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Colbert – Top Dem Candidates All Beat Trump In Poll / Sam Bee – Electoral College/ Jefferies – Free Press/ J.Kimmel – Vaping

September 12, 2019





Colbert – Troller In Chief / Jim Jefferies – How NRA Went Nuts / Meyers Cruel Immigration Policy /j Kimmel – Trump Lies

August 15, 2019




Daily Show – Trevor Noah / Kamala Harris On Immigartion / sunday CBS – Mad Magazine at 60

July 7, 2019


Trump’s accusations of ‘treason’ are a hallmark of fascism



Jimmy Kimmel : Brit Teen Protest With Giant Penis!/ Colbert:Trump In London – Jared Kushner On Racism/JimJefferies”Age of BS /

June 5, 2019





Bill Maher May 31, 2019 – OT/ Jim Jefferies – Sararh Silverman Free Speech/ Trevor Noah-Mueller /J.Kimmel – Trump/Nancy Pelosi /Galifianakis /

June 1, 2019






Colbert – Obstructing Justice – No Arthur In Alabama / Jim Jefferies – Perfect Candidate for 2920 seth / Myers – Police Ticket Man For Eating A Hash Brown Trevor. Noah – Dems On Fox Debate?

May 22, 2019




Seth Myers – Trump Press Conference/ colbert – Tucker Carlson Apology / Jimmy Kimmel – Tim Apple /Jm Jefferies – Climate Change/

March 13, 2019

Colbert – Trumps Double Life/ JIm Jefferies: Daylight Savings Time

March 7, 2019

Colbert – Fact-ose Intolerant / jim jefferies – Toxic Masculinity / trvor noah – polar vortex

February 1, 2019



Jim Jefferies- Kavanaugh – Jimmy K: Melania Happiness- Daily Show: Kavanaugh –

October 10, 2018

Jim Jefferies – Nike’s Colin Kapernick Ad

September 19, 2018

Jim Jefferies – Jordan Peterson On Free Speech

September 4, 2018



Jim Jefferies – Is Marriage Going Out of Style?

September 4, 2018

Jim Jefferies: A Jew, A Christian,A Muslim, And A Jim – Rachel Maddow 8/28/18 –

August 29, 2018



Jim Jefferies – James Gunn, Bad Jokes and Twitter Outrage

August 1, 2018

Jim Jefferies – How To Offset Your Amazon Guilt

July 28, 2018

Jimmy Kimmel – Republicans Go Nuts Over FBI Agent Strzok Testimony – Jim Jefferies Doesn’t Understand Americans

July 13, 2018

Stephen Colbert : Breast Feeding/Kavanaugh – JimJefferies: Supreme Court – JimmyKimmel – Trump Shocking Court Pick

July 11, 2018

Colbert: Executive Failure – Klapper – Political Discourse – Maddow: Tender Age Shelters (Baby Jails) Seth Myers Immigration Lies & Family Seperation – Jim Jefferies – Jordan Peterson & Free Speech

June 21, 2018

Bill Maher/ Real Time – 05/18/18 – Michael Cohen Facts – Clint Watts: Messing With The Enemy – New Rule : Above The Law – Monologue: Royally Screwd – Jim Jefferies: Royal Family

May 21, 2018






Jim Jefferies – NFL Cheerleardes & Tucjer Carlson On Weak Men

May 9, 2018

Jim Jefferies – Slamming Trump Proposal To Ask Citizen Questions On U.S. Census

April 4, 2018

Jordan Klepper – Good Guy With A Gun -March For Our Lives

March 28, 2018

Jim Jefferies Crazy Interview on Israeli Talk Show

January 31, 2018

Jim Jefferies – Jefferies Fires AR15 At Watermellon

November 23, 2017

Jim Jefferies – Gun Control

October 4, 2017

Jiff Jefferies – Trump War On Protesting NFL

September 29, 2017

Jim Jefferies Battle Over Confederate Memorials

August 24, 2017

Jim Jeffries Show – Dems Have A Serious Branding Problem With “A Better Deal”

August 3, 2017

Jim Jefferies On Donald Trump/Gun Control

July 13, 2016

Aussie Comediane Jeff Jeffries On Gun Control

June 17, 2016

Jim Jefferies, Austrailian Comedian, Savages NRA Bullshit Arguments Against Gun Control, – NRA Arguments Are Same Arguments Confederates Used To Oppose End of Slavery – Most Gun Owners Oppose Gun Control Not Because They Want Home/Personal Protection But Because They Just Love Guns (Gun Nuts)

March 26, 2015 c0218-AUguns-250x175 In Australia we had guns right up until 1996. In 1996 Australia had the biggest massacre on Earth. Still hasn’t been beaten. Now after that the government banned guns. In the ten years before Port Arthur there were ten massacres.  Since the gun ban in 1996 there hasn’t been a single massacre . I don’t know how or why this happen. Maybe it was a coincidence. Right. In Australia we had the biggest massacre on Earth. The Australian government said “That’s it. No more guns!” And we all went “Yeah that seems fair enough.” Now in America you had the Sandy Hook massacre, where little children died and your government went “Maybe we’ll get rid of the Big Guns??? And 50% of you went “FUCK YOU! DON’T TAKE MY GUNS!”   You have guns because you like guns. That’s why you go to gun conventions. You read gun magazines. You dont give a shit about home security. None of  you go to home security conventions. None of you read Padlock Monthly. None of you have a Facebook picture of you behind a secure door sayin “Fuckin’, yeah!”

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