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The Sun – Larry Hogan Is a Political Fraud!. He Is Not A Moderate. He Is A Bloody Republican Reactionary! And He Is Racially Challenged!

October 22, 2018

Governor Hogan Supports Harford Republican J.D. Russell Who Supports Voter ID For Maryland — A Racist Effort To Suppress The Black Vote! Does That Make Hogan A Racist?

October 21, 2018

Gov. Larry Hogan endorses J.D. Russell for State Delegate  to Annapolis Dist. 34A!

What Moderate Far-Right Reoublican  Hogan doesn’t tell you is that J.D. “Jim Crow” Russell wants Maryland to have  a Voter ID Law to suppress the vote of People of Color ! Voter ID Laws have been soundly denounced by the Courts as racially discriminating against non-whites. Voter ID Laws are popular policy with White Nationalists, Racists, Nazis and people of Red Neck persuasion !

J.D. Russell is also one of Harford County  Sheriff Jeff “More Guns’ Gahler’s  Gun Nuts that he wants to put in Annapolis. It seems Gahler thinks the answer to the rising gun violence in our society is “More Guns, Not Less” It is the motto of the NRA and Gun Lobbyists

. Gahler has  advocated for  a law to allow guns in churches and is friendly to the idea of arming teachers in our schools. Gahler also wants everyone to have the right to carry  a concealed weapon (RTC) like they  do in Texas .Unfortunately all facts and statistics show that  States with the most guns  per capita are the states  with the most gun violence  and gun deaths especially cop gun deaths.

So  the Moderate Far Right Republican Gov Hogan thinks  a gun nut and a racially challenged JD. Russell is the “kind of leader we need ” in Southern Harford.

Doesn’t that mean that Gov. Larry Hogan is also  a crazed Gun Nut and a racially challenged  politician?.

South Harford doesnt  need wacko far right politicians like J.D. Russell or lying far right politicians like Larry Hogan.

Vote  Ben Jealous for Governor !- Vote Marry Ann Lisanti and Sarahia Benn (write-in) for House of Delegates!

Ben , Benn,and Lisanti! It has a  ring to it!



Larry Hogan Says He Governs From the Middle? The Middle of Right Wing Republican Crazy! Hogan Demagogues About Every Veto Override! ts Democracy! Get Over It!

October 17, 2018

Diamondback – Larry Hogan Is Not A Moderate – His Politics Is To The Right Of Center And To The Left of the Trump Nazi’s!

October 14, 2018


WashPost – – Ben Jealous’s Outsider Status Helped Him Win Democratic Primary! Now Ben Is Struggling To Get Democratic Political Bosses He Defeated In Primary To Give Him Significant Political Support! Are Sore-Loser Democratical Political Bosses Like Miller And Hoyer Racially Chaallenged In Governors Race?

October 8, 2018

Steney Hoyer

WashPost/Ovetta Wiggins – Right-Wing Republical Political Hack Governor Larry Hogan Cops-Out On His Opinion About Kavanaugh Nomination ! Claims: “I Am Not Educated Enough To Make A Decision…” Hogan Playing Dumb For Democratic Vote! Hogan Just Another Stalwart Republican With No Common Sense Or Moral Consciene!

October 8, 2018

Real News – Ben Jealous vs Larry Hogan 2018 DEbate Recap

September 25, 2018

MPT – Ben Jealous/ Larry Hogan Debate

September 25, 2018

ntercept – Maryland Governor Hogan Asked To Have State Police Open Investigation On Kavanaugh Assault Charge

September 24, 2018

The Sun – Gov. Larry Hogan Steals Teachers Union Endorsement Apple Logo! This Is Corrupt And Dishonest Political Shenanigans! The Governor Is A Two-Bit Schmuck!

September 20, 2018

WashPost – Maryland Lawmakers Say Gov Hogans Policies Are Assault On Black Communities! Is Hogan A Racist?

September 20, 2018

MarylandMatters- Hogan-Jealous Race – Hogan Ahead in Polls But Behind On The Issues

September 20, 2018

Is Goucher Poll Accurate ?-Campaign Just Began In September! Wait For Gonzales, Msason-Dixon ,WashPo And Sun?

September 19, 2018

Baltimore Sun: ” Hogan Lockbox” Is Political Bull Shit! (Alternative Fact)

September 17, 2018,amp.html


BaltoSun – Hogan Agrees To One Debate! What Is Hogan Afraid Of? Loaing?

September 10, 2018

Streetblog – Is Governor Larry Hogan A Racist? Why Did Hogan Cut Funding the Baltimore Red Line?

September 3, 2018

Counter Punch – Washington Post Cam[aign To Keep A Republican In the Maryland Governors Office

September 3, 2018

WashPost – Jealous, Hogan In Standoff On Debates – Jealous Wants 5 Debates In October, Hogan Afraid Of October And Five Debates! –

August 31, 2018

Real News – Hogan Is A Right-Wing Republican Extremist Funded By Koch Money And Adopts Trumps Fake News Attack In Governors Race

August 30, 2018

Baltimore Sun – Gov Hogan Has $9 Million In Campaign Cash – Ben Jealous Has Only $386.000 – Does This Mean That Hogan Can Buy The Election Tomorrow? In Politics Doesnt the Candidate Who Raises The Most Money Automaticly Win?

August 29, 2018


WashPost – Hogan Coffers Have $9 Million, Jealous Has $386,000!!! If Hogan Gives Every Potential Voter $1000 Can He Win The Election???

August 29, 2018

WashPost – Ben Jealous Responds To Reporter Question: Do You Consider Yourself A Socialist? Jealous Calls Hogan “Lazy” Name Caller”! Jealous Says Under Hogan” We Are Dead Last In Economic Growth And Wage Growth!”

