “Fix Aberdeen Team”

September 25, 2015



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