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Intercept -Jeremy Scahill Interviews Sy Hersh In Brooklyn

July 7, 2018


One Week After Elections Democrat Barbara Kreamer Gets A Power Shot Pic For Winning Her 6th Consecutive Time For Democratic Central Committee

July 3, 2018


The lazy hazy crazy Republican Aegis which did little or nothing to cover the political primary election races does a post mortem on who’s up and  whose down on the Harford County central committees.

It journalism with out the journal  of reporting the actual event . Its like covering  a sporting event by telling you who the players are and then skipping to the final score. Journalism with no substance , no integrity,. Its know nothing journalism for know nothing voters. It leaves elections up to rumor, innuendo, hearsay and gossip. (The Dagger gossip blog fills the void)

That leaves elections up to the hokey  habit of handing out  political  propaganda  flyers as  fake “sample ballots” on election day. The result is . unethical, undemocratic, corrupt  elections. And the the same lazy journalists cant even report on the corruption!


New Yorker – How Michelle Wolf Blasted Open The Fictions Of Journalism in the Trump Age

May 1, 2018


CJR Trumps Fairy Tale Presidency

September 30, 2017


Seth Myers – Trump Turns On Sessions Amid Russian Probe

July 21, 2017

NewYorker – Journalists Will Have To Ask More Questions Then The 5Ws (Who?What? WhenWhere?Why?)

February 1, 2017


Good Journalism: The Republican Aegis With Just The Facts In Headline —- Bad Journalism: DodgyDagger With “Political” Headline Changing Pot Bust Into A Evil “Narcotics Investigation”

October 15, 2016





John Oliver Spotlights Newspaper Journalism

August 9, 2016

Journalism 101 – Placement Bias: WashPo -FrontPage/Headline/AboveTheFold – BaltoSun – FrontPage/BelowTheFold/LeftCorner

July 6, 2016

Mediaite – Wall Street Journal Editorial Defiantly Bashes Critcis Of News Corp, Internet Points And Laughs

July 18, 2011


Mediaite – Stephen Colbert On News Corp Scandal Coverage, Fox News Motto Is “We Dont Touch It, You Decide’

July 17, 2011


ThePhoenix – Carl Bernstein Says This Is Rupert Murdoch’s “Watergate’

July 15, 2011


Tom Scott – Dodgy Journalism Warning Labels

August 15, 2010

Tom Scott

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