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Intercept – Watch Out Sheriff Jeff Gahler! Take Notice! North Carolina Anti-Immigrant (Program 287g) Sheriff Was Booted Out Of Office For Braggin About His Far Right Republican Deportation Policies!

May 10, 2018




Intercept -Harford County Voters Could Get Rid of Harford Republican Sheriff Gahlers Anti-Immigarnt Deportation Program By Throwing Him Out Of Office! Send A Message To The Republicans By Voting For Democrat Chris Boardman! Everybodys Rights Should Be Protected From Racist Ethnic Bias ! North Carolina Is Organized In Mecklenburg County To Send A Message of Change Aganist Racist ICE Deportation Machine!

April 28, 2018


Get Rid Of Anti-Immigrant Law 287(g) Program In Harford County! Get Rid Of Anti-Immigrant Republican Sheriff Jeff Gahler! Vote For Democrat Chris Boardman! Protect Everybody’s Rights!

April 28, 2018



Why Diane Adkins Tobin Is The “Wrong” Choice For Harford Judge! She Is Endorsed By Far-Right Republican Politicians! 1. Jeff Gahler, Gun Nut Tea Party County Sheriff – 2. J.B Jennings , Tea Party State Senator, Dist 7 – 3. Joe Cassilly, Reactionary “Silly” States Attorney

April 16, 2018

Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler Opposes Free Speech If He Disagrees With It! Burns His Raven Jerseys In Protest Of The “Treasonous” First Amedment!

April 6, 2018

Republican Gun Nuts Harford Sheriff Jeff Gahler / Aaron Penman Raffle For AR-15 Right After Mass Shooting In Florida! Was It Celebrating Guns Or Was It Celebrating Gun Violence?

March 23, 2018


Dodgy Dagger – Harford Sheriff Jeff Gahler Leads A Discussion On Gun Safety. Gahler Recently Endorsed A Bingo Raffle In Which An AR-15 Was Given Away!

March 2, 2018

WBAL -TV – Candidates Gun/Cash Raffle Draws Criticism On Social Media But Friendly Support From Harford Gun Nut Harford Sheriff Jeff Gahler

February 20, 2018


BaltoSun – Dan Rodricks: Guns In Church?

December 16, 2017


H.R. 38 Hearings – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act- A Moron From Georgia With Concealed Weapon Can Carry His Weapon In Maryland Where It Is Prohibted (Known as The Gahler “More Guns More Fun Act” in Maryland)

December 6, 2017

Stop Gahler’s Goon Squad —We Don’t Need No “Police” State!!!! Extreme Rt. Wing. Harford Sheriff Wants To Take Over Harford Delegation In Annapolis With Extreme Rt.Wing Cops! DeRegulate Guns! Harass /Profile Blacks And Hispanic Immigrants!

December 2, 2017



Right-Wing Extremist Republican Harford Sheriff Wants Right-Wing Extremist Cops To Take Over Harfords House of Delegates : Walter “Butch Cassidy”” Tilley (Dist 34B), Aaron”Sgt” Penman (Dist 7), And Jimmy “D” Russell (District 34A), Tony “G” Giangiordano (Dist C): Priority Issues: Deregulate Guns And Harass/Racial Profile Blacks and Hispanic Citizens!

November 16, 2017


WBOC – Racially-Challenged Wicomico Sheriff Is Upset With Geneflecting NFL Players Protesting Racists Police Behavior – Sheriffs Deleted Facebook Post Almost As Dumb As Harford County Sheriffs Facebook Reaction!

October 19, 2017



Stephen Colbert – Trump Calls For NFL Boycott ( And Harford County Sheriff Gahler Follow Like A Lost Puppy Dog)

September 29, 2017













WBAL/Radio – Harford’s Wacko Tea Party/ Gun Nut Sheriff Jeff Gahler Goes Nuts On Baltimore Ravens Protest Of Trump “SOB” Speech! Gahler To Boycott Ravens! Opposes Free Speech And Protest While Wearing Uniform??????? Say What?

