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Why Diane Adkins Tobin Is The “Wrong” Choice For Harford Judge! She Is Endorsed By Far-Right Republican Politicians! 1. Jeff Gahler, Gun Nut Tea Party County Sheriff – 2. J.B Jennings , Tea Party State Senator, Dist 7 – 3. Joe Cassilly, Reactionary “Silly” States Attorney

April 16, 2018

Republican Aegis – Harford County States Attorney Joe Cassilly Offers Crude , Petty And Envious Comments On NFL Protests!

September 27, 2017


Joseph Cassilly E-Mail: These spoiled brats with jock straps for brains think getting overpaid entitles them to shame the struggles, sacrifices and beliefs of millions of Americans… I feel like putting a sign on myself and say ‘I’d love to stand up but I lost my legs in Vietnam’!

Republican Aegis – Harford State Prosecutor Joseph I.(Irritable) Cassilly Decides To Postpone His Retirement When He Learns Who Might Be Appointed To Replace Him! A Damn Woman Judge (Teresa Garland ) ?

December 21, 2016


DodgyDagger/SoulCrusher -Conflict Of Interest/Prestige Ethics Violations? -Did The Harford Republican Cassilly Bros (Del. Andrew and Sen. Bob) Violate The Law 5.506 Use of Prestige of Office And 5.501 Restricyions On Particpation

July 8, 2016


DodgyDagger/SoulCrusher -Political Corruption??? Republican State Sen. Bob Cassilly Gets His Big Brother Harford Republican States Atty. Joe Cassilly A Raise!!!!

July 6, 2016

While Republican  Harford County States Attorney  Joe Cassilly is not fit to be a judge, his  little brother ,newly elected Md. State Senator Bob Cassilly got him a raise eqivalent to a District Court judge with  Senate Bill 146. Is the matter unethical, immoral and illegal? Should a  State Senator be able to  use his political influence to get his brother a pay raise? Write your State Senator…er…oh you cant do that! Write your congressman! Ask the Republican Aegis/Sun why they didn’t report or examine the matter! And thank Soul Crusher at the Dodgy Dagger for once again pointing out POLITICAL CORRUPTION !!!!


Embarrass A Cop In Maryland? That’ll Be Five Years In Jail.


Do You Believe In Term Limits? Joe Cassilly Has Been Harford States Attorney For 32 Years! Its Time For A Change!!!

September 1, 2014


BuzzKill: Examiner/WBAL -“Sounding Like A Left-Over From 1968”, Harford County States Attorney Joseph J. Cassilly Called Marijuana Reform Laws “A Rush To Judgement” And Attacked Reform Testimony As “Anecdotal Evidence From A Bunch Of Potheads” (And This Guy Wonders Why He’s Not A Judge?)

March 4, 2014


H.Edward Andrews For Judge of the Circuit Court

March 6, 2012

The Dodgy Dagger – Why Was Harford County States Attorney Cassilly Not One of the 5 Nominees For the Harford Circuit Court? Allegations Of Racism? Violations Of Due Process? The “Senseless Prosecution” of Sgt. Anthony Garber for the crime of YouTube felony?

September 18, 2011

PopeHat   Post-Gazette

Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2010 – #3. Harford County Prosecutor Joseph Cassilly Filed Felony Charges Against Motorcyclist Anthony Garber For Video Taping A Traffic Stop And Posting It On Youtube

December 27, 2010

Editorial/WP   WashingtonPost   WashingtonTimes

WashingtonPost – Harford County Judge Questions Prosecutions Pressing Criminal Charges Against Motorcyclist For Recording Traffic Stop

September 5, 2010

WashPost  SunAegis

WashPost – From YouTube to Your Local Court – Video of Traffic Stop Sparks Debate on Whether Police Are Twisting Md. Wiretap Laws

June 16, 2010


The Sun – David Rittgers – Prosecuting Those Who Capture Police Misconduct on Tape Thwarts the Rule of Law and Makes Civil Servants Into Bullies

June 2, 2010


Riverside / I-95 Motorcyclist Jailed For 26 Hours For Videotaping Gun Wielding Cop, Charged With Felony For Posting Evidence on Youtube

May 14, 2010

Pope HatPrison Planet

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