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Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30?: Youth Vote Totally Rejects Trump ! In McClatchy-Marist Political Poll (Aug 3) Trump Comes In Fourth Place Among Under 30 Vote! (9%) Hillary Wins Plurality (41%) – Johnson Comes In Second (23%) – Jill Stein Is Third (16%)

August 10, 2016    McClatchy-Marist projects  Clinton  win 45-31. Even over 60 voters support Hillary 47-40. But how can 40% of elderly support Trump? Wisdom does not always come with age. The Young see Trump for what he is. Too many of the old  are easily fooled by a demagogue.


NYMag – Green Party Candidate For President Jill Steins Plan To Stop Trump Upsets Jonathan Chait

July 29, 2016


Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Did Not Go To The Republican National Convention! He Was Busy Eating Crabs In Chrisfield! – Who Does He Support For President? Hill? Jill? Gary?

July 22, 2016






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