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Dodgy Dagger Censors: Ryan Burbey And HCEA Misevaluated Suzanne Oshinsky And Gordon Koerner! Burbey Must Apologize! r

October 12, 2018


Re: Ryan Burbey

Just say you are sorry!  You made a mistake  in not endorsing  Gordon Koerner  for State delegate in the7th Dist and Suzanne Oshinsky for County Council Dist B! The HCEA screwed up big time  endorsing Joe Woods!  You overlooked that Joe Woods is  a Far Right  Gun Nut Republican who voted for “nullification” of Maryland.s new common sense gun reform. Nullification is “white nationalist nonsense.

You and the HCEA also overlooked Woods’s attempt to push a “back door land deal” through the Council for a prominent land owner just to get a “quid pro quo” campaign contribution. That is just plain corruption. Honesty doesn’t count in your evaluation?

And to top’ it off you besmirched Gordon Koerner’s experience and common sense! You even trashed Gordon’s yeoman efforts to stop the pyrolysis plant in Joppa by ridiculing  environmental and public health concerns. What kind of educator are you? You surely are not an environmental progressive!


Your endorsements don’t take a look at the whole candidate. They only pretend to measure one aspect of a candidates character.

There for , I urge voters to ignore the shallow informed HCEA endorsements and instead vote for Suzanne Oshinsky  for County Council District B and for Gordon Koerner  for Maryland State delegate in the 7th  District!


Dodgy Dagger Censors Criticisim Of County Councilman Joe Woods And HCEA Endorsement of Joe Woods

October 10, 2018


The HCEA endorsed Joe Woods a month before the Maryland Primary! The General Election isn’t until November!

The teachers union does play political games with their endorsements. There endorsements are shallow  and pre-mature! They appear to be political deals and not well thought out considerations.

As I said in May, I suggest  the Public ignore  the endorsements  of Ryan Burbey and the HCEA. Their narrow self-interest ignores the overall value of  a candidate.

Consider instead the FOH  (Friends of Harford) questionaire answers of Council District B Democrat Suzanne Oshinsky.

Click to access Candidate-Questions-Oshinsky-District-B-2018.pdf

Do voters want an honest broker or a corrupt one?

Joe Woods is famous for trying to introduce the Back-Door Land Deal – Bill 150291! When the FOH exposed Joe’s corruption he quickly backed down and withdrew his special interest bill.

It seems Joe Woods tried to get special favors for a well connected land developer in exchange for a $5,000 campaign contribution.

Also, by the way, Joe Woods is a far right Republican  gun nut  who supported   idiotic County Council legislation to nullify Maryland’s commonsense gun control reform. Joe Woods is apparently against public safety measures concerning guns in this era of gun violence!

This posting in the Dagger was removed from the Daggers backlog after I filed  a censor complaint . It was an FOH posting in November 2015

RepubAegis/Dagger – Harford Republican Councilman Joe “I’m Packin” Woods Has A Federal Gun Permit! But Its OK To Criticize Woods At Council Meetings! He Has Right To Carry But He Doesn’ t Always Carry A Loaded Gun! Vote For Suzzane Oshinsky For Council District B! She Wont Be Packin At Council Meetings!

October 9, 2018

County Councilman Joe Woods Withdraws His Bill To Give Well-Connected Developer Special Zoning Favors

October 31, 2015

DodgyDagger – North Harford County Councilman Joe Woods Withdraws His Back-Door Land Deal (Legal Graft?) (Bill 15-027) After Friends Of Harford Exposed It As Political Corruption

October 27, 2015




DodgyDagger – Say It Aint So, Joe? Is Harford County Councilman Joe Woods the Prime Director of Back-Door Land Deal Bill 15-027? Did He Get Big Time Contribution From the Politically Connected Developer? Fireworks Begin on Tuesday Oct 20th 6pm Council Chambers!

October 18, 2015



RepublicanAegis : Planning And Zoning Should Help Residents Not Just Developers – W.Onorato : We Need Elected Officials Who Are Ethical, Disciplined And Have The Courage To Do The Right Thing For The Community – Wileyb.1: The Government In Harford County Is In Bed With The Corrupt Developers And Their Slimy Lawyers

April 20, 2014


ElectronicVillage – 546 Taser Related Deaths In U.S. Since 2001

February 25, 2014


WJZ-TV News – Harford County Council Proposes Resolution To Legalize Stun Guns Two Months After Illegal Stun Guns Were Seized By Bel Air Police at Harford Mall – County Gun Dealers Were So Stunned That They Cant Sell Stun Guns That They Got Gun Dealer County Councilman Joe Woods To Get Fellow Council Member Jim McMahon To Introduce Legalization Measure

February 24, 2014


On Dec 20, 2013 Bel Air Police seized 20 stun guns from a gun dealer kiosk at the Harford Mall. Harford County Code 260-3 prohibits the sale, possession, or use of stun guns or tasers. Code violations are punishable by a fine up to $500 or up to 60 days in jail according to Bel Air Police Dept (BAPD) spokesman Sgt Jim Lockard.

Locking-Up the Stupid Vote: David Craig, Harford County Republican Candidate For Governor, Wants To Tea Party The Chesapeake Bay, Craig Wants To Stop The Progress of The Environmental Clean Up of The Bay To Get Nominated By The Crazy Know-Nothings In The Maryland Republican Party

October 6, 2013

4c5c43326afd9_preview-100-e1293378675261102772-Craig%201Governor George Wallace at Tuscaloosa University, Alabama, 1963raintax

County Exec David Craig  had his Repeal the Storm Water Reduction Fee bill introduced into the Harford County Council this week. He believes he has enough political morons like Councilman Joe Woods to push the repeal of the Harford County SWR Fees through.the County government.  , Craig  does not  believe the State government will follow through with heavy fines and denial of state permits for his obstructionist violations of state environmental law. Craig borrowed this political tactic from Tea Party exremist Patrick McGrady, who said he would not pay the SWR Fees if he became Mayor of Aberdeen.  McGrady borrowed the idea from Alabama Goveror George Corley Wallace who stood in the school house doors to stop Federal school integration.

Craig is a political fool, but the taxpayers of Harford County will have to pay for his illegal actions to gain media attention to his dismal and inept campaign…

Wacky-Wacko Conspiracy? – Did Republican County Councilman Wacky Joe “I’m Packin” Woods Really Think of His “Nullification” Resolution While Coming Back From Annapolis Upset And Angry About The New Gun Laws? Or Was It The Challege From the Kooky Cecil Tea Party Republican Del.Mikey Smiegel? Or Was It When He Was Talkin To Wacko Republican Candidate for Sheriff Jeff “We Need More Guns” Gahler? *

May 23, 2013



*Wacko Repub Candidate for Sheriff Jeffery Gahler has promised if elected Sheriff of Nottingham…I mean Harford County, he will arbitrally enforce Federal gun laws. Get it , Wacko Gabler talks Federal “nullification”” and Wacky Woodsy talks State “nullification”. Simpatico Angry Ex-Cops…with guns! Oh, no! This sounds like a bad (But funny! See Pat Haggerty smiling?) Elmore Leonard novel!!!

HCN – Councilman Joe “I’m Packin” Woods Supports The Illegal Notion of Nullifcation of New Md Gun Laws

May 18, 2013

HCN – Wacky Joe “I’m Packin” Woods Claims New Md Gun Law Tells Gun Dealers To Break The Law

May 18, 2013

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