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WBAL -TV / WYPR – Jesse Colvin Tries To Win Republican Voters By Apologizing For Being A Democrat! Does Jesse Shoot Himself In The Foot In Political Desperation?

October 22, 2018

{persons} for {Event}
North East, Maryland – April 22, 2018
CREDIT: Matt Roth

{persons} for {Event}
North East, Maryland – April 22, 2018
CREDIT: Matt Roth

WashPost – Will Jesse Colvin Stay In First District If He Loses? The Players In The First!

October 17, 2018

Steney Hoyer




Help Jesse Colvin And Steney Hoyer Impeach President Donald Trump And Abolish ICE!!!! Fundraiser For Colvin In Bowie, Maryland (1st District?) September 8th, 2018 – 4:30OM to 6:30 PM)

September 5, 2018

Steney Hoyer

Douche Bagger Or Carpetbagger? Your Choice For the U.S. Congress In Marylands First District! Republican Andy Harris Or Democrat Jesse Colvin?

July 12, 2018

Dan Rodricks/Roughly Speaking -” The Blue Wave Does Not Appear To Be Rolling Toward The Eastern Shore!” (Andy Harris 48,000 Republican Votes – Jesse Colivin 14,000 Votes Out Of 36,697 Democratic Votes) Has the DCCC Lost the First District Because They Interfered In The Primary And Banked Their Money/Resources On An Inorganic Outsider?

July 9, 2018




Mike ‘The Fixer’ Miller And MD-DCC Created the MD-1 Republican District By Stacking The Deck! Nancy “The Boss”Pelosi & Steney “the Bastard”Hoyer D-CCC Rigged the Democratic Primary By Fundraising And Cheery-Picking A Neo-Conservative Pikesville Carpetbagger To Trick Voters Out of Participatory Democracy!

July 6, 2018








Nominated Democratic Candidate For Congress MD1, Jesse Colvin Makes His Former Political Opponent Allison Galbraith His Advisor on “Womens Issues”!

June 30, 2018


When did Healthcare, reducing  government waste, reducing government corruption become “womens issues”?

Does this mean Jesse Colvin will just handle the “mens issues”  like guns, drones, CIA and War?


2018 Harford County Election Returns:

June 27, 2018

A.Helton political machine, Steney Hoyer DCCC, Mike Miller MdDCC :Release election day fake voter ballot encouraged voting against Allison Galbraith, Gordon Koerner, Sarahia Benn and Barbara Kreamer!

Harford Democratic Helton political machine helps nominee Jesse Colvin for Congresss–a Pikesville carptbagger, a FDD Republican think tamk associate,

Colvin hired Marina Hardy as his campaign manager. Hardy is a Republican who was Larry Hogans campaign financial director.

Jake Burdette calls Jesse Colvin a  DINO, a Democrat in Name Only!










Progressive Democrats Split Their Political Power Galbraith/Puller(41%) To Be Defeateted By Neo-Conservative Carpetbagger DINO Colvin (38%)

June 27, 2018

Democratic progressives in the Maryland  First Congressional  District defeated the Neo-Conservative Carpetbagger  by 41% to 38%. Unfortunately the progressive vote was   won by two differant candidates

Democratic carpetbagger Jesse “James” Colvin stole the primary election for Congress  in the First District with 38% of the vote .

Progressive rising political star  Allison Galbraith could only garner 28% of the vote coming in a distant second.

Her fellow progressive Michael Puller received only 13% of the vote.

Progressive and moderate voters were torn between the two progressive candidates and  split their political power because of petty political prejudice  and downright fear of voting for a strong charismatic female candidate.

The best progressive candidate all along was hiding in plain sight.

Allison Galbraith was the first to enter the race. She inspired  and delighted upper Bay Democrats with her feisty funny  angry protest of the incompetent and bumbling  incumbent Andy Harris.

. But her charisma  and chutzpa  and her intelligence and common sense not to mention her good looks  could not overcome that old tired attitude buried in our DNA that says leaders must be men with guns or knives or drones.