August 9, 2018

Democratic Gov Assoc. Opposition Research On Larry Hogan

August 9, 2018

Click to access Larry-Hogan-Research-Book-071018.pdf


Is Governor Larry Hogan A Closet Racist? He Supports the Campaign Of J.D. Russell In Harford County Who Supports Racist Republican Legislation to Support Jim Crow Voter ID!

August 8, 2018

Can Larry Hogan Save The Republicans? Nay! Hogan When All Is Said And Done Is Just Another Republican! And This Year Is A Referendum On Democracy!

August 8, 2018


WashPost – Governor Hogan Political Ad Attacking Ben Jealous Health Care Reform Lies And Deceives Public With Misinformation

July 25, 2018



BaltoSun – Governor Hogans Real Estate Earnings During Last Four Years Raises Question’ s And Eyebrows! Is Hogan Another Unethical “Trump” Making Money Off His Influence And Power As Governor?

July 16, 2018




The Atlantic/’The Sun – Can Ben Jealous Beat Larry Hogan?

June 29, 2018

Ben Jealous,Melania Trump

WashPost – Gov. Larry Hogan Judicial Picks States Atty Beau Oglesby Who Was Accused Of Racial Misconduct! Is Hogan A Racist Or Just A Good Ole Boy?

January 5, 2018





A Miner Detail – Md Gov Hogan Endorses Anti-Immigrant, Climate-Change Denier Far Right Candidate For Pennsylvania Governor! Mr. Moderate Republican’s Real Politics Is Showing!

August 11, 2017


TheSeventhState – Maryland Governor Larry ” Big Ben” Hogan Is Trumps Silent Partner!

April 8, 2017







7thState – Gov. Hogan And Senate Republicans Throw A Tantrum In Support of Trump – Hogan Goes Anti-Immigrant!

February 14, 2017

Rascovars Political Maryland -Hogan And The Elephant In The Room

February 13, 2017




RepublicanAegis – Republican Md Gov. Hogan Wants Aberdeen To Move Its B&O Railroad Station To Festival Park – SayWhat? City Council Should Tell The Gov To Stop Wasting Tax Payer Money On Stupid Impracticle “Political Gifts” To Alt-Right Republican Aberdeen Mayor McGrady!

September 25, 2016

Why doesnt the Guv send some money into Balto City for some needed housing and community developement??? Your not just the Governor  of the counties you won in the election! We dont need to move the B&O Station—-it belongs where it is . Are you guys just sitting around thinking up ignorant ways to pay off your suburban voters? The roads in Aberdeen are terrible and you see some great need to move the B&O Shack. It would probably fall apart before it got to Law Street! Stop the political boondoggles and MYOB!


Political Maryland/Barry Rascovar – Larry Hogan’s Third Bay Bridge: The O.C. Agenda

September 15, 2016

A Third Bay Crossing?


Political Maryland/Barry Rascovar -Larry Hogan: The O.C. Agenda And The One Term Governor!

September 15, 2016

Popular Larry Hogan


HoganWatch: Rascovar/MdPolitics – Hogans Trump Tendencies – Is Hogan Marylands Trump?

August 30, 2016

Hogan’s Trump Tendencies








Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Did Not Go To The Republican National Convention! He Was Busy Eating Crabs In Chrisfield! – Who Does He Support For President? Hill? Jill? Gary?

July 22, 2016






ThinkProgress – Maryland Governor Shocks Solar Industry With Clean Energy Veto

June 10, 2016


SeventhState – Gov. Larry Hogan: Profile In Silence

March 3, 2016


Profile in Silence: Larry Hogan


HoganWatch – TheSeventhState – Larry Hogan Doesnt Play Well With Others

February 22, 2016



GahlerWatch/DodgyDagger – Is Harford County Sherriff Lobbying For An Appointment To Head The State Police?

January 2, 2016



HoganWatch/Maryland Reporter – Hogan Has A Holt Problem

September 1, 2015



MarylandReporter/Barry Rascovar – Is Gov Larry Hogan Another Spiro Agnew or Chris Christie? Is He Playing To His Partisan Political Base –Angry White Men And Women ,With Ignorant Tough Talk, Arrogant Insults And Easy Answers?

August 3, 2015


MdReporter/BarryRascovar – QPQ – Gov Hogan Uses Transit Money To Pay Off Only Boss Hog Voters, No Funds For Balto Metro Red Line, No Funds For DC Metro Purple Line, Transit Money Only For Suburbs And Rural Voting Area

July 28, 2015



BarryRascovar/WYPR – Gov. Larry Hogan Plan To Change “Business Climate” Not Working, 1,400 Jobs Already Lost, Fumbled The Ball With “Veep”, Md Legislature Gave Governor Authority To Offer Larger Tax Credit

July 24, 2015


HoganWatch/MarylandReporter /BarryRascovar – Hogan To Baltimore: “Drop Dead”

July 17, 2015



PhillyVoice/HouseofHogan – Veep To Leave Maryland Over Tax Breaks, House of Cards ProbablyTo Follow. Thanks Gov. Hogan!

June 4, 2015



HoganWatch/SeventhState – Hogans Unforced Error: Hogan Claims Not Enough Money For Schools($11 Million), But Plenty For New Youth Jail ($30 Million) WTF??

May 21, 2015




HoganWatch – DailyShow/JohnStewart – Is The Governor A Little Passive-Aggressive? So The Mayor Was A Little Late With Her Statement of Declaring! They Could Have Decided A Statement of Emergency On Saturday Or Sunday Or Maybe in the 1970’s!

April 29, 2015


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