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Intercept – Kellyanne Conway Asks Reporter “What is your ethnicity?”

July 18, 2019







Seth Myers – Trump Attacks McCain And Conway/ Colbert – Mueller Might Be Maybe / Conan – John Mulvaney/ JKimmel – Gonzaga / Trevor Noah – Trump Dumps On Mr. Conway/

March 21, 2019




















Jimy Kimmel – Kelly Anne Conaway Raps

October 12, 2018

NYMag – Kelly Ann Conway Goes Nuts On CNN

April 23, 2018


Kellyanne Conways Interview Tricks

April 8, 2018

Jimmy Kimmel Monologue – Interview With Kelly Anne Conway

November 10, 2017

Salon – St. Patricks Day Walk-of-Shame – Trumps Irish Mafia Forget Where They Came From

March 17, 2017



Atlantic – Kellyanne Conways Alternative Universe: Will The Truth Ever Catch Up With Trumps Most Skilled Spin Artist (Political Liar)

March 15, 2017


NYMag – KellyAnne Conway : Alternative Sitting In Oval Office

February 28, 2017



NYMag – How Kellyanne Conway And Sean Spicer Get Away With Lying

February 21, 2017


SNL – Jake Tapper And Kellyanne Conway

February 13, 2017

Bizarre Right Billionare Behind Trump Presidency

February 10, 2017


RawStory – CNN Turns Down Request By Kellyanne “Alt-Facts” Conaway To Appear On Sunday Shows

February 6, 2017


NYMag – Trump Thinks Its Not Proper For the Press/Public To Criticize Him After Wining The Election! (Democratic Centralism)

February 4, 2017



Esquire – Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump Muslim Ban Because of the Bowling Green Massacre That Never Happen!

February 3, 2017


Hollywood Reporter – Kellyanne Conway Interview: I’m The Face Of Trumps Movement

January 27, 2017

EsquireMag – Kellyanne Conway Responds To Kate McKinnon SNL Impression

January 27, 2017


Alternative Funny – KellyAnne Conway (Fitzgerald) Is A Disgruntled Failed Comediane And Singer (Circa 1988)

January 25, 2017

SamBee/FullFrontal – Kellyanne Conway: Hall of Laady Fame

January 19, 2017

Wonkette- Kellyanne Conway Panhandeling For Her Own Salary Now

January 3, 2017


SNL -Donald Trump Meets Putty

December 19, 2016

SNL – The Lead With Jake Tapper And Walter White, Trumps New Director of DEA

December 11, 2016

HardBall – KellyAnne Conway Goes Berserk “I’m Not A Sore Winner!”

December 10, 2016

SNL – Trump & Conway aka Laurel & Hardy

December 6, 2016

CrooksAndLiars – KellyAnne Conway Threatens Clinton If She Does’nt Drop Recount

November 28, 2016


SlateMagazine – Top Aide To Trump Warns Sen Harry Reid To Be Careful How He Criticizes Trump: “Sexual predator …who fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate”

November 15, 2016


CNN – Trump Campaign Mg., Kelly Conway Offended When Jake Tapper Points Out Flagrant Racists At Trump Rallys – When Trump Rally Chants U-S-A Some Are Chanting Jew-S-A And Pointing At The Press Corps.

October 30, 2016

LastWeekTonite/JohnOliver -Trump Unshcackled

October 18, 2016

BillMahr/Real Time -09/16/16 – Monologue/NewRules/ Interview With Trump Mgr And CNP/Secret Society Member Kellyanne Conway

September 17, 2016






ThinkProgress – Trump Campaign Mgr Lies On CBS And CNN And Melts Down On CNN

September 16, 2016

#ComedyIn5Words – New Campaign Mgr Kellyanne Conway

September 12, 2016


Trump Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway – If Women Were As Strong As Men Rape Would Not Exist

August 31, 2016

NYMag – Kellyanne Conway: Trumps New Campaign Mgr – Mendacity With a Sunny Smile

August 24, 2016



NYMag – Trump New Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway: Far Right-Wing Pollster, Cable Gabber And Doubletalker

August 23, 2016

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