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Is Jesse Colvin A Fake Democrat? How does Mr. Colvin Reconcile Being A Conscientous Maryland Democratic Candidate For Congress And Also Being A Defense Security Fellow at A Right-Wing Jewish Republican Think Tank (FDD)?

February 5, 2018








Jesse Colvin—pick one party to belong to. You cant be  a Democrat and a Right Wing Jewish Republican at the same time.. You can have a “bipartisan marriage” as you like to joke about but you cant have a “bi-partisan” party affiliation .

And about that $217,000  your campaign raised in the fourth quarter. Is it really due to a great “grass roots” operation? Or did  a  lot of that money  come from right-wing Jewish Republicans at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD)? Please  be transparent about the origins of your campaign  contributions so we can tell if you really are  a Democrat or if  you  really are  a  right-wing Jewish Republican? Will the real Jesse Colvin please stand up! Tell the Truth!







Slate – The Foundation For the Defense of Democracies : Inside The Small Pro-Israel Think Tank -( Is Jesse Colvin A Republican Trojan Horse In Marylands First District Congressional Race)

February 5, 2018



Who is the FDD? The Foundation For Defense of Democacies – It Is A Right Wing Republican Operation That Gives Hawkish Support For Defense Policy. The So called “Democrat” Jesse Colvin Is Currently A National Security Fellow At The FDD (2017-2018).

February 5, 2018


Jesse Colvin  Democrat running for Congress in Maryland First District claims to be a “Democrat”. But he is currently a  National Security Fellow at the Foundation of Defense of Democracies,. The FDD is  a rightwing  Republican Jewish organization  that is dedicated intellectually to defend the democracy of Israel and was a primary opponent of any American nuclear deal with Iran. The FDD opposed Presidents Barack Obam’as  deal with Iran.

“FDDs president ,Clifford May, is a former New  York Times writer, who became directer of communications for the Republican National Committee (RNC) May is also a former editor of the Republican part’ys magazine (Rising Tide), a former vise chair of the Republican Jewish Coalition,” Institute for Policy Studies

Jesse Colvin  can claim he is a Democrat but he is is currently working at the FDD which is  a right-wing Jewish Republican organization that lobbies for the Right-Wing Likud Party in Israel.

His political claim to be a Democrat while studying/working for FDD makes him a political fraud. His astonishing so called “grass roots” fund raising for his Congressional campaign ($217,00, fourth quarter) is also  a  political fraud. It is obvious he is being funded by Right-Wing Republicans who have become dismayed at the incumbent  Maryland Congressman Andy Harris,

You can continue your political fraud but as more comes out about the right-wing Republicans funding of your campaign you will have to  come to grips with your dishonest effort to run as a Democrat with rightwing Republican  funding.


These are some of the individuals who donate  money to theFDD:










Follow the Money – Campaign Fund Raiseing For Fourth Quarter 2017: J.Colvin $219K (Moderate-Conservative), M. Pullen $140K (Progressive), S. Worton (Real Estate) $100K (Conservative), A. Galbraith $55.9K (Progressive +) —A.Harris $608K (Tea Party)

February 4, 2018

Jesse Colvin claimed he raised more in fourth quarter than Rep. Harris. Not so. Harris raised $608K , not $157K as claimed by Colvin. Colvim read the early returns and jumped to conclusions.




Jesse Colvin Raised $217 K In Last Three Months From”Grass Roots” Organizing? Or Did It Come From Corporate Or Trojan Horse Republican Special Interests ?

February 4, 2018




Jesse Colvin At Kent County Meet And Greet : 1.”I Say, Wait A Second I’m An Army Ranger And My Wife Is A Republican! I Can Do This Job!” “

February 4, 2018

2.”I’m interested in broadband and high speed internet access in rural areas””

3.” The past year I spent time looking at the future of education, the future of farming, the future of cybersecurity”

4. “I’m gonna have an agriculture committee with representatives from Big Ag, Little Ag, upper shore, middle shore, lower shore,traditional agriculture and avante guard agriculture”

5. “My wife is a lawyer  She worked for a tea party Congressman in Florida so I know how to talk to the Freedom Caucus”.