Remember every time you doubt that carpetbagger Jesse Colvin is a leader remember what he said  a million times in the campaign:  ” I did four tours of duty in Afghanistan”. Lincoln may have said “Four score…”. But  Colvin says “Four tours….”

It was an effective political slogan. It won the race.  It should be on  his bumper sticker! It will be the title of  his autobiography this Fall! It may  be a Netflicks   series a year from now!





Van Morrison – “No Carpetbaggers Can Come In And Take It, That Just Doesn’t Exist Anymore!”

June 26, 2018



Is Jesse Colvin Hoodwinking The Voters???Why Jesse Colvin Never Tells You Where He Was Born (Pikesville, Md) And Where He Went To High School (Pikesville, Md) And Where He Held Residence Until Late 2017 (Pikesville, Md)!!!

June 24, 2018

Because he is a  Carpetbagger politician who just moved to the First District in Maryland to run for political office! He is an outsider opportunist politician with outside political money ($450,000+)! and outsider  political connections (Steney Hoyer, DCCC, FDD, CIA/DOD) trying to buy his way into Congress in the First Distict.


Wanted : Jesse “James” Colvin , Baltimore Outsider Carpetbagger For Trying To Steal An Election With Outsider Campaign Funds From Special Interests*

June 16, 2018





Last Candidates Forum Before Primary For Democratic Congessional Race : See The Knock Down/Drag Out Battle Between Progressives Allison Galbraith And Mike Puller ! – See If Baltimore Outsider Carpetbagger Jesse “James” Colvin Can Steal An Election With Outsider Campaign Funds From Special Interests!!

June 15, 2018


Election 2018 – 1st District Maryland – LWV Candidates Forum – Allison Galbraith vs Michael Puller – Highlights ( Where Is Harford Countys Moribund LWV?)

June 13, 2018

Jesse Colvin And The Forever Drone War In Afganistan. Colvin Wishes We Could End Afghan War But We Cant! He Says It Could Go on For Generations! And Anyone Who Tells You Different Is Either Lying, Pandering Or Naive! Trust Jesse Or Your A Liar?

June 5, 2018

Jesse Colvinm Neo-Conservative Democrat Running For Congress In Marylands First District Is Blocking Citizens Opinion From His Facebook That He Doesnt Agree With

June 5, 2018

Its Time For Jesse Colvin To Talk About What He Did In Afghanistan As A Drone Intel Officer! Did He Ever Question Himself Or Superiors About Why They We Assasinating And Snatching The Wrong Afghans!

June 5, 2018

Is Jesses Colvin Ready For His Close Up? He Says In His New 4-Page Glossy Mailer That He is Ready to Lead As The Congressman From The First District! But A Congressmans Job Is Not Really To Lead A Drone Strike Or Commando Raid On Washington! A Congressmans Job Is Mainly To Represent, Listen And Advovcate For Democratic Citizens! Its Obvious, Jesse, Has No Idea What A Congressman Really Does!

June 4, 2018




Who Is Jesse Colvin? Carpet Bagger?

June 4, 2018


TheObserver* – Jesse Colvin , Neo-Conservative Democrat Running For Congress In Marylands First District, Refuses To Use Google After Social Media Corporation Droped Its DOD Drone Contract

June 2, 2018



Jessie Colvin, a neo-conservative Democrat and ex-military drone intel officer, was angered and upset when he read The Intercept  story that Google planned to stop its  Project Maven drone contract next year with the DOD .

Colvin was so upset that he promised to stop using Google in protest of their decision. He firmly stated  that he was considering using Yahoo in the future.


Mr. Colvin also stated that the Google matter although disconcerting would in no way effect his campaign for Congress in Marylands  first district.

Colvin said he would still fight his uphill battle to convince Democratic voters to support his carpet bagging campaign to put a Baltimore born and raised citizen into  Congress representing the citizens of the Upper Bay and Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Colvin pointed out that he has raised half a  million dollars from NY, DC and Baltimore to convince the voters that he is the best outsider candidate in the Democratic primary.

