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TheDailyTimes – CD1 – Republican Andy Harris Refuses To Debate Democrat Opponent John Laferla! Spokesperson For Campaign Lies, Claims Theyre Not Trying To Avoid LeFerla But “…the Democrats Pulled Out Of The Race And The Debate” Why Is Harris Lying? And Why Is Harris Hiding? .The Democrat LeFerla Is In The Race Ready To Debate, But Harris Is Afraid To Debate

September 20, 2012

MarylandJuice – CD1-Dem Runner-Up John LaFerla May Be Back In The Race As Write-In Candidate Against Tea Party/Republican Congressman Andy Harris After Dem Nominee Wendy Rosen Discovered To Have Voted Early And Too Often

September 11, 2012

MarylandJuice – John LaFerla Attacks Andy Harris’s Extreme Agenda Against Women, The Environment And The Economy With New Direct Mailers

April 3, 2012

MarylandJuice – Former Republican Congressman Wayne Gilcrest Endorses Democrat John LeFerla In Congressional District1 (Bel Air)

April 2, 2012

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