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04/16/2018 – Black Harford Doctor Detained While Jogging And Felony Handcuffed! No Apology From Sheriff. Sheriff Claims Deputies Just Doing Their Job!

March 27, 2019

#joggingwhileblack – RepublicanAegis (Md)Dr. Walter Egerton Detained While Jogging During March Manhunt, Questions Why He Was Grounded & Handcuffed, Sheriff Says Deputies Just Doing There Job

April 16, 2016



Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler told  the Aegis that his Deputies “acted in accordance with the law and policy”. Its just an “unfortunate occurence” for Dr.Egerton.  There was an apparent “lack of communication”in the midst of a robbery manhunt.

There apparently wasn’t any communication at all if Dr. Egerton, 61  fit the  description of the two suspects.  Harold Carter  is 26.  Blaze Hollingsworth is 24 . The one with the rasta-bangs above. Blaze was considered armed and dangerous so that’s the one the State Police and Harford and Howard County police were  concerned about.

The Doctor was detained  for what reason? He surely wasn’t a suspect in the crime on hand.. He in no way “fit the description”.  The only thing he had in common with the suspects was “race”.  Maybe he was just “jogging while black”. But that’s not a crime.  The crime is racial profiling by the police!!!!!. Is racial profiling part of Harford County police “law and policy”??? That’s whats been causing all the problems in Chicago, Ferguson  and elswhere. Racism. Systemic racism.

And why the “hit-the-ground-handcuffing”???  That kind of procedure is for dangerous felony arrests. The doctor was completely cooperative except… he was “black”.  ‘That’s what the doctor complained about. Is this normal?  That’s all he wanted to know. Didn’t even want to file a complaint. Yeah it was wrong. The detaining was racial profiling. Racist abuse of police authority. And the face-down handcuffing was extreme abuse of police authority.  But to the good old boy Sheriff  Gahler it was just normal procedure and cover-up. Some of your cops are racially-insensative, Sheriff.  Maybe you need to wake up and smell the coffee and doughnuts. Or maybe we need a federal investigation of  Harford County police procedure and policy if you think  its all “in accordance with law and policy”. As Dr. Egerton put it so well, “Harford County doesnt need to be like other parts of the country.”

Felon Style Handcuffing:

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