He also wants to remind voters that he is the only candidate running in the primary that did four tours of duty in Afghanistan even though he had no idea why we are in Afghanistan.

Colvin  explained in his boring nasal-drone voice that he always had the First Congressional district in his heart and mind ever since he went to Ocean City in 1998 for Summer vacation.


*The Observer was the name of Russell Bakers political humor column in the NYTimes in the 1960’s

Salisbury University Political Interview Sabotaged With Boring Neo-Conservative Robot Jesse Colvin Turning Into A Cool Beatnik At 21 Minutes Into Interview

June 1, 2018



Is Steny Hoyer and His DCCC Rigging the Primary Election In Marylands First District By Supporting Baltimore Carpetbagger Neo-Conservative Jesse Colvin With Campaign Funding And Resources?

May 28, 2018


Is the DCCC “fixing” the Democratic primary for the conservative corporate Democrat over the progressive Democrat?

Why do the Establishment Democratic leaders not believe in a fair and open democratic process?



Analysis Of the U.S. Drone War In Afghanistan

May 23, 2018

Jesse Colvin , Candidate for Congress, Falls Asleep At Elkton, Md. Political Forum (5/5/18)

May 6, 2018


“Shabby” Schablein Claims Cecil CountyPC Stole LSPCs Idea of A “Caucus” And HarfordPC Stole The Idea Of A Caucus From CecilCPC!

May 5, 2018



Shabby, you and your organization are “Freakin” nuts! You ego maniac! You don’t own the “concept” of a caucus!

I think the voters will see through LSPCs ego-trip endorsement and CCPC’s Neo-conservative endorsement!

Its too bad Sanders supporters were duped in Cecil County  by a CIA funded and trained “pretty boy propagandist”!

Only Allison Galbraith can defeat Andy Harris!

Jesse Colvin is a carpetbagging CIA robot!

And  Michael Pullen is  a flawed  progressive who walked away from his opportunity to stop sexual abuse in his own law office but instead did nothing! (The Spanking Lawyer” Washington Post)

Only Allison Galbraith can defeat  Andy Harris! The Democrat , Independent and compassionate Republican voters can clearly see the right thing to do!





FDD (Foudation for Defending Democracies)Is A Big Fat Far-Right Jewish Republican Think Tank That Advocates War With Iran And North Korea – And Congressional Candidate ( MD1) Jesse Covin Is A Member of the FDD! Colvin Is Also A CIA Democrat. One of 42 Ex-CIA/DOD/Intel Individuals That Are Running For Congress In The Democratic Party!

May 4, 2018

TheSun – In Interview With Dan Rodrick MD1 Congressional Candidate Jesse Colvin Says There Is No Way Out Of Our Mistake In Afghansitan! If You Dont Agree With Him You Are Just Pandering, Lying Or Naive!

April 28, 2018

Roughly Speaking – Jesse Colvin , The CIA Democrat, Running For Congress in MDs First District Shows His True Colors In Rodrick Interview! He Is Opposed To But Supports Our Forever War In Afghanistan! A Wishy Washy Neo-Conservative With CIA Connections Wants To Have It Both Ways But Doesnt Want To Cut Off His Campaign Funds From FDD Far Right Republicans and CIA/DOD Right Wing Connections!

April 26, 2018


National Walkout Day – 4/20 – Anniversary of the Columbine Shooting Massacre – Ban AR-15s ! Register To Vote! ( Ban Jesse Colvins From Congress (Who Says Its Too Soon To Talk About Banning AR-15s!)

April 20, 2018

(At 28minueson  Dan Rodricks Podcast Jesse Colvin says he doesnt want to talk about AR-15s!!!WTF!)









Dan Rodricks/ RoughlySpeaking – 2018/04/18- Jesse Colvin Stumbles On Gun Control !

April 18, 2018

(The whole podcast is interesting but listen to the Jesse Colvin  Two Step Shuffle at 28 minutes on the podcast.)