September 26, 2017

Corrupt/Unethical Campaigning Tactics? : – Harford County Right-Wing Republican Sheriff Jeff Gahler Exploits His Police Department To Endorse Three Republican Candidates For Political Office! Bull Roast Fundraiser Flyer Suggests That The Only Way To Support The Police Is To Vote For His Three Candidates!

July 7, 2017

The Bull Roast fundraiser flyer clearly states that  its a “…fundraiser for  Harford County candidates who “Back The Blue”. But on the second page of the flyer it indicates all checks should be sent to Committee To Elect J.D. Russell.

So the fundraiser is to support all cops (Back the Blue)  by giving all the proceeds to a Republican Tea Party  candidate—J.D. Russell, a Havre De Grace real estate broker. I don’t get the connection!

Gahler is exploiting everyones well-wishing  support  for good policing  in order to raise money for one right-wing Republic candidate for the state legislature.

The fundraiser in fact is not “Backing the Blue”—its backing Gahlers political personal  choice   for State delegate. The fundraisers  purpose is to  to raise money for Gahlers political stooge.

Isn’t this a dishonest hoodwinking of the public ? Is this ethical and fair? Is this how “good cops” behave?






Corrupt/Unethical Campaign Fundraising Tactics? – Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler Exploits His Police Department To Endorse Three Republican Candidates For Political Office!!! Bull Roast Fundraiser Flyer Suggests That Only His Three Candidates Support The Police (or Back the Blue) !!!

July 4, 2017




Harford Sheriff Disagrees With Critical Aegis Editorial And Cartoon – Why Does Gahler Want A Raise After One Bad Year In Office?

February 14, 2017


Aegis Dodgy Headline And Dodgy Sheriff Provoke Hysteria Over Annual Homeless Memorial Service

December 23, 2016

Local Harford County backwater newspaper The Aegis did its best to deceive and misrepresent the annual homeless memorial service in its front page headline: VIGIL HONORS COP KILLER.   The  candle vigil merely memorializes anyone who was homeless when they died in the county in 2016. No one was “honored”. Six dead homeless were remembered.


The local Harford backwater Sheriff Jeff Gahler joined in on the hysteria with a letter denouncing the vigil for mentioning the  homeless police killers name, David B. Evans. He was homeless when he died so he deserves to be apart of the homeless vigil.

The Aegis’s  inside headline (4) was more honest  objective  journalism but I guess it doesnt sell as many papers because its not  tabloid short and sensational.


If we took better care of the homeless maybe six of  them wouldn’t be dead and maybe one  of them wouldn’t have acted  in a deranged violent manner.

Merry hysterical Christmas  David Anderson (Aegis) and  Sheriff Gahler!

RepublicanAegis – Bel Air Man Allegedly Kills Wife, Son And Then Himself In Aparrent Murder-Suicide – But Wacko County Sheriff Gahler Reminds Us : “We Need More Guns Not Less” And Alt-Right Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Points Out That “Guns Save Lives”

September 29, 2016


1.DodgyDagger – Harford County (Md) Sheriff Gahler Releases Videos To Educate Motorists On Cop Traffic Stops -2. DavidParkman – Police Shooting Black Males At Traffic Stops-3. DemocracyNow – DOJ Study Of Racist/Illegal Harrassment Of Black Baltimore Citizens At Traffic Stops

September 7, 2016

Sheriff Gahler Bucket List: Open Carry SGunbags Intimidate Kenndale, Texas Police

July 12, 2016

DodgyDagger – Harford Democratic Leader Chris Boardman (HDCC) Says Harford Sheriff Doesnt Think There Is A “Gun Problem” – Sheriff Gahler Ran For Office As A “Gun Nut” – His Slogan Was NRA Slogan “We Need More Guns, Not Less”!

July 9, 2016



Ferguson “Justice” Isn’t Just Limited To Missouri!

