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JOE FLACCO #1 – Most Attractive NFL Player – Number 5 On The Field, Number 1 In Your Heart!

February 11, 2017




RussellStreetReport – TonyLombardi – Critics Like Sunpapers Mike Preston Say Joe Flacco Cant Carry A Team, But In Fact Flacco Is The Ravens Beast Of Burden Without A Core of Talented Recievers ( Mike Preston Should Be Traded to New England For A More Fact-Based Sports Reporter!)

October 14, 2015


Ravens/Broncos Game #1- Steve Smith, Ravens Only WR Threat Cant Bring Down Winning “Miracle” TD – Crockett Gilmore Misses Endzone Catch (Pass Interference?) And Tips It Into Interception – Jimmy Smith Pick-Six

September 14, 2015



Comedian Pete Gilbert at WBAL-TV refered to Steve Smith Sr’s. dropped pass as “Having a senior moment”….ha-ha-ha-hah…what a jackass  Pete Gilbert should be fired.

How To Beat Denver Broncos In Denver: Throw The Flacco Bomb !

September 13, 2015



RussellStreetReport – Joe Flacco Interviewed By Dan Patrick

December 31, 2014

BaltoSun Ace Sports Reporter Mike Preston Predicts Raven Loss To Colts (31-27) Claims Luck Is Better Than Flacco.

October 5, 2014

NFL: AFC Wild Card Playoff-Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens038

The Baltimore Sundowners are  down on the Ravens this week. Five out of seven predict Raven defeat. Preston leads the pack with the observation that “…despite Joe Flacco being a pretty good QB, Andrew Luck is better”. The  Lucky Colts have beaten up bad teams this year and been beaten up by good ones. The Ravens are “rated” as a better team (power ranking) than the Colts so far this year. Luck is “rated” a better QB, but so are Big Ben  and Hoyer. Andy Luck does not have a Stephen Smith or Justin Forsett. The Ravens  have a  great QB and one of the best teams. You can’t just win with Luck.

Rave-On Predictions – Steven A Smith Says Ravens Go To Playoffs. Skip-Ta-Ma-Lou Bayliss Says No , Bad Mouths QB As “Joe Flake-O”

August 31, 2014

Russell Street Report – Cut Flacco Some Slack

June 1, 2014

Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens

Flacco Has A 137.5 QB Rating When Jets Didnt Blitz, And A 16.7 QBR When They Did Blitz—The Offensive Line Is Offensive

November 28, 2013

Troy Polamalu, Joe FlaccoNFL: New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens

ShutDownCorner/Eric Edhorn –  The guy has a point . Flanking Flacco out wide offers no value if the defense is prepared for Taylors skills. Flacco is an offensive player the defense doesnt have to worry about, making it 10-on-11 football. THE RAVENS NEED MORE OFFENSE NOT LESS.

Joe ‘Elite’ Flacco

November 12, 2013

RussellStreetReport/T.Lombardi – The Ravens Are Like A Box of Chocolates

November 11, 2013


SportsReportB.S. – Its Official Ravens Cant Win Sunday: SunDowners, And ESPNers Stephen A. And Skip Bayless Down On Ravens In Texas Game, (Eight of Nine Say Ravens Cant Beat TexAs)

September 21, 2013


Ravens stomped Texas 30 -9, Daryl Smith Pick-six, Tandem Doss kickoff TD, Bernard Pierce TD, etc

ESPN – Flacco Among Elite QBs

August 26, 2013


TMZ – Flacco At BWI This Past Weekend Says He Stoped At Aberdeen McDonalds Because: “I Was Hungry As Can Be…And Wanted Some Fries”

March 11, 2013

NYTimes – Joe Flacco Keeps Low Profile, Except For Wedding Day

March 11, 2013

Jason Prezant Photography 2011Jason Prezant Photography 2011 Prezant Photography 2011

Jason Prezant Photography 2011Jason Prezant Photography 2011Jason Prezant Photography 2011

Flacco On Letterman

February 11, 2013

Jimmy (Fallon) Says Joe Is Boring: What Is Joe Thinking?

January 31, 2013


BaltimoreBeatDown – Flacco Deserves Elite QB Payday

January 21, 2013

AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots

BaltimoreBeatDown – Ravens End Colt Luck (Legends Never Die, But Luck Runs Out)

January 7, 2013

FILE: Ray Lewis Announces Retirement

Flacco And Eli Manning Having Similar “Up-And-Down” Years, But Flacco Stats Better, Flacco QBRate 86.2% – Eli 84%, Flacco 3 More Fumbles, Eli 5 More Intercepts – No New York Newspaper Suggesting Eli May Not Be Back Next Year

December 23, 2012 – Flacco And Eli Manning Having Simlai

Ravens Lose To New England “By A Nose” 23-20

January 23, 2012

Ravens QB Joe Flacco out performs Elite New England QB Tom Brady. Flacco 22/36 (61.1%),306yds,2 TDs, 1 Int. Brady 22/36 (61.1%), 239 yds, ZeroTDs,2 Int. (If Mike Preston of  the Baltimore Sun doesnt give Joe Flaccos performance an A grade in Mondays sports coverage, he should be traded to the Boston Globe)

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