Jesse Colvin has stumbled on the Gun Control issue. He is talking like the New NRA. On the podcast at about 28 minutes   he claims he is for any bill that will make our “kids”

safer….But then he shuffles and jive talks about it being the wrong time to talk about a Federal ban on the AR-15 semi-automatic  assault rifles.

How many more must die or be maimed before we can ban civilians from buying military assault rifles? Most military and ex-military recognize the AR-15 as  a dangerous military weapon in the hands of civilians.

. Not Jesse! Three  tours of duty as a Afghan Drone Intel Officer  and he knows what a “Good Kill” is but he doesnt know that an AR-15 is a “Bad Gun” in a civilized society.

Jesse Colvin is neither a moderate or a progressive on gun safety  Colvin is unfortunately a CIA/FDD Neo-Conservative political joke!





Common Dreams – Bombs Wont Save Children Lives In Middle East – Stop Trump And CIA/FDD Democrats

April 16, 2018







TheNation – The CIA Is A State Within A STate or As Trump Right Calls It: The Deep State. – Are We Witnessing A CIA Coup Operation To Take Over A Democratic Congress?

April 7, 2018


Unmanned: American Drone Wars -This Is What CIA Democrat Jesse Colvin Was In Charge Of For Four Tours Of Duty In Aghanistan As Military Intelligence Officer!!!! – This Is The Political Experience He Thinks Qualifies Him To Be The Congressman From Marylands First District?????

April 7, 2018




CIA Is Running Against Democratic Progressives In First District -Jesse Colvin Is Their Candidate, – Dont Vote For The Forever War ! Vote Allison Galbraith! Colvin Is Connected To Far-Right War Monger Republican Think Tank – The FDD!

April 7, 2018


Jesse Colvin : CIA Democrat

April 6, 2018


Jesse Colvin : CIA Democrat

April 6, 2018



Forty-Five “CIA Democrats” Are Running For Congress In 2018 Against Progressive Democrats And Jesse Colvin Is One Of Them In Harfords First Congressional District! That Explains His Membership In The FDD– A Far Right Republican Think Tank!

April 6, 2018






Jesse Colvin Neo-Conservative Candidate For Congress in Marylands First District Says: “Bipartisanship Happens In the Gym, The Bar, And The Backroom!” (Among The Sweaty, The Drunk And the Corrupt)

April 2, 2018


Intercept – Can Jesse Colvin’s Political Experience As A Drone Ranger Intelligence Officer In Afghanistan Help Him Deal With Political Problems And Issues In Congress If We Mistakenly Nominate/Elect Him?

April 1, 2018




Is Jesse Colvin A Fake Democrat? And Why Is He A Member Of the FDD – A Far Right Republican Think Tank That Wants War With Iran?

March 28, 2018


The Arena PODCAST – Why Does Jesse Colvin Not Want to Talk About His Connection With the FDD (Foundaion To Defend Democracies) A Far Right Republican Think Tank That Wants the U.S. To Start A War With Iran????

March 27, 2018


Intercept – How The NY Times (And Jesse Colvin/FDD) Is Making War With Iran More Likely

March 23, 2018

Democrat Jesse Colvins , Candidate For Congreess In Marylands First District Brags About His “Grass Roots” Campaign Funds . Here Are His Sources:

March 16, 2018

The Democratic Conservative Front Runners In Marylands First Congressional District: What Is The Difference Between A Conservative Democrat (Blue Dog) And A Republican- Democrat (Neo-Con)??? Sillycon Valley Vs The Drone Ranger

February 20, 2018


Will the two conservative candidates in the Maryland First Congressional District cancel each other out spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of out of district campaign funds?

The Last Man In , Erik Lane, has money to burn and contacts with the political lumberjacks in Sillicon Valley.

And the Man From the FDD, Jesse Colvin, who has endless sources of funding from Jewish Republican Neo-Cons trying to buy a congressman to  advocate for a Far Right foreign policy of   Forever War.

Two out of touch men with lots of financial resources to purchase a congressional seat  but with no passion or vision  for Democratic progressive government to work to  solve domestic problems and work for international peace.

The race  is  still between the two progressives :  Mike  Pullen and Allison Galbraith -Age and failed experience versus youth and untested new ideas.