April 17, 2016


#joggingwhileblack – RepublicanAegis (Md)Dr. Walter Egerton Detained While Jogging During March Manhunt, Questions Why He Was Grounded & Handcuffed, Sheriff Says Deputies Just Doing There Job

April 16, 2016



Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler told  the Aegis that his Deputies “acted in accordance with the law and policy”. Its just an “unfortunate occurence” for Dr.Egerton.  There was an apparent “lack of communication”in the midst of a robbery manhunt.

There apparently wasn’t any communication at all if Dr. Egerton, 61  fit the  description of the two suspects.  Harold Carter  is 26.  Blaze Hollingsworth is 24 . The one with the rasta-bangs above. Blaze was considered armed and dangerous so that’s the one the State Police and Harford and Howard County police were  concerned about.

The Doctor was detained  for what reason? He surely wasn’t a suspect in the crime on hand.. He in no way “fit the description”.  The only thing he had in common with the suspects was “race”.  Maybe he was just “jogging while black”. But that’s not a crime.  The crime is racial profiling by the police!!!!!. Is racial profiling part of Harford County police “law and policy”??? That’s whats been causing all the problems in Chicago, Ferguson  and elswhere. Racism. Systemic racism.

And why the “hit-the-ground-handcuffing”???  That kind of procedure is for dangerous felony arrests. The doctor was completely cooperative except… he was “black”.  ‘That’s what the doctor complained about. Is this normal?  That’s all he wanted to know. Didn’t even want to file a complaint. Yeah it was wrong. The detaining was racial profiling. Racist abuse of police authority. And the face-down handcuffing was extreme abuse of police authority.  But to the good old boy Sheriff  Gahler it was just normal procedure and cover-up. Some of your cops are racially-insensative, Sheriff.  Maybe you need to wake up and smell the coffee and doughnuts. Or maybe we need a federal investigation of  Harford County police procedure and policy if you think  its all “in accordance with law and policy”. As Dr. Egerton put it so well, “Harford County doesnt need to be like other parts of the country.”

Felon Style Handcuffing:

Alabama Man Shuts Down Two Cops Who Stopped Him For “Jogging While Black”


Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler Believes The Way To Protect Citizens From Gun Violence Is “More Guns, Not Less”

March 13, 2016

GahlerWatch/DodgyDagger – Is Harford County Sherriff Lobbying For An Appointment To Head The State Police?

January 2, 2016



BlueDawn666/DrugCheckpoints – Dodgy Police Departments Sometimes Use Deceptive Methods To Work Around And Exploit Fourth Amendment Restrictions

December 3, 2015

“Drug Checkpoints (its a trap).

The Supreme Court has ruled that random checkpoints for the purpose of finding drugs are unconstitutional. However SOME POLICE DEPARTMENTS have devised a DECEPTIVE METHOD to work around and exploit this restriction. Here’s how it works.

Police departments sometimes put up signs warning drivers of upcoming drug checkpoints. (This alone is not illegal)

But they will not pull over people who go through a checkpoint–because there  TECHNICALLY IS NO CHECKPOINT. Instead officers  will watch for vehicles approaching the NON-EXISTENT CHECKPOINT and pull over the  vehicles who make illegal u-turns or discard  contraband in order to avoid fictitious  “Drug Checkpoints Ahead”.

So ,if you see signs , keep driving and don’t panic. If there is a rest area following the sign, do not pull into it.If you do, you might be surrounded by drug-sniffing dogs.”