Is Jesse Colvin  A Republican  Trojan Horse or Is He Being Funded By Big Pocket Special Interest Corporations? Where did all the “grass roots” money come from? $217,000  raised in the last quarter  of  2017?  Colvin can buy the Democratic primary with that kind of money. Where did all the “grass roots” money come from? “Grass Roots” means individual donations from within the district. This looks like artificial turf !





Is Jesse Colvin A Republican Trojan Horse? Colvin Claims He Has An Incredible “Grass Roots” Campaign Yet He Brags About Raiseing $217,000 In the Last Quarter of 2017! Thats Not “Grass Roots” Money In the First District! Thats Out of District “Big Pockets” Money! Is It A Corporate Buyout* Or A Republican “Trojan Horse”?

February 4, 2018



Jesse Colvin is running for Congress. But who is fueling his “run”?

Jesse claims he has an incredible “grass roots” campaign, yet out of nowhere he says he  has raised $217,000  in the last quarter of 2017? That’s not “grass roots”  money in the First District! That’s either Out-of-District  Big Pockets “Corporate Money” or Big  Pockets “Republican” Money?

Jesse Colvin jokingly says he has a “Bi-Partisan Marriage” because he confesses to being married to a Republican!  Is Jesse a real Democrat or is he politically married  to the Republican Party.

Is Jesse  Colvin really a “trojan horse” for the Republican party that knows Congressman  Andy Harris is  a political “Dead Duck”? Andy Harris cant go out in the daylight to buy a newspaper and not get booed or catcalled,. He is afraid of his constituents whether they are  Republican, Democrat and Independent. Even the  Republican Aegis in Bel Air has given him some defensive cover in Harford County  by never mentioning his strongest Democratic challengers name:  Allison Galbraith.

Where did all the cash come from? Who is buying Jesse Colvin? And is he a “dummy candidate” for the Republicans who fear losing the House of Representatives in the coming “Blue Wave” election? Reliable sources say he is a Republican “Trojan Horse”!

(* Jesse Colvin wants to build a big  electronic wall on the Mexican border which would reward a dozen military defense contractors.)



And look at this slick psychological  campaign ad right out of  Madison Avenue.  It s all softcore psychological manipulation of a woman who lost her brother in the  Afghanistan war and  who worked as a analyst for Jesse Colvin in the Defense Department. She is a friend and she says she has seen Jesse be a leader. And the ad says it all comes down to :” Who is the best leader?” The grieving sister and  friend/employee says Jesse is the one. How could anyone question that  EMOTIONALLY!

This isn’t a conversation about the issues and problems facing the First District. Its an emotional exploitation of a war grieving sibling to sell a politician. Its pure military pacification slickly packaged by  Madison Avenue.

Its dirty rotten bullshit politics meant to steal your heart and and maybe win your vote, In Vietnam it was called: “Grab them by the  balls and there hearts and minds will follow”..”)





NewHarfDemClub Meeting – January 3, 2018 – 7PM – Speakers : Jesse Colvin 1stDist Congress – Andre Johnson Dist A Harf County Council – Allison Berkowitz MD Delegate Dist 7

January 2, 2018



CrowdPac – Steve Worton Ex-DOD Contractor- Bel Air Real Estate Agent Wants To Join The Blue Wave Democratic Takeover of Congress in Maryland 1st District – Now Its 4-Way Primary Race With Galbraith and Pullen Leading The Pack

December 23, 2017

Chestertown Spy – First Md District Candidate For Congress Jesse Colvin Says : “We’re Making This A Referendum About Andy Harris. This Is Not A Referendum On The President.”

December 23, 2017



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