Money doesn’t always change everything . Sometimes money like pacification drones just destroys everything.






Huffington Post – FDD Wants To Nuke Iran

February 19, 2018–fdd-want-to-nuke_b_4159584.html


Is Jesse Colvin, A Four-Flusher Democratic Candidate 4 Congress In the First District?

February 13, 2018




Jesse Colvins is a Democratic candidate for Congress  who is also a National Security Fellow at the Far-Right Republican /Jewish Think Tank —the Foundation To Defend Democracies.

When asked about the matter on his website, his Facebook and on his You Tube there is no response. That is what Republicans usually do. They ignore questions about there  inconsistencies and embarrassing positions

. Mr. Colvin is an embarassing candidate for Congress with a whopper of a conflict of interest in his party affiliation

Mr. Colvin brags at every public meeting about being  a  4 generation  Marylander and about having  4 combat  tours of duty in Affaganistan. But when it comes to asking him if  he is a 4 flusher Democrat he remains   silent!

I attempted to ask him personally when he spoke in Bel Air last Saturday at the Ames Methodist Church, but the moderators of  the political forum would not allow any questions from the public   for Mr. Colvin. They declared time was up at 1PM and said they were  sorry . The time was eaten up by a late visit by Sen Ben Cardin who went on and on answering questions until time ran out.

So I ask one more time: Mr. Colvin, how do you reconcile being a registered Democrat  running for Congress and also being a National Security Fellow at the FDD —the Foundation to Defend Democracies which is a Far-Right Jewish Republican think tank? Are you a Democrat or a Republican?



Jesse “James” Colvin Dodges A Metaphoric “Bullet” At Candidates Forum Because There Was No Time For Audience Questions!

February 11, 2018

Jesses Colvin  dodged a bullet at The Bel Air Democratic Candidates Forum for First District  Congressional candidates.

.  Time expired at 1PM and there was no time for questions for Mr. Colvin.  Sen Benn Cardin finished  his remarks just before 1PM.

A disappointed crowd were told that there will be other forums in the months to come for audience questions.

Sorry I cant wait.

Jesse Colvin , I have one question for you.

  1. You are listed as a National Security Fellow at the Far Right  Jewish  Republican think tank  the Foundation To Defend Democracies.  Why is a Democratic candidate running for Congress also  a member of a Far Right Republican organization??? Are you a Democrat or  Republican

Jesse Colvin , Candidate For First Congressional District In Maryland Hides The Metro Source Of His Campaign Contributions! Why The Deception? Why Wont He Talk About His Political Connections To The Far Right Republican Think Tank –The FDD????

February 9, 2018




What is Jesse Colvin hiding??? He hides  the metro source of most of his  “Grass roots” support! And he refuses to talk about his connection to the  Far Right Republican FDD!!!

Jesse Colvin raised $219K during the last quarter of  2017 but only declares the metro source for  $17K. What is Jesse Colvin hiding? His metro source data shows he got most of his cherry picked $17K funds from Baltimore region. But where did the rest of the $219 K total come from.


What is Jesse Colvin hiding? Why is he being deceptive with the Metro Source of his fundraising?

Jesse Colvin claims also that he is a Democratic candidate for Congress BUT he works for the FDD ( Foundation To Defend Democracies) which is a Far Right Jewish Republican think tank that advocats the war mongering agenda of the Far Right Israel Likud Party.

Is Jesse Colvin a conservative Democrat or is he a far right Republican?  He is a Fellow employee of the FDD. Whats up with that deception?

Jesse Colvin hides the Metro source of most of his campaign funds, What is up with that deception? Why wont he  discuss his connection to the Far Right Jewish Republican  think tank?



Open Secrets – Maryland Dist 1 2018 Campaign Funds – Source,Metro,Sector

February 8, 2018







Intercept – Hacked E-Mails Show Top UAE Diplomat Coordinating With FDD – Jesse Colvins Far Right Republican Pro Israel Think Tank Against Iran

February 7, 2018




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