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Stop Gahler’s Goon Squad —We Don’t Need No “Police” State!!!! Extreme Rt. Wing. Harford Sheriff Wants To Take Over Harford Delegation In Annapolis With Extreme Rt.Wing Cops! DeRegulate Guns! Harass /Profile Blacks And Hispanic Immigrants!

December 2, 2017





The Republican primaries knocked off two of the four Gahler Police Goon Squad! Aaron Penman and Butch Tilley will not get a chance to ride rough shod over citizen civil rights!

Now the November General Election must knock off the other two Goon Squaders! Tony G and JD Russell. J.D. Russell is the worst of the leftovers. He worked under Penman’s Racist Drug Squad that only arrested nonwhites for  marijuanna drug related crime. J.D. Russell also has advocated for a Voter ID Law in Maryland whivh is the Republican far rights attempt to suppress the black and Hispanic vote. A Coter ID Law would return Maryland to the racist days of the Jim Crow Laws! Tony G is a boastful supporter of The extreme political right and the madness of Donald Trump!


Right-Wing Extremist Republican Harford Sheriff Wants Right-Wing Extremist Cops To Take Over Harfords House of Delegates : Walter “Butch Cassidy”” Tilley (Dist 34B), Aaron”Sgt” Penman (Dist 7), And Jimmy “D” Russell (District 34A), Tony “G” Giangiordano (Dist C): Priority Issues: Deregulate Guns And Harass/Racial Profile Blacks and Hispanic Citizens!

November 16, 2017


JD Russell, Republican Candidate for Md State Delegate Doesnt Like the Way Aberdeen Police Officer Is Being Treated By Aberdeen City Government On His Disability! But Russell Hasnt Done Anything But Mouth Off On Facebook!

August 26, 2017


JD Russell, real estate developer and Republican candidate for Md State Delegate doesnt like how Aberdeen police officer, Jason Easton,  has been treated for his disability due to an on the job gun shot injury.

Russell says on his Facebook post:

“No law enforcement officer should have to go through this. I hope the City of Aberdeen can get this resolved immediately for Jason.We need to make sure this never happens again.”

Why dosent Russell or the local police union hold a rally for Jason  at the next Aberdeen City Council meeting and testify for his cause? Isnt Russell  a “buddy” of the Aberdeen Mayor McGrady? Cant Russell testify  at the town meeting instead of just “facebooking” his complaint? Cant Russell ask his “buddy” the Mayor why he doesnt seem to care about Officer Eastons problem? Ask the City Council why they arent  reforming the unfair disability rules and the “no light duty” regulation?

Jason Easton got shot-gunned in the face while serving and protecting the public. But now the Mayor and City Council  are not protecting and serving Officer Easton!


Corrupt/Unethical Campaigning Tactics? : – Harford County Right-Wing Republican Sheriff Jeff Gahler Exploits His Police Department To Endorse Three Republican Candidates For Political Office! Bull Roast Fundraiser Flyer Suggests That The Only Way To Support The Police Is To Vote For His Three Candidates!

July 7, 2017

The Bull Roast fundraiser flyer clearly states that  its a “…fundraiser for  Harford County candidates who “Back The Blue”. But on the second page of the flyer it indicates all checks should be sent to Committee To Elect J.D. Russell.

So the fundraiser is to support all cops (Back the Blue)  by giving all the proceeds to a Republican Tea Party  candidate—J.D. Russell, a Havre De Grace real estate broker. I don’t get the connection!

Gahler is exploiting everyones well-wishing  support  for good policing  in order to raise money for one right-wing Republic candidate for the state legislature.

The fundraiser in fact is not “Backing the Blue”—its backing Gahlers political personal  choice   for State delegate. The fundraisers  purpose is to  to raise money for Gahlers political stooge.

Isn’t this a dishonest hoodwinking of the public ? Is this ethical and fair? Is this how “good cops” behave?






What Did Jaws Teach US? Never Elect Real Estate Developers To Public Office!

June 20, 2017






For Sale: J.D. Russell for State Delegate 34A

May 9, 2017



(The real estate sign above was not defaced in reality. It was only defaced in virtual reality. But the sign below is an illegal campaign sign disguised as a real estate sign. This is devious  Republican political chicanery.  Now you know why JD is smiling. He is a dishonest* wannabee politician)

We tried to communicate with JD Russell, Dodgy Right-Wing Republican candidate for House of Delegates in Dist 34A. We contacted his  campaign Face Book and asked if he still supported a photo voter ID law for Maryland. This position was originally on his Facebook but removed when I mention it in a blog post. I inquired if he still supported the Jim Crow law idea but  I got no response. Then I was blocked from making any more facebook posts.

So-o-o-o….We contacted his real estate agency  (Harford Property Services) and posted a similar inquiry . This time I added another inquiry. I asked if he is a member of Harford’s Campaign For Liberty or the State Tea Party.  No response!

So-o-o-o-o….wondering what to do next I pointed out on a Tom Myers Facebook post my problem  communicating with this dodgy Republican. What to do next to reach out to my political enemy! Then Tom Myers savvy wit made the  connection from JD’s  property sale sign:  “6 Lots For Sale” transformed into “J..D. Russell For Sale”! I put his idea in the meme generator and now I’ve ruined JDs slick devious  campaign attempt to illegally  put up political signs one year before the election disguised as real estate signs.  Now that I think of it  JD has a billboard on Route 40 advertising his real estate agency with his pic on it. Tomorrow I’ll  meme that sign.

See? Politics can be fun! And political humor  can be very effective in upsetting political chicanery.



JD Russell And Jim Crow: Birds of A Feather???? Dishonesty And Cover Up????

May 4, 2017


JD Russell, Reactionary Republican Real Estate Agent, running for Maryland State Delegate in Southern Harford (District 34A) claimed in his website he would support a Photo Voter ID law for Maryland if elected. When this was pointed out to him  and questioned he removed the matter from his website with no comment or apology.

When a question was sent to his political facebook it was soon removed with no response or apology!

Where does JD Russell stand on Photo Voter ID Laws? Why is he avoiding questions about his political position? Why didnt he answer the facebook inquiry? How can the public trust a candidate for political office who is not openly honest and transparent?

Republican JD Russell Stands For Jim Crow Photo ID Voting Laws! He Wants To Represent South Harford D34 In The State Legislature! He Can Run But He Cant Hide!

April 30, 2017

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