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Mike & Mike & Mike: Sun Sports Reporter MIKE Preston Picks RG3 Over JF1 (Joe Flacco) “Ravens Dont Have Anyone Who Can Control RG3 On The Perimeter…” MIKE Greenberg* Agrees RG3 Can Walk On Water, But MIKE Golic** Says Ravens Are The Better Team And RG3 Is Still A Rookie Prone To Rookie Mistakes

December 8, 2012

017109108* Greenberg says of RG3: “He can run . He can throw. He can win.” This just isnt the same Ravens. Suggs is injured. Flacco is struggling. Shoulda beat old man Batch (38) and Pittsburg last week.Old men cant play football , just ask  Peyton Manning (36). There not gonna beat Washington this week.

**Golic says Baltimore still the better team. RG3 is still a rookie, prone to rookie mistakes. Washington is a 500 club for a reason. Theyre sometimes good. And sometimes bad. Baltimore is better.

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