MotherJones – Harford Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler Watch – More Police Killed In States With Higher Level Of Gun Ownership

August 19, 2015


CSMonitor -Untrained Gun Users Are Ineffective At Self Defense…But Harford County ‘Tea Party’ Sheriff Opposes Live Fire Training Requirement

July 29, 2015



DodgyDagger – Harford County Sheriff Jeff “More Guns, Not Less” Gahler To Explain to Harford Tea Party (H4CL) Why He Doesnt Like Helicopters, Immigrants, Gun Safety, And School Bus Safety

July 28, 2015



GahlerWatch – Harford County Tea Party Republican Sheriff Continues To Lose Focus – Jeff “More Guns, Not Less” Gahler Delays Safety Cameras On School Buses Because Law Passed When Democrat Banes Was Sheriff, But Forgets It Was Passed By Republican County Council, And Supported By THe School Board, PTA, And Bus Contractors

July 28, 2015








GahlerWatch/DodgyDagger- Harford Republican Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler Looses His Focus Again, Joins Frederick Sheriff Chuck Jenkins In Anti-Immigrant Politics

June 19, 2015



Mediaite – Hollywood Conservative Vince Vaughn Says “Of Course Guns Should Be Allowed In School”. Reliaable Sources Say Vaughn Is Scheduled To Play the Role Of Jeff Gahler In The Keystone Cop Comedy “More Guns, Not Less””

June 1, 2015


Guess Where Harford County Sheriff Jeff “MoreGuns” Gahler Got His Gun Insanity Ideas ? From Crazy Republican TeaParty Gov. Brownback of Kansas! Brownback Thinks Its Better To Err On The Side of Freedom Than (Gun) Safety! Next The Tea Party Repubs Like Gahler and Brownback Will Be Saying That Seat Belts Are A Constitutional Infringement On Our Freedom To Go Through The Windshield!

April 24, 2015

GahlerWatch/Aegis Editorial – Has Harford County Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler Lost Focus On His Primary Responsiblity—Enforcing Laws … Not Making Them????

February 25, 2015



February 20th Republican Aegis Editorial

The Republican Aegis suggests that the new Harford County  Sheriff Jeff Gahler may “need a bit of a reminder about the role of his new office. The sheriffs primary responsibility in Harford County is enforcing the laws. not making them.” 

 Gahlers primary focus so far has been to advocate changing the law to omit safety firing training for gun permits,  changing the law to provide for a warrant-intercept program and changing the law that doesnt allow the Sheriff to moonlight.

The Republican Aegis  comments:  “…the sheriff needs to be focused on law enforcement, not legislative lobbying in Annapolis….the sheriff needs to be seen having his attention focused on the crime problems that afflict Harford County…The sheriff needs to focus” on crime and safe roads “and be seen through his actions as making them high priorities”

GahlerWatch – Kooky Tea Party Harford Couny Sheriff Jeff “MoreGuns” Gahler Now Wants To Strip Mandated Gun Safety Training From Maryland Firearms Safety Act of 2013 — Firearms And Autos Should Require Safety Training —They Are Both Deadly Weapons

February 20, 2015


GahlerWatch/MarylandReporter – Warrant Intercept Program Is Racially Challenged – Legislation Introduced In Annapolis By Harford County Repub Politicians And Tea Party Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler

February 12, 2015



Dodgy Dagger/Gahler Watch – New Harford County Tea Party Republican Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler And Harford Repub Legislators Proposes Police State Confiscation Of Tax Refunds of Citizens With Active Arrest Warrants, Demoract Christopher Boardman Suggests You Cant Punish People Before They Go On Trial….Something About Liberty And Innocent Til Proven Guilty (Arent There Any Libetrarians In Harford? Err.. CIVIL Libertarians?)

January 24, 2015




Official Harford County Police Song For the Next Four Years Under Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler

December 8, 2014

The NRA Gun Song.

Guns are neat, Guns are sweet
Guns are things, what makes you cool
Guns are fine, Guns are mine
Guns are things,that Jesus brings!
Guns for loonies, Guns for cons
Guns for Moonies, Guns for moms!

Guns are fun for everyone
Buy them up by the ton
Guns for me,Guns for ypu
Guns for nuts and childrens too!
Guns at home,Guns at work
Guns at play, Guns beserk!

