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Larry Sabato / Center For Politics Crystal Ball / Univ of Va- Hillary Will Win Presidency With At Least 293 Electoral Votes to Trumps 214 With Still 31 Toss-Ups

November 4, 2016


LastWord /MSNBC 1. New Florida Survey 28% Of GOP Early Voters Voted For Clinton – Projected Hillary Gen Election Win in Fla 48 to 40 – Trump Cant Win Elec College Without Fla – 2.Chuck “Conventional Wisdom” Todd MSNBC Personal Projection/Hunch Is That Trump To Win Florida, No Supportive – 3. Sabatos Crystal Ball – Florida Undecided – Hillary Wins Elec College 293 to 173

November 2, 2016



WashJournal/C-Span – Larry Sabato on Campaign 201610/12/16

October 13, 2016


ChuckTodd/MSNBC/ Larry Sabato – Are Republicans Preparing For Big Loss????

September 6, 2016

Experts Agree The Race Is Over – Larry Sabato (Center For Politics, UnivVa)) Projects Hillary To Win Landslide Electoral Vote (Dems 347 -Repubs 191) – Chuck Todd (MSNBC,Center for Malarky,UnivBS) Projects Trump Can Narrowly Win Race If He Wins The Democratic Leaning Rust Belt (Dems 267 – Repubs 271)

August 1, 2016


Political scientist Sabato predicted 2008 election Dems/364-Repubs174 – Election results Dems/365-Repubs/173

Political  pundit Chuck Todd wants you to be politically insecure about the close outcome he projects  so you must keep watching Meet the Press  and Meet the Press Daily for the next 99 days for more claptrap coverage.


C-Span/WashJournal -Larry Sabato On Third Parties And Independent Candidates

March 7, 2016

Conservative LarrySabatos Crystal Ball Projects Obama Within 9 Electoral Votes Of Victory, DEmocrats Retain Senate Control

November 4, 2012

Larry Sabatos Crystal Ball – Election Tilts Toward Obama, Senate Democrats – Obama 290 Electoral Votes (270 Wins), Romney 206, 42 TossUp

October 1, 2012

Alan Abromowitz – Why Barack Obama Has A Good Chance of Winning A Second Term

November 11, 2011


NYReview – Next Election: A Surprising Reality – Sharp GOP Gains in the House In 2010 Were Due To “Drastically Lower Democratic Turnout”. Young And New Voters Did Not Turnout. In 2012 The Pendulum Will Swing The Democratic Way

August 19, 2011


Larry Sabato Political Crystal Ball ’08

October 31, 2008


Larry Sabato Predicts Obama Electoral Victory Over McCain 318 to 171 With N.Dakota, Missouri, Ohio, and N. Carolina Still Toss-Ups

October 25, 2008

Sabato\”s CrystalBall

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