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Bill Maher Aug 3 , 2018- New Rules/Party of Putin -Monologue Hillbilly Neruemburg Rallies/FoxNews:Enema of The People – OT: Shrinking GOP/ Smaller It Gets Crazier It Gets-Nancy MacLean/Democracy In Chains/ – GOP Long Game: Koch Bros/ALEC/ Voter ID/Liberty Amendments/ Bret Kavanaugh/ Lock&Bolt Down the Constitution Revolution/17th Amendment

August 4, 2018

NYMag – Donald Trumps Presidency Is The Libertarian Moment – Unfortunately Republican Libertarians Don’t Believe In Democracy Or Social, Economic Or Racial Justice!

January 30, 2018



Think Progress – Trump Nominates Kathleen White Climate Denier/CO2 Denier To Head WH Environment Policy – Connected To Fake Environment Group Financed By Exxon/Koch Bros

October 13, 2017


Intercept – Koch Brothers Orchestrate Grass Roots Effort To Lower Corporate Taxes

July 30, 2017


Bill Maher -Interview With Jane Mayer

March 12, 2016

C-SPAN – In Depth: Jane Mayer On Koch Brothers And Buying Elections

March 12, 2016

VanityFair – Can The Koch Brothers Stop Trump??????

February 6, 2016

Dark Money – Jane Mayer (NewYorker) On Koch Brothers Financing Far Right Politics

February 3, 2016

RackJite – Rand Paul Lies About Koch Brothers Hoping To Get Some KochKash

April 21, 2015


AberdeenPatch – Craigs Running Mate Wants To Remove “Regulatory Burden” On Maryland Business Climate, But Quotes Business Climate Ranking From the “Tax Foundation”, A Right-Wing Think Tank Owned the Notorious “B.S”. Koch Brothers, Chamber Of Commerce Ranks Maryland Business Climate #1, Maryland #6 In STEM Job Growth, And #1 In Academic R&D

August 26, 2013



WashPost/ Paul Farhi – Billionaire Koch Bros Full-Court Press: Will The Baltimore Sun Set In The Sea of Right-Wing Propaganda?

July 15, 2013


Real Time With Bill Maher – Citizen United Created SuperPac Billionares Influencing Elections: Ken Adelson, Joe Ricketts, HaroldSimmons, FosterFreese, & the Koch Bros.

May 19, 2012

NYMag – Sugar Daddies: The Old White Rich Men Who Are Busy Trying To Buy The Election

April 23, 2012

Bill Press – The Obama Hate Machine

February 12, 2012

NewYorker – Herman Cain And The Koch Brothers

October 22, 2011


MotherJones – Michele Bachmannn – First Republican Presidential Candidate To Get Koch Money

July 19, 2011

HystericalRasins    MotherJones

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