Tons and tons of great big guns
Are tons and tons of great big fun!
I’ve got guns up my nose
Between my ears and by my toes!
I’m no fool,I’m so cool
I take guns to my school!
I take guns to my car
To the store and to the bar!
I got guns in a drawer
In my pockets and on the floor!
I got guns on the wall
Behind the toilet and in the hall!
I got guns in my bed
One is growing from my head!
Get a gun and get it fast
Gun-Gun Shoot-Shoot is a blast

DSU Debate – Jess Bane : Gahler Challenged Me In The Dagger

October 11, 2014

DSU Debate – Jesse Bane “Lets Go Run It By Barry Glassman! Is He Going To Do It?…I Deserve Respect…Lets Talk About The Issues”

October 11, 2014

Honesty And Integrity ? – Harford County Deputy Sheriffs Union Remove Public Access to Youtube Sheriffs Debate After Republucan Candidate Jeff Gahler Accuse Bane of A “False Attack” – Where Is The Honesty Here? Let The Public See The Debate. The Video Was Publicly Available On the HCDSU Website Before The Gahler Accusation

October 8, 2014





Harford County Sheriffs Debate – Jesse Bane Says “Lets Go Run It By Barry Glassman” And The Next County Administrator Boniface , August 29, 2014 – No Wonder Boniface Voted For That CountyExec Pay Raise (Video Censored By HarfCountyDeputySheriff Union)

October 6, 2014







Harford County Deputies Union remove public access to Harford County Sheriff Debate. What have they got to hide? Why isnt it public? Whats the matter with paece,love and transparencey?

Friends of White-Nationalist-Friendly Route 40 Republican Club: Gahler (Republican Candidate for Sheriff) , Michael Blizzard (Repub Candidate For House of Delegates) Patrick McGrady (Republican Tea Party RebelRouser) & Brian Goodman (Republican DodgyDagger)

January 9, 2014


Did Wacko Harford Republican Candidate For Sheriff Jeff Gahler Plagerize Boston Legals Wacko Lawyer Denny Crane?

July 10, 2013


In May of 2013 at the Bel Air Gun Rally Republican candidate for Sheriff,  Jeff Gahler said: “As Godawful as Sandy Hook was, the answer is actually more guns , not less.” In 2006 on Boston Legal, fictional lawyer Denny Crane played by actor William Shatner said:  “We all should be armed. Every citizen should have one strapped to his waist. The answer isn’t less guns. It’s more.” Did Gaher plagerize Denny Crane? Shouldnt he give credit for this idea to Denny Crane?  Come on. Honesty is the best policy. Give credit where credit is due.

Wacky-Wacko Conspiracy? – Did Republican County Councilman Wacky Joe “I’m Packin” Woods Really Think of His “Nullification” Resolution While Coming Back From Annapolis Upset And Angry About The New Gun Laws? Or Was It The Challege From the Kooky Cecil Tea Party Republican Del.Mikey Smiegel? Or Was It When He Was Talkin To Wacko Republican Candidate for Sheriff Jeff “We Need More Guns” Gahler? *

May 23, 2013



*Wacko Repub Candidate for Sheriff Jeffery Gahler has promised if elected Sheriff of Nottingham…I mean Harford County, he will arbitrally enforce Federal gun laws. Get it , Wacko Gabler talks Federal “nullification”” and Wacky Woodsy talks State “nullification”. Simpatico Angry Ex-Cops…with guns! Oh, no! This sounds like a bad (But funny! See Pat Haggerty smiling?) Elmore Leonard novel!!!

TheAegis/ETC – Harford Republican Candidate For Sheriff Says The Answer To Sandyhook Is “More Guns, Not Less”

May 16, 2013


Tea Party Rewrites Aegis Crowd Estimate At Bel Air Gun Rally …Reporters Original Estimate of Maybe 60 Turns Into Definite 95 Based On What “Organizers Believe”…. Harford Republican Candidate For Sheriff Promises To Arbitrarily Enforce Federal Gun Laws…County Councilman Joe “I’m Packin” Woods To Raffle Off AR-15

May 2, 2013



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