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Oppose the 287g Program in Harford County – A Racist Program That Harasses All Hispanics To Assist ICE Gestapo!

July 13, 2018

The Republican Aegis Endorses The “Outsiders” Lisa Marts Or Albert Peisinger For Republican Primary For Harford States Attorney!!!

June 18, 2018

The Aegis opposes the Joe Cassilly old guard hand picked successor – David Ryden.

Behind in the polls and now embroiled in political smear tactics against his most  formidable opponent—Albert  Peisinger, is Rydens future doomed?

How does Ryden expect to win voter respect with political lies and racial innuendo?

Is the Aegis’s nod of the head the nail in Rydens political coffin?



Stephen Colbert – Trump Calls For NFL Boycott ( And Harford County Sheriff Gahler Follow Like A Lost Puppy Dog)

September 29, 2017













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