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JD Russell And Jim Crow: Birds of A Feather???? Dishonesty And Cover Up????

May 4, 2017


JD Russell, Reactionary Republican Real Estate Agent, running for Maryland State Delegate in Southern Harford (District 34A) claimed in his website he would support a Photo Voter ID law for Maryland if elected. When this was pointed out to him  and questioned he removed the matter from his website with no comment or apology.

When a question was sent to his political facebook it was soon removed with no response or apology!

Where does JD Russell stand on Photo Voter ID Laws? Why is he avoiding questions about his political position? Why didnt he answer the facebook inquiry? How can the public trust a candidate for political office who is not openly honest and transparent?

JimCrowPolitics – DMVDaily – Maryland Prosecutor Tries To Minimize Del. James’ “Office Melee” … Legislative Aid Involved In Drunken Bloody Fight In State Government Office Was Not Charged With Lying To Police When He Falsely Accused A Fictious Black Male In The Melee

April 19, 2014

   Snee_AttorneyHeadshots_MaryDulanyJames-177x271 Delegate M-D James is running away from her responsibilty to either apologize for or explain  away her legislative aides bloody drunken fight in her Annapolis office. She can run but she cant hide. Her legislative aide tried to run  away from responsibility  by falsely saying he was “assaulted  by a 6’2″ black male”. He dug  himself into a deeper moral hole when he told that racist lie. But Anne Arundel prosecutors unfortunately droped the false statement charge imatating the Jim Crow days when below the Mason-Dixon you could lie to police when it concerned “second class  citizens”.   If Del. James is trying to hide from any comment or contrition on the matter  until the June Democratic primary… it won”t wash. Already the Harford Afro-Americam Dem Club has officially asked for her apology and comment. Concerned voters should contact Del James  to ask her if she has fired her irresponsible legislative aide  and ask her to apologize for the whole embarassing incident. How she responds  or doesnt respond to this matter will affect her curent campaign for the State Senate. The clock is ticking and as they say,”she who hesiates , is lost”.

DodgyDagger – Jensen Robinson Urges Del. M-D James To Break Her Silence, To Condemn The Actions Of Her Staff And Apoligize To The Community For the Harm She Has Potentially Done To Harford Race Relations

April 16, 2014


Jim Crow Politics – The Nation – How The GOP Is Resegregating The South

February 13, 2012

Jim Crow Politics – Bel Air Tea Party Republican Rep. Andy Harris Proposes Harriet Tubman Park, But No Federal Funds

February 11, 2012

BTX3 – Jim Crow Politics – Black Caucus Declares War Against Racist Tea Party (aka the Neo-Confederates)

September 1, 2011


PBS – May l6th -American Experience – Freedom Riders

May 16, 2011


NewYorker – David Remnick* – Trump, Birtherism And Race Baiting

April 28, 2011


*The Bridge:The Life And Rise of Barack Obama

Mediaite – Jim Crow Politics – Chris Matthews Asks ‘Is Haley Barbour The Anti-Obama?” (He Looks Like Karab Amabo)

March 28, 2011


Jim Crow Politics – Harford County State Legialstive Delegation ‘Declines To Vote’ On Black Democrat Appointee (James Thornton) To Liquor Board, Earlier This Month Delegation Also ‘Rejected’ Reappointment Of Another Black Democrat (William Jiles) To Liquor Board

March 24, 2011

016JimCrow   Aegis/Sun03/23/11 -Party Politics Play On Appointment

The Aegis/Sun reports that : “Del. Rick Impallaria, the chairman of the countys eight-member House delegation, said Monday morning that Craig’s (County Executive) nomination of Thornton, a  Democrat from Bel Air, may be INAPPROPRIATE after the delegation had already approved another Democrat, Randall Worthington, for reappointment to the board.

‘One of the concerns [was] that the county executive had sent us two Democrats for the liquor board, and the county is majority Republican”,Impallaria said. “The make-up of the board should represent what the voters had voted for.’ “

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